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J. A. Harrington Collection

Scope and Content

J. A. Harrington's collection was copied from many sources and contains correspondence, manuscripts, extracts from unpublished sources, research notes, etc. which focus on early Idaho history. Many of the items are copies of originals, the location of which is unknown. Includes the reminiscences of Chief Joseph's War by two scouts (Clough and McCreery). Time covered is approximate. (ca. 1830s to 1930s)

Series I    Research Files

Box 1      Research Files
Folder   Author   Title
1   Cruikshank, Alex   Reminiscence of Alex Cruikshank his memories of the Nez Perce War of 1877, Introduction by J. A. Harrington.
2   Stotts, James R.   Twenty-two essays on various events and renowned persons in Idaho in the early part of the century.
3   Harrington, J. A.   "Early day references to ferries on Snake River."
4   Unknown   The history of Idaho and the economy, irrigation, educational institutions, land grants and communications of the state.
5   Lugenbeel, Pinchney   Letters to his daughter, dated Fort Boise, ID Territory, 7/27/1863, concerning life and conditions in the garrison at Fort Boise.
6   Lyon, Caleb
  Letter, signed Caleb Lyon of Lyonsdale, the Governor of the Territory of Idaho. Executive Department, Lewiston, 11/19/1864...
7   Harrington, J. A.   List and short abstracts of twenty-six letters to Colonel Shoup and others, 1869 - 1878, concerning Indian insurrections in Idaho.
8   Harrington, J. A.   "How Arrowrock Dam received its name."
9   Allison, Samuel D. (Dr.)   Early Medicine in Idaho.
10   Harrington, J. A.   Historical notes concerning the Northwestern territories, particularly Idaho Territory & the State of Idaho, arranged as a chronicle...
11   Harrington, J. A.   Historical notes...continued from folder 10.
12   Harrington, J. A.   Address on the history of Idaho from 1932 until the gold discoveries in the early 1860s & the development of the State.
13   Harrington, J. A.   Address on the geology of Idaho, delivered on June 3, 1929.
14   Harrington, J. A.   The Military Protection of the Emigrant Trails along the Snake River.
15   Harrington, J. A.   "Idaho's First Wagon." Paper on Reverend Spalding's journey through Idaho in 1836, with pencil note added by the author.
16   Harrington, J. A. (?)   Folk customs and superstitions in Idaho.
17   Harrington, J. A.   "The Lost Swim Gold Mine", relating the adventures of a prospector, Isaac T. Swim, and his legendary gold mine in the Salmon country.
18   Various Writers   Notes on Fort Henry, Idaho, Collected by J. A. Harrington, Boise, ID.
19   Various Writers   Correspondence on Fort Henry, ID, collected by J. A. Harrington, Boise, ID.
20   Harrington, J. A.   "Information on the Birch Creek Massacre." Miscellaneous notes on the Nez Perce War in 1877.
21   Harrington, J. A.   Notes on Archaeology and pictography of Idaho collected by J. A. Harrington.
22   Harrington, J. A.   Notes on the Idaho Indians.
23   Harrington, J. A.   Collection of Indian Legends (Shoshoni, Nez Perce and Blackfoot.)
24   Harrington, J. A.   "Believe It or Not" Stories about incidents supposed to have happened in Idaho in the early days.
Box 2    Research Files  
Folder   Author   Title
1   Hays, Gertrude Lindsey   Outline of history of the Columbian Club of Boise. A women's organization, founded on May 2, 1892...
2   Harrington, J. A.   Notes taken from the "War of the Rebellion", official records of the Union & Confederate Armies.
3   Stearn, H.T.   Sketch of pictographs at Arco Butte Cave, Idaho.
4   Connyers, John H.   Account of his journey from Iowa to Idaho in 1883.
5   Cuddy, John   "Reminiscences of an Idaho Pioneer", J. Cuddy relates troubles with the Indians in 1878.
6   Fouch, Altha E.   "History of the Fouch Family", relating pioneer life in Idaho in the 1870's
7   Hailey, John   "My trip via Weiser, New and Old Meadows, Packer John Cabin, Payette Lakes, thence by stage..."
8   Hailey, John   A short autobiography.
9   Hart, James H.   Relation of journey from New York City to Idaho in 1871 and following years in Boise.
10   Davis, Hester Cory (Mrs.)   "Story of Hoyt and Holbrook".
11   Isham, Lida M. Johnson (Mrs.)   "Pioneer days, 1863 - 1880." The author's recollection of her childhood during pioneer days in the Boise Valley.
