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ISU Appoints Sandra Shropshire Dean of Oboler Library

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Idaho State University has appointed Sandra Shropshire dean of the ISU Eli M. Oboler Library, one of several administrative appointments announced in recent weeks by the University.

“We’re delighted Sandra Shropshire has accepted our offer to serve as permanent dean of the Oboler Library,” said Gary Olson, ISU provost and vice president for academic affairs. “She has done a fine job as interim dean and will do much to lead the library to becoming an increasingly more research-friendly venue.”

Sandra Shropshire

Shropshire has worked at the Oboler Library for the last 27 years, including serving as interim dean since last summer. “I’m pleased by the appointment, and am ready to help the library meet the University’s new Carnegie status,” Shropshire said.

From 2006 to last summer, Shropshire served as associate university librarian for Collections and Technical Services, and she served in a number of capacities prior to that.

Shropshire earned a Master of Arts degree in English from Idaho State University in 2005, a Master of Library Science degree from the University of Arizona in 1986, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in foreign languages from the University of Idaho in 1983. She is a past president of the Idaho Library Association, has published a number of articles in the Idaho Librarian and is president of the ISU chapter of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.

Final Exam Week Hours

Monday, April 25th, 2011

The library will be open longer hours for final exam week.

May 1, Sunday, 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.

May 2-5, Monday-Thursday, 7:15 a.m.-1:00 a.m.

May 6, Friday, 7:15 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.

May 7-8 Saturday-Sunday, CLOSED

All Library Materials Are Due Friday, May 6.

Book Swap and Book Sale Racks in Library

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Need some good reading for summer break or for your ride home? The library has two book racks of items available without any check out or overdue restrictions: the Book Sale Rack and the Book Swap Rack. Both racks have recently been replenished with new titles.

BOOK SALE RACK: Buy some great books for 50 cents (paperback) or $1.00 (hardback)! Oboler Library has an ongoing book sale. If you’ve ever been to the Biennial Used Book Sale, you’ll remember what good books we had!

book sale Items offered for sale are available near the New Books area of the First floor. It includes academic books, nonfiction, and some fiction. This “stock” will be replenished as needed, and more books are being added regularly! You pay for them at the Circulation desk. So, come by, have a look, and stop by regularly to see the new items that have been added. This is a great way to stock up on reading for school breaks, and to add to your home book collection.

book swap rackBOOK SWAP RACK: This rack was installed as part of National Library Week three years ago, and moved into the student lounge area after the Book Sale Rack was installed. Many individuals have taken advantage of this service in swapping titles. A variety of genres are available on the rack, including westerns, thrillers, mysteries, classics, adventures, romances, and a little nonfiction. Come to the library to see what is available! Bring a paperback of your own to swap for a title that interests you. If you have multiple paperback books you are willing to share, or want to unclutter, please feel free to add them to our Book-Swap Rack so others in our campus community can enjoy a wider array of options for their reading pleasure.

ACAD 1199: Information Research

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Ever wanted a class that would help you learn how to conduct better research and find credible sources for your research projects? This one-credit course is designed to help you develop life-long strategies for recognizing when you need information, locating it, evaluating it, and using it effectively and ethically. Come explore a variety of tools and formats in order to find sources worth using and citing in support of your academic projects. Learn how to create an annotated bibliography.

Class details:

  • Class begins October 17th and runs for eight weeks.
  • Fall 2011
  • Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 until 3:50 p.m.
  • Rendezvous Room 213
  • One credit
  • Must have computer lab account.

This course is designed to fulfill the proposed NEW General Education objective:
“Locate relevant sources and use them critically and responsibly.”

This class is currently available in the Fall 2011 class schedule. Register in Bengalweb today. This is an experimental course and as such, there are only 26 seats available, and there is only one section.

