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Free Trial Databases!

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Oboler Library has a free trial to two databases: America: History & Life with Full Text AND Historical Abstracts with Full Text. The trials will run through the end of February.

Here are the linked URL’s for both resources.

America: History & Life with Full Text.

Historical Abstracts with Full Text

If you would like to make comments on either database, you can contact our Electronic Resource Librarian, Regina Koury.


Monday, January 25th, 2010

Spencer Jardine, Coordinator of Instruction at Obloer Library, recently taught a Learn Something Quick class on Jing. “Snap a picture of your screen. Record a video of onscreen action. share instantly over the web, IM, email…” Find out more in his blog entry “Jing! An Awesome Way to Promote Information Literacy.”

It’s not too late to take this class (another session of it is offered on Wednesday Jan. 27, 9:00 a.m. and again at 1:00 p.m.) or one of the other Learn Something Quick classes.

Elise Erlandson in Current Display Art Area

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Elise Erlandson has been involved in painting as well as other art mediums for nearly eight years. She has won first and second place prizes at local competitions for her work and has been noted by other local artists as an aspiring talent.

Aside from the time she spends on her artwork, Elise Erlandson is also a full time student at Idaho State University, and has been attending the university for about two and a half years. She aspires to complete her bachelor’s degree and is interested in using it to become an art critic for an art or music magazine. She generally works with the realism of art, each of her subjects lifelike in nature. However, she still appreciates abstract art, and hopes to perfect that style as well as realism. Erlandson quotes,

“Regardless of whether or not I use my education to pursue my art career, my art will always be at the very least a hobby of mine, and will always be incorporated into my life.”

For more information or if you’d like to contact Elise Erlandson, please email her at Her art will be up until Feb. 12th. Here are three chalk pastels: Seeds, Stems, and Skunk Water.


And here are three oil pastels: Jimmy, John, and Sid.




Gems from “Learn Something Quick”

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

I’ve attended a few of the Learn Something Quick workshops and am very impressed. (See the article below this one for links to the dates/time schedule, and course descriptions for the 42 different classes.) I would like to urge people to attend some of them this week or next. For a 15 minute time investment, you can get a very concise overview of a new technology or research trick. You can also get new information about technologies you’ve already worked with. some classes have also come with handouts. Here are some of the “gems” I’ve learned:

Google Books: It now includes magazines and books, and there are a lot of full text items available. The “find in a library” feature will help you a lot, with finding it here or through Interlibrary Loan.

Google Docs: Even though this is part of the new Google Apps features, I hadn’t tried it yet. But I heard about a co-worker who had a problem with needing a document that was on her home computer when she was at work, and also heard that Google Docs would have resolved that problem. This workshop gave me enough information that I have already used it!

Google Scholar: I learned an unbelievably helpful trick at this one, and have already used it to help someone at the reference desk. Go in to Google Scholar through the alphabetical list of databases on the library web page (off campus you will need to authenticate with your Bengal card number and name), and you will have a much easier chance of finding the articles that are in the ISU collection.

Most of the Learn Something Quick classes are offered more than once, so if any of these classes intrigue you, you can probably find another time or two that it will be offered. Hurry, this program ends on Jan. 29 and it can make a big difference in your research this semester.

Learn Something Quick: Mini Workshops

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Just a reminder that the Learn Something Quick classes begin today. Take 15 minutes out of your day and learn something new about: Google Tricks, Google Books, Google Scholar, Google Calendar, YouTube, Photosharing with Picasa, Google Earth, EndNote Web, and so many other topics. Find the schedule for this week here, and the descriptions here.

Blood Drive Thursday Jan. 28

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Oboler Library is sponsoring an American Red Cross Blood Drive on Thursday January 28 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The library needs 75 people to sign up.

To schedule your appointment, or for more information, contact the Circulation Desk at (208) 282-3248. Please remember to bring a photo ID when you donate.

“Bottles and magazines aren’t the only things you can recycle. When you donate blood through the American Red Cross, it’s like recycling a part of yourself. Please make an appointment today.” Thank you for your help with this important cause.

Blood Drive at Oboler Library

Martin Luther King/Idaho Human Rights Holiday

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

The Library will be closed on Monday Jan. 18, 2010 in observance of the Martin Luther King/Idaho Human Rights holiday. If you need information from the library, please come in during open hours (see the Exceptions section for Jan. 11-24) on Saturday or Sunday. If you are having trouble getting into the databases, check our article on the login and password change for off campus access to the databases.

Idaho State University has many events planned from Jan 18-28 in celebration of Human Rights.

Learn Something Quick!

