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Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection III - Container Listing

Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Box 1

1Miscellaneous correspondence, certificates, applications, and contracts of Herman Schwarz, 1909-1922
2Photocopies of miscellaneous documents concerning Fort Hall, 1843-1882
3Oxford History, 1885-1987
4Survey report from Pocatello Historical Preservation on ISU, 1994
5Informal History of ISU by Evelyn M. Craven, 1901-1989
Item 1 "U.S. Naval Ordnance Plant, Pocatello, Idaho" - Newspaper clippings in a green binder, 1947-1959


Box 2

1Account Book for farm records 1906-1924


Box 3

1Blank check drawn by the Idaho Trading Co. of Nicholia, Idaho on the Bank of Eagle Rock, 1885
2Blank Post Card from U.S. Department of the Interior and business card of N.J. Sharp of Hailey, Idaho, undated
3Brief railroad history with map, 1871-1968
4Certificate of Baptism of Benjamin Harrison Lyon, 1893
5Certificate of Citizenship issued to Charles A. Furey, 1879
6Certificate issued to William F. Kasiska by the U.S. State Department "for aid and protection" while traveling abroad, 1906
7Concert Program from the Community Concert Association, Ethel Bartlett and Rae Robertson, 1940's?
8Concert Program from the Community Concert Association, autographed by Dorothy Maynor, 1940's?
9Concert Program from the Community Concert Association, autographed by Paul Robeson, 1940's?
10Photocopies of correspondence of John Sully, 1884
11Counter Check to C.H. Furey from Harry Giese, 1882
12Coupon Book from the Phoenix Café, Pocatello Idaho, undated
13Item 1 Confederate currency - 2 and 10 dollar bill
Item 2 Document titled, "Moonlight Views", 1865
Item 3 Seal - pen and ink drawing
Item 4 Letter to the mayor of Chicago, 1871
14"Declaration of Intention to Become a Citizen of the United States" issued George West, 1890
15Diary - January 1 to December 31, 1915, author unknown
16Diploma for swimming test awarded by YMCA to Mildred Kay, 1929
17Envelope commemorating fifty years of Idaho Statehood, 1940
18Envelope with censor's stamp and British postage, 1942?
19Final Certificate of Naturalization issued to S.A. Youngren, 1880
20Christmas card from Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dworshak of Washington D.C., undated
21Itinerary of President Benjamin Harrison's journey to the Pacific coast, 1891
22Bottle label for IDAN-HA, The Natural Mineral Water Company, Soda Springs, Idaho copyright May 17, 1887
23List of freight rates of the Union Pacific Railroad, 1870
24Blank membership card of the Pocatello Chamber of Commerce, 1932
25Notice of dishonored check and letter from Hyrum Kay, 1921
26Old Fort Hall, drawing of a proposed museum and replica of 1935
27Old Union Pacific Business envelope, undated
28Original Property Deed issued to D.L. Holden, 1892
29Original Property Deed issued to D.L. Holden, 1892
30Original Property Deed issued to D.L. Holden, 1892
31Original Property Deed issued to D.L. Holden, 1892
32Original Property Deed issued to John T. McDaniels, 1892
33Original Property Deed issued to Thomas J. Matthews, 1892
34Original Property Deed issued to William J. Kasiska, 1892
35Item 1 Original Property Deeds (4) issued to M.H. Fitch, 1895
Item 2 Original Property Deed (1) issued to Leonard B. Gorham, 1895
Item 3 Original Property Deed (1) issued to John T. McDaniels, 1895
36Personal Check from H.O. Harkness, 1882
37Photograph of letter from George Washington to ? Hopkinson, 1788, typewritten notation on back: "Photo from original letter owned by Mrs. Bliss Moore, Lewiston, Idaho, November 6, 1923"
38Sticker - Pocatello, Idaho, Rail and Train Center after a drawing by Professor T.R. Neilson, undated
39Idaho Power Company Bulletin, August 1959
40Postmarked envelope commemorating the First National Air Week, 1938
41Postmarked envelope commemorating the First National Air Week, 1938
42Postmarked envelope from Mackay Community Club, 1938
43Program of Lewis and Clark Sesquicentennial Celebration at Salmon, Idaho (The Salmon River Saga), 1955
44Railroad passes issued to J.C. Boosinger and children from the Oregon Short Line and Union Pacific, 1902
45Railroad passes issued to William J. Harvey from the Oregon Short Line and the Union Pacific,1895, 1889, 1906
46Miscellaneous correspondence, certificates, biographical material of W.N. Shilling, 1886-1920
47Small binder containing Tahitian alphabet and notes, undated, author unknown
48Ticket to the First Grand Ball of the Pocatello Juvenile Band, 1891
49Photo copy of newspaper, "The Golden Age", 1863
50Union Pacific Railroad train orders, 1885-1886
51Union Pacific Railroad train orders, 1940
52Utah and Northern Monument Ceremony program, 1964
53Warranty Deed for cemetery lot issued to Edward Stein, 1893
54Miscellaneous material on the Yankee Fork Gold Dredge Project, 1987