12   Marcus, Catherine (Mrs.)   "Mrs. Catherine Marcus." The life of a German woman who came to Idaho city in 1875, her & her husband's activity as shopkeepers...
13   Prichard, George J.   "Some of my father, Andrew J. Prichard's history as he told me and from my own memory." A brief outline...
14   Stotts, James R.   "Della Pringle."
15       Journey of the Ballantyne, Powers & Shearer families in 1883 from Iowa to Boomerang, now Payette.
16   Sisk, S. M.   "Experiences of a Pioneer." Sisk's journey from California to Idaho in 1862 & his first time in Idaho...
17   Spalding, Eliza Hart   Diary, February 1836 - June 8, 1840, relating to the Spaldings' journey from New York to Nez Perce Mission in Idaho in 1836...
18   Cowen, Israel Burr   "Israel Burr Cowen, as told to F. E. Smith." Reminiscences of Israel Burr Cowen.
19   Noggle, David
  Letter from Judge Noggle, Pierce City, Shoshone County, Idaho Territory, describing the rigorous nature of the office of...
20   Beal, Tom   "Early Reminiscences of 'Uncle' Tom Beal...of Lewiston, Idaho..." A relation in the first person singular of participation in...
21   Harrington, J. A.   Introduction notes on "Early Doctors in Idaho." Presumably written by J. A. Harrington. With copies of letters (2) from H. H. Spalding...
22   Spalding, H. H.   Letters from H. H. Spalding, Walla Walla, to Doc. Ballard, Governor of Idaho Territory and Superintendent of Indian Affairs, concerning...
23   Fouch, Frank R.   Speech on the history of early trade and military posts in Idaho from about 1840 to 1890, given at the dedication of Old Fort Boise...
24   Chaffee, Eugene B.   "Old Fort Boise: A Lost but not Forgotten Trading Post of Idaho." The history of Old Fort Boise as narrated by Chaffee...
25   Brown, L.P.   Speech on "Idaho County Pioneers", delivered before a reunion of Idaho County Pioneers, on 6/13/1888 by L. P. Brown, Mt. Idaho...
26   Kirkpatrick, Orion E.   Four articles: 1."The Land of Contrast" A biographical sketch Byrd Trego. 2. Letter to Mrs. Kirkpatrick of his activities in Leesburg. 3. Notes on gold mining. 4."Biographical sketch by Kirkpatrick...
27   Morrison, Edmund   "The Misfortunes of Joseph--A View of Nez Perce War." Part I & II.
28   Cone, H. W.   "White-Bird Battle". An Account of the Nez Perce War and the Indian woman Tolo.
29   Goulder, W. A.   "Personal Recollections of Idaho" by W. A. Goulder, relating his experiences from his first glimpse of Idaho in 1845 - 1903.
30   Goulder, W. A.   Article describing the part of Idaho drained by the Clearwater River & its tributaries; relating events connected with discovery of...
31   McCreery, H. C.   Manuscript relating the lynching of two Bannock Indians in Salmon at the funeral of McCaleb.
32   Cannon, Miles   "Part played by Pioneer Point at Dawn of History in Idaho." Narrative account of events and individuals in the early days of Idaho...
33   Cannon, Miles   "Sinker Creek Tragedy of Early Pioneer Days". "Details of Bruneau Tragedy".
34   Forse, A. G.
  Diary, relating a military expedition under author's command; from Walla Walla to the upper Salmon Country 5/13/1878 - 6/13/1878.
35   Forse, A. G.
  Letter written in camp at Raines North Fork, Salmon, to the writer's wife, relating some incidents during the Sheepeater Campaign.
36   Hamilton, L. G.   Report on the address of Frank R. Coffin, Boise, before the University Club at Boise, 3/27/1920, relating some of his personal experiences...
37   McMillan, Marcus   A relation of how the author crossed the plains as a participant in the emigration from Michigan to Oregon in 1852.
38   James, John Roger   "Autobiography of John Roger James, 1850". Relates journey from foothills of the Rockies to Soda Springs and along the Snake River...
