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Dr. Carl W. McIntosh - Container Listing

Series 1 - ISC Related Material

Box 1

1Correspondence and related material re: Speeches given, May 1947-October 1951
2Correspondence and related material re: Speeches declined, March 1948-October 1954
3Miscellaneous correspondence, March 1955-April 1958
4Miscellaneous correspondence, October 1946-December 1947
5Miscellaneous correspondence, January-June 1948
6Miscellaneous correspondence, July-December 1948
7Miscellaneous correspondence, January-June 1949
8Miscellaneous correspondence, July-October 1949

Box 2

1Miscellaneous correspondence, January-July 1950
2Miscellaneous correspondence, July-December 1950
3Miscellaneous correspondence, January-December 1951
4Miscellaneous correspondence, July-December 1951
5Miscellaneous correspondence, January-June 1952
6Miscellaneous correspondence, July-December 1952
7Miscellaneous correspondence, January-June 1953
8Miscellaneous correspondence, July-December 1953

Box 3

1Miscellaneous correspondence, January-June 1954
2Miscellaneous correspondence, July-December 1954
3Miscellaneous correspondence, January-June 1955
4Miscellaneous correspondence, July-December 1955
5Miscellaneous correspondence, January-December 1956

Box 4

1Miscellaneous correspondence, January-December 1957
2Miscellaneous correspondence, January 1958-January 1959
3Correspondence re: Interim file, May 1959-1959
4Miscellaneous correspondence, September 1960-February 1961

Box 5

1Correspondence re: Joke letter re: Poppies 1975
2Correspondence re: WICHE Conference 1959
3ISU Speech and Drama Program for 1966-1967 Season
4Personal correspondence 1946-1947
5ISU correspondence 1966-1968
6Personal correspondence 1946
7Personal correspondence 1946-1947
8ISC correspondence 1959-1963

Box 6

1Correspondence re: High School Commencement 1947
2Correspondence re: Commencement speeches 1951
3Correspondence re: Commencement speeches 1952
4ISC Alumni Bulletin, June 1959
5Correspondence re: Speeches to be given 1952-1954
6Correspondence re: Speeches given 1948-1958
7Personal correspondence 1944-1946
8Draft of Faculty Handbook 1958
9Miscellaneous correspondence 1946-1947
10Correspondence re: Long Beach College 1959
11Correspondence re: Long Beach College 1959
12Correspondence and related material re: Commencement 1940-1946
13Personal correspondence, May-August 1959

Box 7

1Correspondence re: Commencement speeches 1948-1951
2Travel claims 1951-1952
3Travel claims 1953-1959
4Correspondence re: Commencement speeches 1953
5Correspondence re: Commencement speeches 1954
6Correspondence re: Commencement speeches 1955
7Correspondence re: Commencement speeches 1956
8Correspondence re: Commencement speech for U of I, 1956
9Correspondence re: Commencement speeches 1957
10Correspondence re: Commencement speeches 1958
11American Falls Commencement Address 1959
12Soda Springs Commencement Address 1959
13ISC Commencement Address 1959
14Eastern Montana College of Education Commencement Address 1959

Box 8

1Biographical material re: Who's who in America 1947-1960
2Correspondence re: Miscellaneous Idaho speeches 1947-1953
3Correspondence and related material re: National Commission of Accrediting, June 28-July 1, 1959
4Correspondence and related material re: Fort Lewis, Seattle trip 1954
5Personal correspondence 1947
6ISU correspondence 1964-1965

Series 2 - California State College at Long Beach Related Material

Box 9

1"Pastimes, Pursuits and Possibilities" California Recreation and Park Quarterly 1966
2"Why Should Students be Allowed to Listen?" Liberal Education, December 1965
3"Three R's" for Tonight" California Association of College and University Housing Officers, April 1966
4Correspondence and related material re: Inauguration 1960
5Correspondence re: Public Relations Fund 1961-1963
6Summary report of activities 1960-1962
7Summary report of activities 1961-1962
8McIntosh writings 1959-1967
9Correspondence and related material re: Fine Arts speech 1969
10Correspondence and related material re: NACURH Annual Conference 1969

