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Miscellaneous Manuscripts I Collection

Scope and Content

This collection is an "artificial" grouping of small manuscript collections which have been pulled together and filed by the author's name in order to simplify handling and filing. It consists of a number of articles, reminiscences, speeches, etc. about Idaho and Northwest history. Most items are one folder in length.

Box 1

Folder Description
1Letter to S.E. Brady from James H. Brady - being the last written by Governor Brady from the State House in Boise before his term expired.
2Address to the Pioneers of Idaho County given at Mount Idaho, Territory by Loyal P. Brown, 6/13/1888, presenting the history of Idaho
3... life in Idaho Territory by Laura Clara Coffin
4Original Manuscript of CAMAS, AN HISTORICAL NOVEL with Addenda by Tracy Coker
5Original Manuscript of CAMAS, AN HISTORICAL NOVEL with Addenda by Tracy Coker (pt. 6-8)
6Original Manuscript of CAMAS, AN HISTORICAL NOVEL with Addenda by Tracy Coker (pt. 9 and epilogue)
7"Tolo" Article concerning the Indian Woman Tolo and the Nez Perce War" by H.W. Cone

Box 2

Folder Description
1"The Indian Sun Dance", by Ersal Cornelison - copy of a record in the summer of 1937 from Mrs. Julia Ballard, Bannock Indian at Fort Hall
2"Fort Hall and its Indians" by Ersal Cornelison - Address delivered by Mrs. Cornelison, Fort Hall, Idaho, to the State Convention of Business & Professional Women's Club (6/2/37)
3Journal of Charles Dalton for the years 1855-1856 concerning his experiences as a member of the Fort Lemhi Mission
4Challis Chinook, paper edited by the Fire Dispatcher, Challis National Forest, Challis Idaho (1/15/37)
5"Shoshone-Bannock News - a bulletin devoted to the interests of the Indians and staff of the Fort Hall Reservation (1941-42, incomplete)
6Reminiscence of Charles Furey
7Reminiscence of Charles Furey (incomplete)
8Reminiscence of Charles Furey (originals)
9Reminiscence of Charles Furey (incomplete)
10Reminiscence of Charles Furey (originals)
11Reminiscence of Charles Furey (originals)
12Reminiscence of Charles Furey (incomplete)
13"The Fort Hall Indian" by G. A. Gross - "Shoshone-Bannock Tevope" (Vols. 1-10, 1936)
14"The Fort Hall Indian" by G. A. Gross - "Shoshone-Bannock Tevope" (Vols. 2-4, incomplete)
15Financial statement re: resources and liabilities of Harkness, McCammon, Idaho and signed by H.O. Harkness
16Life Among the Piutes, Their Wrongs and Claims by Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins (typed, unabridged copy)
17Life Among the Piutes, Their Wrongs and Claims by Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins (typed, unabridged copy)

Box 3

Folder Description
1Toll fares in 1869 from Corrine to Montana (intermediate stations included) as given By Henry E. Jenkins
2Reminiscences, relating to the author's childhood in Sweden, his conversion to Mormonism, his journey to Logan, Utah, etc. by Olaf P. Johanson
3Two articles by O.E. Kirkpatrick
1. First Mining Laws of the Leesburg Mining District
2. Methods of Pioneer Gold Mining in Leesburg, Idaho
4Chart of supply points for Leesburg in 1866 with explanatory notes by O.E. Kirkpatrick
5"John David Wood, Idaho Pioneer and Empire Builder" by O.E. Kirkpatrick
6Material on James N. Lawrence (1813-1911), pioneer and saloon keeper in Boise, Idaho and on the Naked Truth Saloon in Boise by Charlton Laird
7"The Prophecy of the Class of "60" relating the author's visit to a fortune teller in California in 1906. (Academy of Idaho) by Joseph Neilson
8Days of Old Fort Hall (a drama) by Vio Mae Powell
9Reminiscences (autobiography) by Francis Mylon Redfield
10The Spaldings' Journey - 1935-1840 by Eliza Hart Spalding
11"Special to Officers" - Stoddart & Co.
12"Indian Troubles on the Sublette Cut-Off" by Leslie Sudweeks
13Various information concerning stage fare and stage stations in Utah, Idaho and Montana, original appended to accession notes ... by Judge Swanner
14Notes on John Colter, the discoverer of the area of which is now the National Park. Yellowstone, and the Colter Stone in the Grand Teton National Park - U.S. Interior Dept.
15Documents of homestead and mining claim - U.S. Land Office
16"Idaho's First Steam Engine" by Oran Whittacker
17Letter to H.O. Harkness from P.L Williams re: Railroad's right-of-way
18Description and two pencil drawings of the covered wagon in which the author crossed the plains in 1879 by Orah J. Wilson
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