39   Frost, Mary Ann (Mrs.)   "Father murdered and Ward Massacre" a relation of the author's experience as a member of an emigrant train attacked by Indians.
40   Ward, William M.   "The Massacre of the Ward Family as told by one of the survivors..."
41   Simpson, Anna Moore   "The Life of the Reverend W. G. Simpson", being a biography of a pioneer minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the Northwest...
42   Simpson, Anna Moore   "Annals of My Parsonage Life." The author's reminiscences of her life as a pioneer of 1862 & as the wife of a church minister...
43   Corder, Irene   "Mr. & Mrs. Obadiah (James Obediah) Corder's History of Their Pioneer Life in the West, 1833 - 1929." Written by daughter, Irene Corder.
44   Wright, J. B.   "An Epic of the West." A covered-wagon journey from Iowa to Boise (arriving there in September 1864) written for the D.A.R.
45   Wright, J. B.   Letter to Mr. F. R. Fouch, Parma, ID giving a detailed description of a journey in a covered-wagon from Iowa to Boise City in 1864.
46   Wright, J. B.   Copy of a letter of J. B. Wright, Portland, Oregon, to F. R. Fouch Parma, ID. Portland, OR, 6/24/1925." This letter relates...
47   Whipple, Edith   "True story of the Opening of the West." A journey in 1864 from Wyoming city on the Missouri River to Salt Lake City, as...
48   Mitchell, Sarah
  "History of Parma Community & Social Life." The author associates her own memories with the social progress of the community of Parma...
49   Ballard, S. M.
  "Early days in Placerville, ID." People and events prominent in history of Placerville from about 1863 to 1864 describing churches...
50   Ballard, S. M.
  "Sketch of Mrs. John Ellis," Irish emigrant of 1864 who participated in the rush to the gold fields of the Boise Basin after 1869.
51   Davis, Hester A.
  "Story of James Pinkham, 1866 or 1867." Relates the shooting of J. Pinkham at Warm Springs by Ferd Patterson, who tried to flee...
52   Davis, Hester A.
  "Story of Hester Cory Davis who Crossed the Plains in 1864." An account of a journey with a wagon train leaving Iowa in April 1864...
Box 3    Research Files  
Folder   Author   Title
1   Coughanour, Alta (Mrs.)   "Reminiscences of Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Stroup and Mrs. G. W. Brinnon Pioneers of Washoe, Payette Co. in the early 1870s..."
2       Selected clippings from 12/8/1866 to 6/10/1868 of the Idaho Weekly Statesman, Idaho Weekly Avalanche & Idaho World.
3   Baird, Sarah
  "Mrs. Sarah Baird's Experiences." Relation in the first person singular of a journey with an emigrant train from Iowa to Oregon...
4   Jacobs, Cyrus   Two biographic sketches: 1. The Life of Cyrus Jacobs (1831 - 1900), trader in Bannock City (now called Idaho City), settler with...
5   Allen, G. A.   "In the early days of Idaho and the mining camp of the Seven Devils copper mines. Told by Levi Allen." Account of travels...
6   Fenn, S. S.   Extracts of a journal for the period April 23 to July 11, apparently of the year 1849, written in the form of a letter, dated French...camps 01/09/1850
7   Hawk   "Down Snake River by Boat. Strange adventures of the Hawk Family in crossing the plains in 1852." A detailed account...
8   Owsley, Barney   The story of a pioneer, 90 years old, whose earliest experiences associate him with practically all the famous men of early...
9   Morris, William
  "Incidents in the Life of G. W. Paul Parma. Reminiscences of Mrs. William Morris (daughter) Parma." The author's account of...
10   Pence, Arthur   "An Early Pioneer's Story." Short sketch of Arthur Pence, who left "Nebraska (Iowa?)" 5/10/1864 with sixteen wagons pulled by cows and...
11   Ralston, Lida Keck   Relates the journey of Lida Keck from Iowa to Placerville, ID, where she arrived in 1864; skirmish with Indians along the way; her ride...
12   Ritchey, William   "This is a Sketch of the Wanderings of Lowrey W. L. Ritchey--3/24/1922." Account in the first person singular of leaving Kansas in 1860 for...
13   Shipley, Brice   "Reminiscences on the Life of Brice Shipley as related by Mrs. Morris (granddaughter), Parma, ID" Relates a journey over the plains...
