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Charlton Laird Collection Inventory

Scope and Content

This collection is composed of miscellaneous papers, most of which relate to early Idaho history. Several short stories and a one-act play by local(?) authors (possibly his students) are included.

Series I : Research Files

Box 1 Research Files

Folder   Author   Title
1   Clough, J. P.   Recollections of the Nez Perce Indian War of 1877.
2   Edelman, Henry   Reminiscences of Henry Edelman, Nicholia, Idaho, recorded by Professor Charlton G. Laird, University of Idaho, Southern Branch, Pocatello.
3   McCreery, H. C.   An account of the author's experiences in the Idaho Territory during the Nez Perce War. Append: Letter from J. P. Clough in longhand.
4   Redfield, Francis   F. M. Redfield: Mylon Reminiscences.
5   Various Writers   Essays on local events in Idaho History on information obtained by interviewing old informants, formerly pioneers.
  1. Report of early settlers of Marsh Valley, Bannock County, Idaho
  2. Early days of Lava Hot Springs
  3. Early history of Lava Hot Springs
  4. History of Arimo
  5. Biography of a Settler (Newt Adams, Market Lake)
  6. Incidents in the history of Rock Creek
  7. How the Minnie Moore Mine was discovered (Blaine Co.)
  8. Early Blackfoot
  9. My interview with W.C. Smith (Lemhi Co.)
  10. Interview with Mr. A.W. Astner (Southern Idaho)
  11. Story of Eagle Rock
  12. Payette Valley
  13. Way Back When (Nampa)
  14. Facts of Early Hailey
  15. Montpelier
  16. Pioneers & Early days of Blackfoot (Bingham Co.)
  17. Pioneering (Blackfoot)
  18. Early Pocatello Gov. Walter H. Cleare/Mayor 1905/1906
  19. An experience while I was riding for the Pony Express
  20. Stories of early Thomas, Idaho told by John Stander
  21. History of Kendrick, Idaho
6   Various Writers   Essays on local events in Idaho History on information obtained by interviewing old informants, formerly pioneers.
  1. Battle of Bear River (Franklin, Idaho)
  2. Emma Adel Wood Tolman. Reminiscences. Chesterfield, Idaho
  3. Mrs. J.E. Tarr. Reminiscences. Henry, Idaho
  4. Mrs. Herman Stricker. Reminiscences. Shoshone Falls area
  5. Mrs. Thomas Dayley. A brief history of Oakley, Idaho
  6. History of Lost River Country
  7. Mrs. A.J. Tolman. History of the early settlement of Oakley, Idaho
  8. Minidoka project history
  9. History of Parma, Idaho by Mrs. W.C. Morris
  10. History of Gem Valley told by Mary E. Snow
  11. Early days in Jerome, Idaho
7   Edelman, Henry   Henry Edelman of Nicholia, Idaho. Notes on the history of the Mining District of Nicholia, Idaho.
8   Kirkpatrick, O. E.   Notes on the mining town of Leesburg with two letters to Charlton G. Laird, UISB, Pocatello, 1937.
9   Laird, Charlton G.   A Visit to Old Leesburg.
10   Various Writers   The Idaho Historical Quarterly Proceedings (General).
11   Various Writers   The Idaho Historical Quarterly Correspondence March 1 - April 30, 1935.
12   Various Writers   The Idaho Historical Quarterly Correspondence May 1 - June 30, 1935.
13   Various Writers   The Idaho Historical Quarterly Correspondence July 1,1935 - November 10, 1939.
14   Various Writers   The Idaho Historical Quarterly Miscellaneous.
15   Various Writers   The Idaho Historical Quarterly Financial Records.
16   Stratton, Owen P.   Two letters to Professor Charles G. Laird, UISB, Pocatello, concerning pictographs in Idaho:
  1. Letter 6/20/1935...
  2. Letter 8/25/1935...


Box 2 Research Files

Folder   Author   Title
1   Ballard, John (Chief)   Speech at the UISB by Chief John Ballard, Shoshoni Indian of Fort Hall Reservation, Idaho 12/5/1935. Interpreted by Willie Edmo.
2   Laird, Charlton G.   Notes on Indian Assembly in Frazier Hall, UISB, Pocatello 3/25/1941.
  1. Program
  2. Notes
  3. Biographies
  4. Correspondence
3   Unknown   Report on the dedication ceremony of Lincoln Creek Indian School at Fort Hall Indian Reservation on November 27, 1935.
4   Lewis, Jeanette   The story of Widzhebu, Pocatello's mother as told by her granddaughter, Mrs. Jeanette Lewis, Fort Hall, Idaho;..
5   Financial Statement   Portneuf Cooperative Association, Pocatello, Idaho as of 12/31/1940.
6   Nichols, John R.   Letter to Professor Charlton G. Laird, UISB, Pocatello, ID concerning the American Field Service.
7   Laird, Charlton G.   Correspondence concerning pictographs and petroglyphs in Idaho. Field notes by C. G. Laird, concerning pictographs near Havenor's.
8   Clough, J. P.   Manuscript apparently prepared for publication in The Idaho Historical Quarterly, in 1935, with corrections and editorial...
9   McCreery, H. C.   Manuscript by McCreery, being his reminiscences of the Nez Perce War of 1877 in Idaho Territory.
10   Corbridge, John   The reminiscences of a Mormon immigrant and settler in Franklin, Idaho as told to Oran Whittaker by John Corbridge at Preston, Idaho.
11   Hanson, Sam   Beer. A satirical story of college life in the early 1930s.
12   Hanson, Sam   Old Kit--a dog story. The story of a Mormon youth who went to college and became an "atheist".
13   Hanson, Sam   A short story of high- school life in a small town.
14   Hanson, Sam   College Idyll. A short one-act play depicting life at a small college.
15   Hanson, Sam   The story of a daughter's love for her mother.
16   Hanson, Sam   A rather sharp criticism of the educational system, particularly as regards the college undergraduate.
17   Hanson, Sam   On Visiting Relatives.
18   Hanson, Sam   The story of a bright young editor and small-town politics.
19   Hanson, Sam   The Secret of Success. The story of the conflicting ideas of a young man.
20   Coleman, Robert   A humorous story from the days of the Works Progress Administration. No title given.
21   Coleman, Robert   Date to hear about Florida. The story of a girl seeking romance in a small town.
22   Allen, Ruth Judy   Lost River. Comedy in one act about John Day and the naming of Lost River. The action is laid in Idaho in 1819.
23   Allen, Ruth Judy   A one-act humorous satire, taking place in heaven and having in the cast among others, Adam Smith, Huey Long,... No title given.
24   Sweetser, Lew   One-act. No title given. The scene laid in a small college lab. The plot concerns the conflict between chemistry as a science and...
25   Sweetser, Lew   A one-act play showing family life. A title, Club Night, is entered in red pencil at the top of the first page.
26   Sweetser, Lew   Bonus March. Outline of a play: synopsis of a dialogue. Scene laid in Washington, D. C., in 1937.
27   Laird, Charlton G.   What's Behind a Name?
28   Laird, Charlton G.   Program and Summary of the Work of The Historical Museum Committee...November, 1934 - January, 1936.
29   Rogers, Cloe Boyce   The Woman of the Lemhi, 1877.
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