Box 10

1Summary report of activities 1962-1963
2Summary report of activities 1963-1964
3Summary report of activities 1964-1965
4Summary report of activities 1965-1966
5Summary report of activities 1966-1967
6Summary report of activities 1967-1968
7Summary report of activities 1968-1969
8Correspondence and related material re: ISU Appreciation Dinner 1970
9Correspondence and related material re: Pacific Division of the Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association 1970
10Comments to faculty 1968
11Correspondence and related material re: Earth Day 1969
12Correspondence and related material re: Community Leaders Luncheon, 1968
13Correspondence and related material re: Commencement at Chadwick School, 1968
14Correspondence and related material re: Robert F. Kennedy Memorial, 1968
15Correspondence and related material re: "Who's in Charge Here?" article by McIntosh 1968
16Correspondence and related material re: California Association of College and University Housing Officers 1968
17 Comments to faculty 1969

Box 11

1Correspondence and related material re: Travel 1959-1960
2Correspondence and related material re: Association of Governing Board, 1962
3Correspondence and related material re: Travel 1961-1963
4Correspondence and related material re: Travel 1963-1964
5Correspondence and related material re: Travel 1965-1966
6Correspondence and related material re: Travel 1966-1968
7Correspondence and related material re: Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors meeting 1968

Box 12

1Correspondence re: Congratulation letters on LBSC Presidency 1959
2McIntosh publication, "Weeding List" 1960
3Correspondence and related material re: McIntosh Inauguration 1960
4McIntosh publication, "Dilemmas in Nursing" 1961
5McIntosh publication, "Evaluations of 2nd Community Congress" 1962
6McIntosh publication, "Orientation and Faculty Development" 1963
7CSCLB "The Forty-Niner" (5 issues) 1964
8Association of College and University Housing Officers Nineteenth Annual Conference, 1967
9College Student Personnel Institute Proceedings 1968
101969 NACURH (National Association of Colleges and University Residence Halls) Conference
11National Conference of Christians and Jews Award 1959-1966
121968 Articulation Conference meeting minutes

Box 13

1Correspondence and related material re: Rotary 1959-1968
2Personal correspondence, 1960
3Correspondence and related material re: Blue Key National Honor Fraternity 1960
4Personal correspondence September 1962-February 1963
5Correspondence and related material re: Naval Orientation Cruise 1964
6Correspondence and related material re: Memberships 1959-1965
7Correspondence and photos re: Ken Glenn sculptures 1964
8Personal correspondence 1963
9Personal correspondence 1964
10Personal correspondence 1968

Box 14

1Correspondence re: LBSC Interim 1959
2Personal correspondence 1959-1960
3Personal correspondence 1960
4Personal correspondence 1963-1964
5Personal correspondence 1965
6Personal correspondence 1965-1966
7Personal correspondence 1966-1967
8Personal correspondence 1967-1968

Box 15

1Correspondence re: Speeches declined 1959-1962
2Personal correspondence 1961
3Personal correspondence 1961-1962
4Personal correspondence 1962
5Correspondence re: Speeches declined 1966
6Correspondence re: Speeches accepted 1968
7Correspondence and related material re: Invitations declined 1968-1969

Box 16

1Correspondence and related material re: Invitations accepted 1960-1963
2Correspondence and related material re: University of Redlands 1962-1963
3Correspondence and related material re: National Association on Accrediting 1968
4Miscellaneous correspondence 1962-1966
5Correspondence and related material re: Invitations declined 1966
6Correspondence and related material re: Invitations declined 1967

