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Susie and Byrd Trego Collection Inventory

Scope and Content

The Tregos owned the Blackfoot, ID newspaper and many of the items in the collection were written for the paper. Their collection contains correspondence, research notes, typed copies of publications, news clippings, and pamphlets. The focus of the collection is on Idaho history, in general, and specifically, the pioneers and Indians of Eastern Idaho, and the history of Fort Hall.

Series I: Research Files

Box 1  Research Files
Folder   Author Title
1   Various Writers ...material on John Day, traveler, explorer and trapper in Oregon and Idaho (1771 - 1819).

2   Shaw, Frederick John Biographical sketch of Richard Grant (1794 - 1864), trader at Fort Hall & at Cantonment Loring in 1842 - 1857.

3   Trego, Byrd The Land of Contrasts.

4   Owen, John
"Excerpts from the journal and Letters of Major John Owen. Edward Eberstadt New York, 1927."

5   U. S. National
Park Service
Note on the one-time U. S. Marshall Wertz and his intimate "Dutch Charley" Henderson and their adventures in the 1880's.

6   Bond, Tom G. The Ghost Towns of Idaho.

7   Cone, H. W. Tolo's Friendly Act. An account of the Nez Perce War and the Indian Woman Tolo.

8   Yeaman, M. D. "Monument marked site. Owner of the historic Clark Rock tells of its peculiar location."

9   Trego, Susie Boice Notes on North American Indians

10   Trego, Susie Boice Notes on various subjects (viz. American history, the history of the Northwest, Idaho topography, religious subjects, etc.

11   Trego, Susie Boice Notes on some local Indians and pioneers.

12   Trego, Susie Boice Notes on local history, particularly concerning Fort Hall and its Indian population.

13   Trego, Susie Boice Notes on the genealogy of half-breed Indian families at Fort Hall.

14   Trego, Susie Boice Moon House, Child Birth - Indian.

15   Various Writers Letters to Mrs. Susie Boice Trego, concerning the history of Idaho and Idaho pioneers. 1927 - 1933

16   Various Writers Letters to Mrs. Susie Boice Trego, concerning the history of Idaho and Idaho pioneers. 1934

17   Various Writers Letters to Mrs. Susie Boice Trego, concerning the history of Idaho and Idaho pioneers. 1935

18   Various Writers Letters to Mrs. Susie Boice Trego, concerning the history of Idaho and Idaho pioneers. 1936 - 1937

19   Trego, Susie Boice (?) Disconnected notes on the establishment of Old Fort Hall and on other historical events in Idaho and on persons connected therewith.

20   Trego, Susie Boice (?) Temptation vs. Satisfaction.

21   Brown, Jennie Broughton The Fort Hall Country by Hall J. Kelley, Nathaniel J. Wyeth, B. L. E. Bonneville

22   Danielson, W. H. Mr. Danielson's report to the Governor of Idaho and another addressee concerning his management of Fort Hall Indian Reservation from 1869 - 77.



Box 2  Research Files
Folder   Author Title
1   Material on the Oregon Trail Memorial Association, collected by Mrs. Susie Boice Trego, Blackfoot Idaho.

2   Clark, B. Moon Matters concerning the Fort Hall Centennial, Pocatello, Idaho August 5-8, 1934.

3   Material on the proposed Fort Hall National Monument: 1. Notes on the matter collected by Mrs. Trego; 2. Note quoting a statement...

4   State Historical Society Newsletter of the State Historical Society of Idaho.

5   Dean, Richard How Autumn Leaves Get Their Colors.

6   Farnham, Thomas J. Travels in the Far Northwest, 1839 - 1846. Transcript from two separate publications from Early Western Travels 1748 - 1846, ...

7   Langford, N. P. Excerpts from Vigilantes Days.

8   Trego, Susie Boice Typed copies, prepared by Mrs. Susie Boice Trego, Blackfoot, ID bound in one volume.

9   Russel, Osborne Journal of a Trapper or Nine Years in the Rocky Mountains, 1834 - 1843

10   Wislizenus, F. A. A Journey to the Rocky Mountains in the Year 1839.

11   Palmer, Joel Journal of the travels over the Rocky Mountains.

12   Wyeth/Young The Correspondence & Journals of Captain Nathaniel J. Wyeth, 1831 - 36.

13   Stansbury, Howard Exploration and Survey of the Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah.

14   Thwaites, Reuben Gold Early Western Travels.

15   Nelson Encyclopedia Indian Women in the March of Progress. Compilation of disconnected notes on schools for North-American Indians and on Miss Ruth Muskrat...

16   Idaho Education Association Proceedings of the Thirty-Seventh Annual Meetings held at Pocatello, ID 12/27 - 29/28 Vol. 1...

17   Trego, Byrd The Idaho Republican, a weekly newspaper founded in 1904. 1917.



Series II: Clippings

Box 3  Clippings - Idaho
Folder   Author Title
1   Biography

2   Brady, James H. (Senator & past Governor) - mainly concerning his death

3   Fort Hall (Includes sheet music to Sweetheart of Old Fort Hall and a list of maps showing Fort Hall location)

4   Indians (scrapbook)

5   Indians - Miscellaneous

6   Towns

7   Unsorted



Box 4  Clippings -Idaho (mainly series) 
Folder   Author Title
1   Defenbach, Bryon The State We Live In & Our State

2   Hix, Douglas Passing Strange

3   Howard, Minnie F.(Dr.) Fort Hall Articles

4   Shaw, Frederick J. The Blackfoot Country

5   Trego, Byrd Miscellaneous

6   Fifty Years of Local History

7   History of Old Fort Hall

8   Land of Rugged Writers; Early Day Amusements; etc.

9   Trego, Byrd
(with others)
The Truth about our Pioneers Life

10   Johnson, June
Our Last War With The Paleface

11   Neider, Jay Famous Features

12   Trego, Susie Boice Miscellaneous

13   Book Reviews (Scrapbook)

14   Book Reviews

15   Pioneer Lore, Part 1-35 (SBT arranged this series)

16   Pioneer Lore, Part 36-58 (SBT arranged this series)

17   Walgamott, Charles S. Six Decades Back



Box 5  Clippings - Miscellaneous/ Newspapers
Folder   Author Title
1   Biography

2   Custer Battle

3   Forts

4   History Western - Miscellaneous (some Fort Hall & Fort Boise data included)

5   Indians

6   Miscellaneous (unsorted)

7   Mormons

8   Trails

9   Trails - Oregon Trail

10   Washington, George - mainly concerning his death

11   Wyoming

12   Various Authors (Scrapbook)

13   Various Authors (Scrapbook)

14   The Daily Bulletin Apr. 11, 1935 & Nov. 2, 1935

15   Miscellaneous Newspapers (Including on obituary article about Edna Whited Dubois, dated 8/21/31, from The Whiteside Sentinel , Morrison, Ill.)



Series III: Pamphlets, Leaflets, Etc.

Box 6  Pamphlets, Leaflets, Etc.
Folder   Author Title
1   Indians

2   Miscellaneous

3   Oregon Trail Association (Includes some correspondence, and some Fort Hall Memorial data)

4   Alaska

5   Colorado

6   Idaho

7   Idaho

8   Pocatello

9   Pocatello

10   Montana

11   Oregon

12   Utah

13   Wyoming


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