Oboler Library Tour

Welcome to Oboler Library! Here is a visual tour of some important details and areas in Oboler Library. You can also find a floor plan of the library here.

library exterior

First Floor:

The Lounge is a very popular meeting place on the first floor. It contains self-service copiers, food and drink vending machines, and computers for e-mail. There is a book swap rack where you can swap paperbacks. You can enjoy easy chairs, sofas, or tables with chairs. This is a great place to eat, study or visit with friends. This is what the lounge looks like on a summer afternoon when school is not in session. It’s full of people when school is in session.


student lounge


student lounge

The Reserve desk is where you pick up items placed in the library by professors, such as old tests, additional readings, and extra copies of texts. It is part of the large Circulation desk. Circulation is where you check items in or out, pay fines, place holds, pick up Interlibrary Loans, etc. It’s always fun to see how they have decorated for the holidays.

circ desk holiday decorations

ref desk

The Reference area is beyond the Circulation Desk. You can ask questions (any questions about the research you are doing, citation style manuals, statistics, dictionaries, anything else related to research), use the computers, print (10 cents per page, double-sided printing is automatic. Color copies are 25 cents per sheet.)



more new books

book swap

There is a nice sitting area between Reference and Circulation. It can be a very social place. You can also watch the fish in the aquarium, read a current display magazine or newspaper, read a new book, buy a book sale book, or look at a display. There are three display areas on the 1st floor, two on the second floor, and two on the third floor. These displays are great ways to learn something new, find some books to read, or become more informed about library research and services.


new current display

There are over 145 magazines on the Current Display shelf, including Time, Newsweek, Consumer Reports, Architectural Digest, Atlantic, Futurist, Health, Harpers, Money, Mother Earth News, National Geographic, Nature, Outside, Parents, PC World, , Ski, Utne, Writer’s Digest, and many more. The bottom shelves contain current newspapers, including Idaho Business Review, New York Times, Idaho Falls Post Register, Salt Lake Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and many small town Idaho newspapers. The Current Display Art Area also features an art or poster gallery.

The Microfilm reader/printer area is where the National Union Catalog used to be, across from the Law Library. You can read and print from film and fiche. Cost is 10 cents with coin or with a Bengal Card. Many government documents, periodicals, and most newspapers are on microform. Ask for help at the reference desk if you need to know more about the machines.The newspaper microfilm are located in that area.

microfilm reader-printers


The Law Library is in a far back corner.

Law Library

There is also a typewriter in case you ever need one. It has been moved to the area just before the reference collection begins, near Documents Reference and the ADA computers.


Second floor:

new books on tape area

The Second Floor contains a small browsing collection of books on tape and other interesting cassettes near the entrance. The cabinet contains poetry and plays on cassette. The shelf is filled with popular books on tape and CD–mystery, adventure, etc. A recent donation has greatly increased the size of the collection–check it out when you want some easy entertainment.

2nd floor

The second floor is where all of the books are kept, in Library of Congress call number order. There are separate sections for Juvenile Literature and Oversize books (often art and musical scores, plus other books that are really big.)


Classrooms 212 and 266 are located on this floor. Watch Library News for information about open library instruction classes on a variety of topics.

There are good individual and group study tables, comfortable chairs and sofa, and study carrels. Also there are some study rooms along the back wall that can be reserved at the Circulation Desk.

Third Floor:

The 3rd floor has a number of diverse functions: Idaho Health Science Library, some Newspapers, Documents, Periodicals, and Maps. Each one will be discussed individually. There are many study carrels and tables throughout the floor that are good for serious study, reading, and writing.

Health Sciences


The Idaho Health Science Library is where you go if you have health-related questions to ask. Anyone in the College of Health Professions should know about their reference area, computers with a multitude of databases, and their web page, which is in the form of a wiki.

The 3rd floor has self-serve copiers that are 10 cents cash.

newspaper reading

There is a section of Government Documents for current research, statistics and historical information that is arranged by agency. The U.S. government is one of the largest publishers in the world: medicine, demographics, agriculture, land use, conservation, military, health, geology, engineering, energy, etc. You can ask for assistance at the Reference Desk on the 1st floor. There is also an area of Idaho Documents.

Periodicals are available in a variety of formats: paper, bound, micro, and CD. All are kept with the title, in Library of Congress call number order. Shelf dummies indicate which titles, volumes, and issues are stored in the basement storage area. Ask at the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor if you need an item from basement storage.


Maps are the final collection housed on the 3rd floor. We have topographical maps of many western states.


Finally, down all the way to the basement. Special Collections and Archives, ITRC (Instructional Tech Resource Center), Classrooms, and the Media Center are all located here. Special Collections has a number of digital collections available on their web page.