Box 17

1Miscellaneous correspondence 1959-1985
2Carbons of letters sent to California State College at Long Beach 1959
3Correspondence and related material re: Invitations accepted 1965-1966
4Correspondence and related material re: Invitations accepted 1966-1969
5Correspondence re: Washington State Accreditation 1969-1970
6Personal correspondence 1970
7CSCLB Statistical Data 1949-1969
8Correspondence and related material re: Art Department 1968
9Report by the Committee on Public Education 1968
10The Organization of California State College at Long Beach 1967
11First International Tactile Sculpture Symposium 1969

Series 3 - Speeches

Box 18

1McIntosh Biographical Data - undated
2Table of Contents (untitled talks/addresses/speeches) - Volume I
3Volume I Part I 1945-1952
4Volume I Part II 1952-1954
5Table of Contents (untitled talks/addresses/speeches) - Volume II
6Volume II Part I 1955
7Table of Contents (untitled talks/addresses/speeches) - Volume III
8Volume III Part I 1958-1959
9Volume III Part II 1958-1960
10Volume III Part III 1961-1964

Box 19

1Table of Contents (untitled talks/addresses/speeches) Volume IV
2Volume IV Part I 1964-1966
3Volume IV Part II 1967-1969
4Table of Contents (untitled talks/addresses/speeches) Volume V
5Volume V Part I 1970-1971
6Volume V Part II 1972-1978

Box 20

1Campton Commencement 1964
2Words of Welcome 1964
3Comments to the Trustees for the Committee on Educational Policy 1964
4Comments to Orange Coast Faculty 1964
5A College President Talks to Freshmen 1964
6Comments to the Faculty 1964
7Pasadena City College 1964
8The Ivory Market Place 1964
9The Hurricane of Learning 1964
10Western College Placement Association 1965
11Science Teachers' Meeting 1965
12Health Career Day 1965
13Electrical Engineering Honorary (Eta Kappa Na) 1965
14Fifth Congress for Community Progress 1965
15Presentation of Distinguished Merit Citation Awards 1965
16Presentation to Board of Trustees (Restricted Enrollment) 1965
17Report to Trustees 1965
18Police and Community Selections 1965
19Only That Day Dawns. . . NWASHS 1965

Box 21

1Speech of Welcome to Trustees 1965
2Speech to Articulation Conference 1965
3Comments to Freshmen 1965
4Comments to Faculty 1965
5Comments to Freshmen 1965
6Honors Convention Dinner 1965
7How Will You Spend $250,000,000? 1965
8Sixth Congress Community Progress 1966
9Educational, Philosophy and Long-Range Planning 1966
10Comments to Faculty 1966
11Pastimes, Possibilities 1966
12Panel Members 1966
13Master of Ceremonies 1966
14Housing for Humans 1966
15Garden Grove Community Congress 1966
16Professionalism and Its Various Elements 1966
17Dedication of Victor Valley College 1966

Box 22

1A Willying Horte 1966
2Associated Student Installation and Awards Banquet 1966
3Material for honoring Presidents McPhee and Kendall 1966
4Opening Remarks 1966
5Marina High School Commencement 1966
6Faculty Wives 1966
7Respondent at Conference on Foreign Student Programs 1966
8Dinner for Senator Dolwig 1966
9The Total Educational Experience 1966
10Comments to the Faculty 1967
11Responses to Comments to the Faculty 1967
12IFC Rushes Orientation Meeting 1967
13Decision Making 1967
14Lions Club 1967
15Installation and Awards 1967
16Remarks to Independent Press Telegram Staff 1967

Box 23

1Another Sort of Glory 1967
2What's the World a Comin' To? 1967
3Comments to the Faculty 1967
4Collective Bargaining 1967
5Remarks to the Accounting Society 1967
6Pacific Coast Health Association 1968
7Comments to the Faculty 1968
8Launching the USS Lang 1968
9First Annual Congress for Community Progress 1968
10A Passing Interest 1968
11Neither Weapon Nor Hostage 1968
12The Student Challenge 1968