14   Luney, Mary J.
  An account of the experiences of M. J. Luney and her three small children on a stage coach journey from Shasta, CA to Idaho City in 1867.
15   Syster, Mary Briggs   "Sketch of Samuel F. P. Briggs, and early days in Idaho", being the biography of an immigrant to NV & ID in 1860...
16   An Old Pioneer   "Reminiscences. Idaho when she was a part of Washington in 1863 and now 1915." The author relates in the first person singular...
17   Gilbert, John Rich   "An Old Pioneer of 1837--Gen. Cartee's Surveying Crew." Added in Pencil: "Told by Gilbert." An account of the experiences of Gilbert...
18   Birmingham, Lena E.   "History of the Pearce Cabin--1/3/1930." A brief history of the Ira B. Pearce family, who left Iowa in 1863 enroute to OR and stopped in...
19   Handy, Samuel   A short account of how Samuel Handy crossed the Plains together with other Mormon emigrants in 1859 and settled first in Provo then in...
20   Fjelstedt, Willard   A short biography of Danish Mormon immigrant, his various activities first in Utah and from 1881 in Preston, Idaho.
21   Whittaker, Oran   "A short history of the first settlement of Weston, ID". Relates the founding of Weston, the first Mormon settlement in Chache Valley on...
22   Wright, Dunham   Letter by D. Wright, Medical Springs, OR, to F. R. Fouch, Boise, ID relating a journey in 1862 along the Old Oregon Trail in southern...
23   Wright, Silas   Letter from S. Wright, Bennington, ID to "Mr. Maxwell of the General Land Office, Boise City, ID" relating the circumstances of the...
24   Harrington, Grant R.   Papers on the Miltmore massacre that occurred about twenty-five miles below Old Fort Hall on the Snake River. 2. In the court of claims...
25   Owyhee, Joe   The hold-up of the Winnemucca Stage. An essay on a gold robbery, committed in 1874.
26   Sisk, Lizzie   "Long Valley History." Relates the history of the first settlements in Long Valley, 1884 - 1888.
27   Heritage, L. M.   "The Beautiful and Wonderful--Hagerman Valley--" An essay on the history and topography of the Hagerman Valley.
28   Justice, William
  "Pioneering in Hagerman from 1877 to 1900." The history of the settlements in Hagerman Valley from about 1880.
29   Barclay, Adam B. Judge   "History of Jerome County, Idaho by Judge Adam B. Barclay."
30   Bristol, Sherlock   "Idaho Nomenclature and Personal Adventures."
31       "Founding of Moscow & early Landmarks." The history of the settling of Moscow homestead and Asbury Lieuallen (first postmaster of Moscow)...
32       "A study of the Moscow Public Schools."
33   Longmire, James   "Extract from narrative of James Longmire, a pioneer of 1853. Thirty second Annual Reunion, Oregon Pioneer Association.
34   Benthin, W. O.   A letter from W. O. Benthin, to Mrs. Fouch, giving a historical sketch of the churches & ministers in Parma, ID based on an oral account...
35   Burke, Walter
  A letter from Mrs. W. Burke, New Plymouth, ID 10/30/1934, to Mrs. Altha E. Fouch, Boise, ID, giving an account of the people & events.
36   Kelly, Milton   A letter from Milton Kelly, Lewiston, NY to his father concerning the school he was attending in Lewiston.
37   Kelly, Milton   A letter from M. Kelly, Boise City, ID to Gov. M. Brayman, Commander-in-Chief of the Militia of Idaho territory, reporting on a mission...
38   Taylor, J. M.   "Early Exploration in Eastern Idaho with the account of the origin of Market Lake & of the name of Medicine Lodge.
39   Taylor, J. M.   "Historical Notes of Taylor's Bridge and the Town of Eagle Rock, later Idaho Falls."
40   Wood, Fremont   "James H. Hawley." A biographical sketch.
41   Wood, Fremont   "Fred T. Dubois" A short biographical sketch, concerning primarily the political career of the Senator.
42   Simpson, C. I.   A letter from C. I. Simpson, April 2, 1933, to his nephew, Len L. Simpson Boise, ID, relating his experiences in Idaho in 1864.
