Current Art Display in the Oboler Library

New art works hang in the Current Display area of the Library. These works of art have resided inside the Library for some time. Many of them used to hang in the Library’s instruction room (#212). This past summer new cork boards were installed inside the instruction room to highlight new books, search strategies, the difference between scholarly journals and popular magazines, and other information- literacy themes.

Some of these pieces belong to the University’s art collection, while others were donated directly to the Library. Unfortunately, some of the information related to these works of art seems to have been lost. Looking at the works themselves I managed to glean the following information:

Miro 5We have three of Joan Miro’s lithographs. He lived from 1893 until 1983 and hails from Barcelona, Spain. The backs indicate that they were named Miro Lithographia II, Miro Lithographie II, and Miro Lithographie III. The second one says Centerfold on it as well.

miro 2

Two of the works of art depict ISU’s Student Union Building. They appear to be artist renditions of the building before it was built. They both identify Cedric M. Allen as the architect and Brautigam as the artist. These indicate that they were created in 1964.

Lib Art 4The largest two pieces contain the least amount of information. Each includes the same artist signature; however, even the signature is difficult to interpret. In lower-case, cursive letters it looks like “rgiur,” yet the third letter appears to be more of a “u” with a dot over the first stem of the “u.” These large oil-on-canvas pieces are beautifully composed and full of rich colors.

lib art 2

Four posters represent four different exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They are Monet’s Years at Giverny, Douglas Dillon Galleries, Department of Prints and Photographs [The Favorite Cat], and The New American Wing.

Lastly, an oil-on-canvas painting depicts what look to be sunflowers. No title accompanies this work of art, but it appears the artist signature most nearly says Stuart. Anyway, please come look at these works of art and take a moment to read from the current magazines in the Current Display area.

This article and photographs were contributed by Spencer Jardine, Instruction and Reference Librarian, and Chair of the Exhibits Committee.

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