Box 24

1Miscellaneous Speeches 1947
2Chamber of Commerce, Lewiston 1952
3The Ivy Whistle and the Bell 1952
4Miscellaneous Outlines and Notes 1950
5Draft, Calendar Year Option for Teacher Training 1957
6An Experimental Option for Educational Students, undated
7Advice of the Red Queen, undated
8Foundation Fellows 1950
9Despite Crisis, undated
10A Look Within, undated
11Miscellaneous Outlines and Notes 1947-1950
12On Being Modern Minded, undated
13Advice of Red Queen, undated
14Senior Breakfast, undated
15On being Modern Minded, undated
16Trade and Industrial Education, undated
17The Most Dangerous Animal, undated
18Fraternities-Past, Present and Future, undated
19Things that go Boomp in the Night, undated
20Education and World Citizenship, undated
21A Prescription for Pharmacists, undated
22Strengthening the United Nations, undated
23Miscellaneous Notes 1955
24The Mock Turtle's Curriculum, undated
25Have You been Framed? undated
26Trinity College of London 1945
27Idaho Speaks 1947
28Idaho School Trustees Association 1948
29Unfinished Business 1948
30Report to the Chairman of the ISC Executive Committee 1948
31Outline for National Secretaries Association 1949
32The Look Within 1949
33The Athletic Situation 1952
34The Song of the White Knight 1952
35Remarks for Funeral Services for Emory A Owen 1952
36A Gentleman and a Scholar 1953

Box 25

1The Teacher Training Program at ISC 1953
2Teacher Training at ISC 1953
3The Trouble with People is People 1953
4Folklore at Commencement 1953
5The Hidden Answer, undated
6The Miniver Cheevy Complex 1953
7No Drums.No Bugles 1954
8American Education Week 1954
9Over My Shoulder 1954
10America Today and Tomorrow 1954
11Current Conflicts in Education 1954
12Senior Breakfast 1954
13The Waffts 1954
14Pockets of Gold 1954
15June in January 1954
16Remarks to Finance and Appropriations Committee 1955
17A World of Droodles 1955
18The Graduate Program 1955
19Reflections in a Jaundiced Eye 1955
20No Death, No Taxes 1955
21The Re-Examination of Philosophies of Higher Education 1955
22The Waffts 1955
23The State of the College 1955
24A Call to Arms 1955
25Rupert High School Dedication Speech 1956
26AAUP Speech 1956
27State Board of Education 1956
28TTKA Banquet Speech 1956
29Yesterday's Wisdom 1956
30The Leadership Role of the Parent Teacher Movement 1956
31The Education Program and the Road Ahead 1956

Box 26

1No One Will Doubt 1956
2Capitol City Kiwanis 1957
3A Talk to the Faculty 1957
4Administrative Practice at ISC 1957
5Special Reports 1957
6Institute of Government 1957
7Resignations, Terminations, Appointments and Vacancies at ISC 1957
8Interim Report of Progress to Robert E. Smylie 1957
9Your First Four Assignments 1957
10Your College 1957
11Students are People 1957
12Thistle Dew 1957
13Borah, The Statesman and Advocate of World Peace 1957
14St. Andrew's Society of the Inland Empire 1957
15Symposium on Selective Admissions to Colleges 1957
16Borah Memorial Speech 1957
17New Star for the American Wise Man 1957
18Task Force on Education 1958
19Twin Falls PTA Association 1958
20State AAUW Convention 1958
21Governor's Conference on Education Week 1958
22Speech Notes 1958
23The Seven Wonders of the Academic World 1958
24Twentieth Century Limited 1958
25I.S.P.A. Convention Speech 1958
26Idaho Municipal League 1958
27To Pocatello Teachers 1958
28Speech to Freshmen 1958
29Where do we Start and When do we Begin 1958
30Butte Education Association 1958
31Dairy Short Course 1958
32The Next Decade 1958
33Pocatello Chamber of Commerce 1959
34Dedication of the Student Union Building 1959
35Twin Falls P.T.S.A. Meeting 1959
36Consumed in Confidence 1959
37Past, Present, and Future 1959
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