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The Exhibits Committee at the Library has entered the 2008 For Dummies Library Display Contest, sponsored by Wiley Publishing, the publisher of the series. The 1st prize winner will receive 50 free For Dummies books of our choice, and that would be a great way for us to get more books. While the contest has been entered primarily by public and school libraries, past contest entrants also include Syracuse University College of Law, Bauder College Library, Drake University Law Library, and Triton College Library.

These displays are on our 2nd floor display area for our Dummies books contest display. We also have this electronic display on our web page, www.isu.edu/library, under “Library News,” with pictures and this story about our contest display. The first picture shows the entire area, and we have a close-up of the three cases.

Famous Potatoes

Case #5 is “Famous Potatoes.” It is captioned, “In Idaho, small potatoes grow into famous potatoes. At ISU ideas grow and develop into degrees.” Dummies books start the idea of a degree program growing: the books are topped with college books, and those are topped with graduation caps. Also included are a potato start and a couple of giant Idaho bakers, an Idaho Famous Potatoes car license plate, and a list of some notable alumni from ISU, including Jared Allen, Don Aslett, Stacy Dragila, Matt Gutierrez, Bruce Nelson, William Petersen, Jake Putnam, Roger Williams, and more.

Climbing a Mountain of Knowledge

Case #4 is captioned “Climbing a Mountain of Knowledge at Idaho State University.” Yellow and black streamers create the silhouettes of three mountains. Many Dummies computer guides fill out the mountains, and a hard drive, keyboard, mouse, software package, and other computer graphics complete the theme, highlighted with a lot of Dummies graphics and colors.

Dummies Dollhouse

Case #3 is a Dummy book doll house, with different themes on each floor. The top “floor” had Dieting and Nutrition for Dummies books, some food items, and the food pyramid. The 3rd shelf has a side of Astronomy for Dummies with some pictures of astronauts and space craft. The other side has the Wedding Kit for Dummies, with some bridal accessories. The 2nd shelf has the Resumes and Cover Letters for dummies books, with a few samples. Finally the bottom shelf has some of the Dummies marketing books and a few of the marketing items that came with our kit (candy, bookmarks, drawstring bag, and lanyards), another side of the case has GPS for Dummies and a map, and Coaching and Mentoring is accessorized with a whistle.


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