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Maria Pallante refuses digital strategy job

US register of copyright Maria Pallante has declined to take up her new role as senior advisor for digital strategy.

Pallante resigned as the register of copyright and declined the offer of a new role on 24 October, just three days after her reassignment was announced.

In her letter of resignation, Pallante said it had been a “tremendous privilege” to lead the US Copyright Office for six years.

House judiciary committee chairman Bob Goodlatte and ranking member John Conyers Jr issued a statement reacting to her departure. They said: “We have had the pleasure of working closely with Maria Pallante over the last few years. We have welcomed her thoughtful testimony on copyright law and policy a number of times and closely studied the reports produced by her office.”

“As Maria transitions from the Copyright Office, it is the perfect opportunity to examine the selection process for the new register. America’s creativity is the envy of the world and the Copyright Office is at the centre of it. We must ensure that any new register is fully qualified to lead this important office as it continues to directly advise Congress on copyright policy and law.”

“The new register of copyright should be dedicated to protecting creative rights and modernising the Copyright Office.”

Karyn Temple Claggett was installed as acting register of copyright on 21 October, following Pallante’s move to senior advisor for digital strategy.

Source: | October 2016 | Washington DC | Reporter: Mark Dugdale

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