Contact Spencer Jardine

(208) 282-5609


Study in the Library

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

With “closed week” and finals coming up, places for studying alone or with a group are an important priority. There are many different study areas available on all floors of the library. Here is some additional information on Library study spaces.

studyroomsThe Library offers four group study rooms, three on the second floor and one on the first floor, for use by two or more University affiliated patrons. Rooms may be reserved for two one-hour blocks per person, up to one week in advance. Reservations can be made in person at the Circulation Desk or by telephone at (208) 282-3248.

studycarrelsCarrels for individual study and tables for group study are available throughout the library. Specific areas of the Oboler Library have been designated as quiet study spaces. The Law Library, the Periodicals stacks, and the Government Document stacks are intended for quiet study only. The outer areas of the second and third floors tend to be the quietest. Talking is discouraged in this area so that students can study. The areas near reference desks, classrooms and other common areas are more noisy.


Citation Help

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Since papers are coming due, you might need the Citation Style web page that the library has. It covers APA Style, MLA (Modern Language Association) Style, Chicago Style, and contains links to many other styles also. The IHSL Wiki Style Manual page some information, including a link to the DOI Finder.

Spencer Jardine, Coordinator of Instruction, has created a tutorial on Citing Sources. (You don’t need to move the mouse during the tutorial; the program will move to show you the material being discussed.) The library has many tutorials on research and using the library–find the tutorial page here.

Library News did an article several months ago about the revisions in APA and MLA style manuals that should be helpful, too. The Reference Desk has paper copies of some of the style manuals also.

For one-on-one assistance, please see the Writing Center and their handouts.

Look for their handouts on style, including APA Style, Changes to 2009 APA 6th edition, MLA Style, and Changes to MLA 7th edition.

This Library News article was completed by Joan Juskie, Spencer Jardine, and Kent Kearns.

Winners of the My Favorite Book Drawing

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Last week Oboler Library had a drawing for the “My Favorite Book” contest, as part of National Library Week. Here are the winners, with some great ideas for books you may want to read over summer break.

Winners were :

Michaela, undecided major, Z for Zacharia by Robert C. O’Brien

Kelsie, Clinical Psychology/Psychology, Stumbling on Happiness, by Daniel Gilbert

Robyn, CLS-Health Sciences major, The Power of One, by Bryce Courtenay

Ray, Pre-Engineering, Redwall, by Brian Jacques

Library Open Reduced Hours on Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Plan your weekend library visit for Saturday 10 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., or later than usual on Easter Sunday, when the library will be open from 6 p.m. until midnight.

You can still do extensive research from home with the library web page, unless there are power or computer outages. Over 200 electronic databases can be accessed off campus, with access to 112,590 electronic journals, books and reports. Call email, or come in to the reference desk 10:00 a.m. until 1:00pm on Saturday if you have questions. Or look at some of the Library Tutorials, which may answer your questions.

New Displays at the Library

Friday, April 8th, 2011

National Library Week: Create Your Own Story, Library and Information Science Careers, Choose Privacy, Dr. Seuss, Information Literacy, Historic Route 66, National Poetry Month (African American Poetry), and Autism Awareness Month are the new or continuing displays currently up in the library.

Traci Morgan is in the Current Display Art Area. She is showing her paintings in Oboler Library during the months of May and June. She is a student at ISU and majoring in Art. Come by and take a look at these colorful, bright images. Read the article about her art show here.


First Floor:

Dr SeussDr. Suess (Theodor Seuss Geisel) was born March 2, 1904, and this display in case 3 commemorates his writing life. It contains a selection of his books, characters, and posters honoring his work. There is a shelf of his books that are available nearby. This is a display kids of all ages will enjoy. Be sure to visit the fish in the nearby aquarium on your visit. The library has 25 books by Dr. Seuss in the Juvenile Literature section on the second floor. If you haven’t been up there before, it is located in the southwest corner, behind the computer labs. If you have children, they would probably find some good books if they have to entertain themselves while you are studying.

