Eli M. Oboler Library

Dr. Ethel Redfield - Container Listing

Series 1 - Personal and Educational

Box 1

Folder 1Ethel Redfield autobiography and vita 1951
Folder 2Personal correspondence 1924-1949
Folder 3Certificates, licenses, and report cards 1886-1951
Folder 4Miscellaneous travel publications 1917-1937
Folder 5Miscellaneous news clips/miscellaneous subjects, undated
Folder 6Retirement, doctorate and other honors 1948-1955
Folder 7Albany College song, poems and anecdotes, undated
Folder 8News clips for Republican National and State candidates/Program of Development 1922
Folder 9Miscellaneous telegrams 1929-1951
Folder 10News clips and material related to education/teaching, undated
Folder 11Material on Idaho Bankers Association Convention 1922
Folder 12Miscellaneous cards, programs, notices 1888-1956
Folder 13Photographs of Ethel Redfield and family members, undated
Folder 14News clips and material related to ISC 1941-1953
Folder 15Material on teaching, poetry, history, undated

Series 2 - Book-Related Material

Box 2

Folder 1Manuscript and material related to Dr. Ethel Redfield's book, "Reminiscences of Francis Mylon Redfield of Oregon and Idaho"
Folder 2Notes on history, undated
Folder 3Correspondence and material re: Indian troubles 1876-1877
Folder 4Correspondence and news clips re: Senator Wm. E. Borah 1920-1936
Folder 5Handwritten notes, undated
Folder 6News clips re: Lewiston, Idaho, Oregon, pioneers 1936-1948
Folder 7Miscellaneous publications re: Idaho and Oregon history 1919-1957

Series 3 - Journals/Scrapbooks

Box 3

Item 1Brown scrapbook of news clips labeled Chief Joseph, undated
Item 2Brown scrapbook of news clips labeled Albany, Ore., undated
Item 3Brown scrapbook of news clips labeled misc. poems, undated
Item 4Dark grey scrapbook of news clips on E. Redfield, undated
Item 5Small black journal of handwritten notes, undated
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