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Miscellaneous Manuscripts II

Scope and Content

This collection is a grouping of small manuscript collections which have been pulled together; the source and/or the author are not known for many items. It consists of articles, reminiscences, speeches, etc. about Idaho and Northwest history.

Box 1

Folder Description
1Early Settlers in Salmon by Clara Bates
2Short autobiography by Brigham Dunn
3Reminiscences of F. W. Monteith (Frances Whitman Monteith)
4Three short biographies - authors unknown
5Letter concerning the discovery of Columbia River by Spaniard Heceta and early trading posts in the Northwest from Barry J. Neilson
6Letter to unknown addressee describing the seal of the Hudson's Bay Company from Thomas Nelson
7First irrigating ditches and first irrigation case by Isaac E. McDougall
8Names of towns and cities derived from names of early settlers by E.E. Calvin
9"Abstracts of Salmon River Paper" a study of the topography of Central Idaho - author unknown
10Paper on the Birch Creek Massacre during the Nez Perce War of 1877 - author unknown
11"Volunteer survivor recalls battle with Indians east of Cottonwood" by Henry C. Johanson
12"Birch Creek" an article on incidents in the Nez Perce and the Bannock Wars by W. C. Smith
13"The Misfortunes of Joseph: A view of the Nez Perce War" (pt. 1 and 2) by Edmund Morrison
14Copy of a letter to PR Information, Salmon Idaho, about historical incidents that occurred near Wallace Ranch in Panther Creek, Idaho, from F.W. Godden
15"Historical Facts about McCall" - author unknown
16Early Medicine in Idaho (parts 1 and 2) by Dr. Samuel D. Allison
17Early Medicine in Idaho (parts 3 and 4) by Dr. Samuel D. Allison
18Early Medicine in Idaho (part 5) by Dr. Samuel D. Allison
19Idaho Topography, attachments: Manuscripts and sorted according to subjects - authors unknown
20Idaho Prehistory - author unknown
21Mines and mining in Idaho - author unknown
22Rural Economy - author unknown
23Local History - author unknown
24Historical Legends - author unknown
25Historical Legends - author unknown
26Historical Legends - author unknown
27Beliefs and Customs - author unknown
28Tall Tales - miscellaneous - authors unknown
29Epitaphs - miscellaneous - authors unknown
30Folk Poetry - authors unknown
31 Local history, topography and folklore fragments - author unknown


Box 2

Folder Description
1Four short stories by J. Whitta Stinson
2Chapter of a novel on a California theme - author unknown
3"Idaho's recent progress and future possibilities" by Gwenn Johnston
4"Idaho, the Gem of the Mountains" - author unknown
5Letter to C.A. Bottolfsen, Arco, Idaho, listing North American Indian women noted in history, from the Smithsonian Institution
6History, topography, population and present management from Fort Hall Indian Reservation
7The Shoshone and Bannock Indians of the Fort Hall Reservation - author unknown
8"To all Indian Mothers and Young women on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation" an appeal to Indian women to participate in ... by F.A. Gross
9"Information regarding the Fort Hall Indian Reservation" by F.A. Gross
10A paper on the history of Fort Hall - author unknown
11Fort Hall Sun Dance by Dorothy Nichols
12Official publication of the Pocatello CCC District - Pocatello Chieftain
13Twelfth Biennial Report of the Trustees of the State Historical Society, 1929-1930
14List of names, addresses and dates or arrival of former pioneers in Pocatello who can to "No More Frontier" in 1932 - author unknown
15Extract from addresses made by George H. Smith August 20, 1915 at a celebration of the new Pocatello passenger station
16Appeal to UISB, faculty members for cooperation in improving the moral atmosphere surrounding the youth of Pocatello by Pocatello Ministerial Association
17Report on Peace Meeting at Pocatello, Idaho, Armistice Day, 1936 by Alexander W. Gross
18Local political propaganda. Leaflet undersigned "Pocatello Ripley"
19Two political speeches by Senator Atlee Pomerene, 1932
20"A letter, purporting to have been written by Jesus Christ and handed from the Hebrew language"
21Homing pigeons (with bibliographical note)
22Extract from "The Cave Culture of Arkansas" by W. M. Walker
23Copy of "Further Investigations on Evidence of Early Man in Florida" taken from Exploration and Field-Work of the Smithsonian Institution
24"An Indian Conversation in Sign Language" by G. Mallery
25Article on prehistoric sites on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, fragment of "Challis Chinook" - Sheepeater Indians
26Nine holders of Mining Claims on the bank of the Snake River. Petition of Governor W.H. Wallace, Idaho Territory concerning the abandonment of mining claims because of threat of hostile Indians.
27Certificate for George West (porter) from the Great Northern Railway, 1882
28The Idaho Education Association Legislative Bulletin, Vol. 1, No. 3, 2/20/37
29A logging contract with Eugene Allmann from Cloquet Lumber Company
30National Youth Administration, Boise, Idaho, consisting of Shoshones, Bannocks and Sheepeaters, taken in July 1886
31Letter to G.H. Curtis, secretary of State, Boise, Idaho to persons interested in Idaho Territorial ...
32"History of Idaho" - outline of a work on the history of Idaho - author unknown
33Five sketches of early settlers in Malad, Idaho - artist unknown
34"Thumb-nails of Idaho History" nine sketches of historical incidents and characters in Idaho by Glenn Balch
35References and excerpts by one and the same hand from miscellaneous publications and manuscripts concerning Idaho history - authors unknown
36"The Literary Significance of Lincoln" by Robert A. Hume - aired on KSEI Radio
37"Snakes" by Victor E. Jones - aired on KSEI Radio
38"What Forestry offers to Youth of Today" by Ralph R. Wilson - aired on KSEI Radio
39"Important Investigations into the Stratosphere" by Steven R. Meadows - aired on KSEI Radio
40"Food Poisoning" by Dorothy D. Faris - aired on KSEI Radio
41"Vocational Choices" by Walter C. Shipley - aired on KSEI Radio

Box 3

Folder Description
1"An ideal Method of Reducing a Speech to a Brief: Illustrated by a Brief of Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America" by James W. McCandless
2The Work Plan, A method of Attack for the Solution of a Problem by Analysis by William Iler Crane
3The Work Plan, A method of Attack for the Solution of a Problem by Analysis by William Iler Crane
4Service Programs of the First Congregational Church, Pocatello, for May 17, 23, 26, 1937 and May 15, 1938
5Menu of the Arcade Café, Dawson, Yukon Territory
6The Eight Ball, Vol. I, No. I, 9/1953 (first issue of the Fort Hall Indian Agency Newsletter)
7Letters to Miss Deloorez Bartlett and Mr. A.W. Bartlett, Menan, Idaho from Mrs. Ennice Bartlett
8A relation, in four parts, of the history of Shoshoni and Bannock tribes, topography treatise with the government, churches and school system and general progress
9"Charles Coulson Rich, Pioneer Builder of the West" by John Henry Evans
10"Dreamers they were, those pioneers" by John Cradlebaugh
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