More New Trials

Some great new trial subscriptions have been set up.  Research On!

British Periodicals (until 05-13-2015)
Economist Intelligence Unit Country Reports (until 05-13-2015)
The Gerritsen Collection of Aletta H Jacobs (until 05-13-2015)
Historical Statistical Abstracts 1970-2012 (until 05-13-2015)
Human Rights Studies Online  (until 12-18-2015)
C19: The Nineteenth Century Index (until 05-13-2015)
Nursing Assessment in Video  (until 06-09-2015)
Nursing Assistant Education in Video  (until 06-09-2015)
Nursing Education in Video  (until 06-09-2015)
Play Index (H.W. Wilson) (until 07-05-2015)

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