American History in Video Free Trial

Alexander Street’s one month sneak peek of American history in video has been announced:

“Since launching in April, American History in Video has grown to include more than 1,500 titles and 500 hours. It will continue to grow to include more than 5,000 complete titles and 2,000 hours of rare newsreels and important documentaries from leading producers such as PBS, The History Channel®, Bullfrog Films, and California Newsreel.

Freely access the entire collection on the Web now through Sunday, November 15th.”

No username or password required—enjoy!

“Based on content, design, and price, this product is a solid ten. It tops any other similarly themed resource in its field and, at this price, is an amazing deal. . . . This is a product I wish every library in the United States could make accessible to its researchers, from elementary-school children to history scholars, and everybody in between. Resoundingly recommended.”—Library Journal

Electronic Resource Librarian Regina Koury forwarded this information–be sure to let her know what you think of this resource.

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