Why Are Pollinators in Trouble?

Come to the Library and find out.  Our first floor Display Case 3 investigates the status of the world’s pollinators. Learn about the insecticide Neonicotinoid. Books in this display include The Forgotten Pollinators, Fruitless Fall, Fireflies, Honey & Silk and Silent Spring.  Other books explore the craft of beekeeping- The Ordering of Bees by John Livett published in 1634. These are available for checkout and planting guides from the Pollinator Partnership are yours for the taking.

Display case 1 is titled Pollen: Friend & Foe.  We explore the world of palynology and take a look at the weird, wonderful, alien shapes of pollen and spores.  Understand more about allergies and visualize these little space critters every time you sneeze.

Other new displays on the first floor include the life Maya Angelou who died May 28, 2014 and the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, July 28, 1914.  Peter Macdiarmid’s photos bring the past to life.  And remember,  ARTificer²: the artwork of Juliet and Danielle Feige is on display through the end of July.  Click here for Library Hours.

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