New Publication at the Library

In our ongoing effort to get information about the library out to as many people as possible by whatever means are available, the Oboler Library’s Reference Department has decided to try something new: a bulletin which will be posted in the restrooms of the library. A new issue will come out every other month, and will cover such topics as where to get research help in the library, brief blurbs on some of the wonderful library resources, such as databases, lists of particularly timely resources, calendar events, search tips, and other fun and useful tidbits.

We need your help, however, to name this new publication! From Nov. 17 — Dec. 12, we encourage you to fill out the quick easy form (available at the Reference Desk, on the first floor of the Oboler Library) with your ideas for a great title! The winner will be chosen and announced Monday, Dec. 15. The prize is a $25.00 Gift Certificate at the ISU Bookstore! This publication will be edited by the reference staff; if you have topics you’d like to see covered, write them at

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