nlwcreateNational Library Week displays are in cases 1 and 2B. This year National Library Week occurs April 10-16. The library will have the usual My Favorite Book Drawing. Case 1, the Main Display Case, is National Library Week, Create Your Own Story. It is about Creating the Library’s History. It includes photos and description of the old library in the Museum Building, a previous director (Eli M Oboler whom the library is named after), construction of this building we are in now, and completion of Oboler Library. Find out more information on the Oboler Library Building page.

libcareers dispCase 2B is on Library and Information Science careers. It contains many books related to the field, plus a couple of articles. There is a CNN article on library careers, which includes much information, including famous people who were librarians: J Edgar Hoover, the former First Lady Laura Bush, and more. It also has a short article by Jessamyn West titled “What Do Librarians Do All Day?” Have you ever thought about working in a library?

privacyChoose Privacy is in case 2A. How much personal information about you is on the web? What can you do about it? Choose Privacy–a national awareness campaign to improve awareness of current privacy issues among the general public, encourage individuals, particularly young people, to think about privacy in new ways, to promote well-informed actions and choices around private information.

Second Floor:

information literacyDisplay case 4 has a display on Information Literacy. “The information literate student[is] one who accesses information efficiently and effectively, critically evaluates the information, and uses it accurately and creatively.” This fall the display’s creator, Spencer Jardine, Coordinator of Instruction at Oboler Library, will teach a class Information Research (ACAD 1199, 1 credit). Learn how to “locate relevant sources and use them critically and responsibly.” Find out more about his class here. Check out this display for more information on how to improve your research papers.

route66Display case 5 has a display on Historic Route 66. This 2,488 mile long highway was established Nov. 11, 1926, removed from the US highway system on June 27, 1985, and became an place of interest again, especially in 1999 when the National Route 66 Preservation Bill was signed into law, preserving and restoring historic features along the route. It goes through IL, MO, KS, OK, TX, NM, AZ, and CA. If you’re traveling this summer, perhaps you’ll see part of it–”get your kicks on Route 66!” The display gives a colorful and informative sampling of scenes, both historically and today. The Route 66 Museum in Clinton OK provided some of the information.

Third Floor:


Display Case 6, in honor of National Poetry Month, covers African American poets. This display contains books, photographs, biographies and poetry. There is a shelf below of books available for check out. If you enjoy poetry, expect to linger with this abundant display. It includes The Oxford Anthology of African American Poetry, On the Bus With Rosa Parks by Rita Dove, Alice Walker, Vice by Ai, Langston Hughes, and much, much more.

IHSLautismThe IHSL (Idaho Health Science Library) display case is on National Autism Awareness Month. It includes information on autism and also Temple Grandin. Oboler Library has many books on the topic. Also be sure to check out the IHSL’s page on National Autism Awareness Month. This page is loaded with links to further information, including the link to Temple Grandin’s presentation at ISU.

Bob Beason in Current Display Art Area

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Bob Beason is in the Current Display Art Area: drawings, pictures, and part of his graphic novel, Mascot, featuring a Bengal tiger character, Captain Bengal. The library roof is mentioned in one of the ISU campus scenes.

BobBeasonLiving on campus in the 70′s, Bob Beason’s room was known to his Gravely Hall dormitory floor as “the library”. Sharing his comics with his floor mates, they imagined the colorful heroes leaping and careening about the structures of ISU. His affection for those days is reflected in his newest comic work featuring a super-powered mascot named “Captain Bengal” and his nemesis Bloodcat.

frogboyArt from the comic as well as many of his original drawings, paintings and prints is now on display at the ISU Library. He hopes all will enjoy seeing his hero’s and heroine’s adventures on the rooftops of the ISU campus as much as he has enjoyed creating them.
Bob has also been involved in art education for over 3 decades, first teaching in Wells, Nevada, then returning to Pocatello to teach at Hawthorne Jr High and Pocatello High School, retiring in 2009.

He still teaches on a weekly basis at the Pocatello Art Center and at the Pocatello Art Supply Store where he does a cartooning clinic the Saturday following the First Friday Artwalk at the Art Supply Store.


He has self-published his own comics and his “Mascot” comic runs monthly in the TBA free paper.