43   Carlton, George W.   A letter to unknown addressee from Carlton, who came to Silver City in the fall of 1864, relating incidents of the Bannock uprising, 1878.
44       Two articles: 1. "State Seal of Idaho" 2. "State Flag of Idaho" Story of the first state flag.
45   Chase, D. C. (Mrs.)   "Story of Payette's First Flag."
46   Alley, J. N.
  A paper read before a meeting of the State Daughters of the American Revolution in 1925, entitled, "Indian Welfare", discussing the...
47   Carter, M. A.

High, J. N.
  Letter from Carter to Hon. Caleb Lyon concerning Bannock Indians.
Letter from High to Gov. T. W. Bennet concerning Wood River Murders.
48   Burdell, S. S.
Curtis, W. W.
  Two Letters to the Townsite of "Lewiston", ID Territory from the Dept. of Interior Wash., D.C.
1. from Commissioner Burdell
from acting Commissioner Curtis
49   Dixon, James
  "Memorial Address at the Grave of Eliza Spalding, Spalding, Idaho.
50   Eldridge, J. B.   "Pioneer Chapter--Brief History of the Ward Massacre."
51   Ward, Newton   "The Ward Massacre as told by Newton Ward to Rufus Wood."
52   Hailey, Jesse C.   "How Arrow Rock Got Its Name."
53       "Reuben-for whom the town of Reuben, Clearwater Co., ID is named - Indian Name 'Bird of the Mountains'."
54   Sweet, E.   A letter from Sweet, dated Emmett, Idaho 10/4/1930 to Mrs. Ella C. Reed, Libr., Boise, giving origin of naming of "Squaw Butte."
55   Keefer, Eldora Shoemaker   "Eagle Rock History".
56   Wells   "Wells Family."
57   Fuller, J. L. (Hon.)   "The downfall of the 'Shoshone' Indians."
58       "The Wood River County."
59   Hughes, Willis B.   "Placer Justice, southwestern Idaho 1863 - 1866.
60   Kelly & Cook   A transcript of the defense's case; A civil suit brought before the Probate Court of Ada Co., ID Territory...
61       "The Unnamed Saints" "A Tribute to the Pioneer."
62       "The Old Desert Stage Station."
63   Leeper, Robert D.   "The Soul of a Pioneer", delivered at a meeting of the Sons & Daughters of the Pioneers of Idaho at Boise, February 1932.
64   Lockley, Fred   Historic event recalled. An eyewitness of the Whitman Massacre repeats the story, 1863.
65       "Early Pioneer Days and the Nez Perce War."
66   Vinton, T. J.   A letter from T. J.. Vinton, Hailey, ID to Charley Hayes, editor and publisher of the Avalanche in Silver City, an account of ...stage trip...
67       "Historic Old Lapwai."
68   Meeker, Ezra   A speech delivered by Ezra Meeker at the site of Old Fort Hall, commemorating its rediscovery, paying tribute to Jason Lee,...
69   Bridger, Clyde A.   The Counties of Idaho. A compilation of material on the political beginnings of Idaho...
70       "Historical Sketch of Lemhi County."
71       "Early Canyon County History."
72       "Outstanding Events in the History of Shoshone County, Idaho."
73   Whipple, Edith L.   "Sketches of Gem County."
74   Smith, Joe (Mrs.)   "Forts in Washington County."
75   Senseing, Katherine   Brief notes on the early settlement of Boise; the building of Fort Boise; location of Boise in 1863; early commercial enterprises...
76   Craine, Josephine R. (Mrs.)   "Nampa nears Fortieth Birthday Anniversary..." who filed on the original...
77       An account of Idaho's Political Beginnings with notes on the Northwest Territory, the convention in 1842 at Champoeg, the...
78   Lane, Joseph   "The First Printed Message of the First Governor of Oregon," a speech delivered to "Fellow Citizens of the Council and of..."
79   Maxey, Ed. E.
  "History of the Idaho State Medical Association."
Box 4    Research Files  
Folder   Author   Title
1       Copy of Proceedings in the enactment of House Bill No. 738, providing for the Territory of Montana, which by amendment became the Territory.
2       Copy of the First Lewiston Charter. Issued by Washington Territorial Legislature in 1863, secured from the Secretary of State's...