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Spend fifteen minutes of your day with us to learn a new technology or research trick. No sign up is required. All classes will meet in room 212 in ISU’s ObolerLibrary. Visit the web page for time/day details.

Classes include Bookmarks with Delicious, Interlibrary Loan, Facebook, Finding Books in the Library, Web of Science, Gmail, Google Books, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Earth, Moodle, Flickr, Picassa,, APA, MLA. Twitter, Math XL, YouTube, and much more. Find descriptions on the web page. The classes will occur Jan. 19 through 29.

New Displays at the Library

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Winter Wonderland, Winter Stories, Rendezvous 40 Year Anniversary Issue, The ISU Writing Center, Ideas for Term Papers and Speeches, Multicultural Literature, and Come Borrow Our Power Tools are the new or continuing subjects of displays up in the library now. Elise Erlandson has pictures in the Current Display Art Area. A sign at the library entrance lists the displays that are currently up, and the floor that they are on.

display list

First Floor:

winter wonderlandDisplay case 1: Winter Wonderland. This decorative display of snowmen, snowflakes, snow covered trees, animals, and flowers, are all on a blanket of snow, highlighted with clear lights. Children of all ages will enjoy this display.

winter storiesDisplay Case 3 has a display on Winter Stories. Children’s books in this case include: The First Igloo, Too Many Mittens, It’s Winter, Snow, Winters Tale, White Snow Right Snow, and more. Check the library for winter stories, or just for a good book to curl up with on a cold winter evening.

RendezvousThe 40th Anniversary of ISU’s Rendezvous Magazine is the topic of display case 2. This display shows past issues, covers, photos and essays from past issues of ISU’s magazine of Arts and Letters. Find more information on the Rendezvous web site, including the Table of Contents of the 40th Anniversary issue.

Pictures by Elise Erlandson occupy the Current Display Art Area. Her art will be up until Feb. 12th. Here are three chalk pastels: Seeds, Stems, and Skunk Water.


And here are three oil pastels: Jimmy, John, and Sid.



Second Floor:

writing centerDisplay Case 4 has information about the “ISU Writing Center”. It covers what the Writing Center offers: working individually with undergraduate and graduate students on writing assignments for courses in all subjects. The display includes some of their writing handouts on topics like the process and the paper, editing, apostrophes, capitalization, colons, commas, passive voice, run on sentences, etc. Also there is information in APA Style, MLA style, and more. Find their Online Handouts here. I was very impressed with how many different handouts they offer. Make this your best semester ever by using the Writing Center services

term paper ideasIdeas for Term Papers and Speeches is the subject of display case 5. If you’re stuck trying to decide the subject you want to write about, this display will give you a lot of ideas to choose from. In addition to showing some popular ways to find topic ideas, it also refers you to other books and web sites that will help you decide your topic. Make your term paper writing experience this semester more interesting! Find more term paper ideas on Spencer Jardine’s Information Literacy at ISU blog.

Third Floor:

multicultural litDisplay case 6 is on Multicultural Literature. The display contains books from a multicultural America and about our the literatures of our diverse cultures. Examples include Multicultural Autobiography, Latino Literature in America, Writing America Black, Multicultural Detective Fiction, West of the Border, Against Borders, and more.

ihsl JanHealth Science display caseCome Borrow Our Power Tools. The Idaho Health Science Library, located on the 3rd floor of the library, offers many research services, and encourages you to use their power tools: HS Reference Books, Stat Ref, EbscoHost, Pub Med, A to Z Journal List and CINAHL. Some specific resources highlighted on this display include Gale Encyclopedia of Children’s Health, Color Atlas of Family Medicine, Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology, and Duke Encyclopedia of New Medicine: Conventional and Alternative Medicine for All Ages.

Welcome to Spring Semester

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Welcome to Spring Semester at ISU! As you begin or continue your college experience, come by the library for your information needs!

You don’t need to have a computer account to use library computers for research, books, periodicals, internet, and e-mail–just your Bengal ID! Printing is 10 cents a page (duplex–both sides.) If you have a computer account, you will be pleased to know that the computer lab on the 2nd floor of the library will be staying open for the 2009- 2010 academic year.

The library will be open shorter hours the first few weeks of the semester (January 11-24, 2010), and then resume general library hours. For a complete listing of the hours and the exceptions, check the Library Hours page. (New hours to be posted 1-11-10.)

If you are new to ISU or unfamiliar with the library, you may want to check the Oboler Library Tour on this page, under the right hand column, “Pages”. Also you can attend some of the Learn Something Quick mini workshops that will be offered during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of classes.

Check previous entries of Library News to see other things that happened at the library since you were last here.

Have a wonderful Spring 2010 semester!

Oboler Library