Box 4

1Notebook - reminiscences, photograph and notes from Pete J. Albertson, 1887
2Photo copy of material in folder 1
3"Uncle Pete's Boyhood on the Frontier 1864-1896" by Pete J. Albertson
4Stock Certificate issued to Fitch Bowen, 1866
5Item 1 Personal correspondence to Frank Blackburn, 1866
Item 2 Small copy of selections from the Qur'an with news clip, undated
6Item 1 Letter to H. Farnham from William Boaler, 1854
Item 2 Letter to J. Cooper from B. Cooper, 1851
Item 3 Letter to J. Cooper from Enock Cooper, January 18,?
Item 4 Letter to A.H. from P. W. W., 1903
Item 5 Letter to A.J. Bartlett from Frank ?, 1902
Item 6 Letter to F.B. Woolman from ?, 1846
7Item 1 Letter to John Cooper from B. Cooper, 1840
Item 2 Letter to Thomas B. Woolman from F. Haines, 1841
Item 3 Letter to M. M. Meredith from W.M. Meredith, 1837
Item 4 Letter to John Cooper from Hiram McNutt, 1846
8"William Borah: A Tribute: from Congressional Record by Senator Frank Church, 1965
9"An 1864 Journey from St. Joe to Idaho" (from the diary and memoirs of George Forman) edited by William E. Davis
10"A View of Idaho History as Seen from Big Butte" by Fred W. Dykes, 1985
11"Indian Rock Writing in Idaho" by Richard P. Erwin, 1930
12Advertisement for Fisk Tire and Tubes, undated
13"Early Days of the Southern Branch" by A.C. Gough, undated
14Report on Soil Erosion near Pocatello by W.L. Hansen, 1938
15Letter to Harry D. Newman from Anna Hayes, 1959
16Letter to John E. Trimming from Forest Holdcamper, 1947
17Autobiographical material by William N. Koehler, 1972
18Certificate of Capital Stock Ownership in the Lewiston and Southeastern Electric Railway Co., Ltd. Issued to Judson Spofford, 1906


Box 5

1"Tullidge's Histories" (Volume II) Biographies - pages 68-79 by Col. James H. Martineau (First Civil Engineer in Southeastern Idaho), undated
2"Borah: Uncorrected Proofs" by Merian C. McKenna, 1961
3Some highlights in the life of Amanda Barnes Smith, undated, author unknown
4Handwritten recipes and home remedies by Hyrum Poll Oakey, undated
5Ethnographic notes on the Yakima Indians by John Osmundson, undated
6An Account of the Settlement and Development of Montpelier, Idaho Compiled by Earl F. Passey, 1936
7The life of Charles Henry Barrett by Ida Barrett Poll, 1940's?
8An historical sketch of the Trinity Episcopal Church in Pocatello, Idaho from 1889-1970 compiled by Mabel Pilchard, 1969
9An interview on the battle of Bear River by Meriette Robinson as told by Lucy Petty Turner, undated
10Migration and Memories: A History of the Purvis Family by Alice Shambaugh, 1993
11Correspondence and related material re: Senator Glen H. Taylor, 1940-1950
12Article on Specimen Hill near Challis from the Challis Messenger, 1935
13Pages 41-68 from the United Cattle and Horse Grower's Association of Idaho's brand book
14Obituary of Luther P. Wilmot from the Times, undated
15The Cottonwood Fight by Luther P. Wilmot, 1877
16The Raines Massacre, by Luther P. Wilmot, 1877
17Paper - The Nez Perce Campaign by Eugene T. Wilson, 1958
18Abstract of Title offered to U of I by Ben H. Lyon, 1957
19Financial letter book of Vito Cuoio with a copy, 1906-1922
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