3   Shaw, Frederick J. & Elliott, T. C.   Two letters (copies) to Mrs. Altha E. Fouch, Sec./Libr., State Historical Society, Boise, ID. One from Shaw and one from Elliott concerning the grave of F. J. Shaw's son.
4   Rees, John E.   "Western State Names of Indian Origin. Idaho, the Gem of the Mountains."
5   Rees, John E.   "The First White Explorers of Idaho. The Lewis and Clark Expedition."
6       Regulations, orders & requisitions, for the distribution of firearms among the population of Idaho Territory for protection against...
7       Various documents concerning local "elections".
8   Daniels, William D.   Letter from Daniels, Acting Governor and Secretary of Idaho Territory, to Abraham Lincoln, Pres. of the United States, concerning...
9   Sterling, E. C.   Report by Sterling, Territorial Prison Commissioner, to the Council and Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Idaho...
10       Receipts for firearms, distributed by the U.S. Government in the "Territory of Idaho" for protection against marauding Indians.
11       Documents concerning outbreaks of "Indian Hostilities" in the Territory of Idaho.
12   Greene, A. P.   Report to Colonel Jas. B. Sinclair on measures taken to protect U.S. property on removal from the council Chamber of the Territorial...
13       "Notes from letters found in an old file from the Secretary of State's Office, Stored in basement of the Capitol."
14   Fifteen-Mile House   Copy of a bill from the Fifteen-Mile House to Mrs. Bomar for having "Winnemucca and fourteen Indians to breakfast."
15   Johnson, L. M.   Letter to James Glendenning, concerning participation in the Big Hole battle with the Indians.
16   Lyon, Albert E.   Letter to Miss Mary Lyon, Long Island NY concerning his escape from the Birch Creek Massacre.
17   Various   Telegrams concerning the Nez Perce War.
18   Bainbridge, Augustus H. (Capt.)   Letter to Postmaster, Salmon City, Idaho requesting information concerning distance & conditions of trail from Lemhi & Salmon...
19   Bainbridge, Augustus H. (Capt.)   Letter to Mr. D. C. Burke, Salmon City, ID, offering twenty Springfield muskets and fifty rounds of ammunition for each gun...
20   Wilson, George S.   Letter to Mr. Glendenning, requesting the aid from people in Salmon City in obtaining a guide.
21   Boggs, Joseph   Letter to Writer's "Friend Cam" concerning Business transactions.
22   Combs, Daniel   Real and personal property Tax receipt for $10, received of Daniel Combs with specification of property.
23   Fenn, S. S.   Five letters from S. S. Fenn, House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. to James Glendenning, Salmon City, Idaho Territory concerning the...
24   Haynes, D.   Letter to S. S. Fenn House of Representatives, concerning the proposition to establish a money order office at Salmon City...
25   Fuller, H.   Letter to James Glendenning, Salmon City, Idaho concerning the writer's resignation as Agent at Lemhi, the post office in Salmon...
26   Johns, W. I.   Letter to Mr. Glendenning, Salmon City, concerning recovery of rifles formerly distributed for protection.
27   Tuttle, Nathan H.   Letter to J. Glendenning Salmon, concerning selling the writer's Winchester rifle and 100 cartridges.
28   Rogers, Will   Letter to Mr. Carroll Briscoe, Blackwell, Oklahoma, concerning a forthcoming election.
29   Goodale, P. N.   Certificates that Joseph Lawson had paid twenty dollars on 11/27/1861 to be applied on city lots.
30   Dramatists' Bulletin, 1939   Issued by the Dramatists' Alliance of Stanford University. Contains addresses, essays, minutes and notes of meetings, two printed...
31   Poultney, George A.   An Index of Plays of the American Theatre in Manuscript Form. From the Collection of George W. Poutney.
32   Western Personnel Service   "Bombsight on War Work" (Tomorrow's Job, a Bulletin of Occupational News).
33   Wood, Junius, B.   "Macmonagle is buried in historic cemetery."
34   Pan American Union   Pan American Day: The Americas
35   Higgins, Helen
& Evelyn Alma
  "American Dog Derby"
Box 5    Research Files  
Folder   Author   Title
1       Scrapbook on Indian Writings
2       Miscellaneous items relating to Indian writings.
3       Photos of Pictographs
4       Writings about Indian life (incomplete manuscripts)
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