Eli M. Oboler Library

Esther Yarber Collection - Container Listing

Series 1 - Correspondence

  Box 1
Folder 1Correspondence re: Yankee Mines, Inc., 1950-1958
Folder 2Correspondence from Palmer's re: Miscellaneous of Idaho Institute 1956
Folder 3Miscellaneous correspondence, 1957-1985
Folder 4Correspondence re: Land of the Yankee Fork, 1959-1978
Folder 5Correspondence to/from Allan Swallow Publishers, 1960-1966
Folder 6Correspondence re: Writings of H. Ross Beven, 1962-1963
Folder 7Correspondence re: Publishers, 1961
Folder 8Correspondence re: Land of the Yankee Fork, 1962-1968
Folder 9Personal correspondence, 1963-1987
Folder 10Correspondence re: Idaho clippings, 1965-1985
Folder 11Correspondence from Ferris Weddle, 1965-1966

  Box 2
Folder 1Miscellaneous correspondence, 1958-1975
Folder 2Correspondence from Publishers, Press 1958-1988
Folder 3Correspondence to/from Vardis Fisher, 1963
Folder 4Correspondence re: Publications, 1963-1964
Folder 5Correspondence from Jack Cubit, 1968-1970
Folder 6Correspondence re: Publications, 1978-1979
Folder 7Correspondence re: Historical Society, 1965-1968
Folder 8Correspondence re: Thank you notes, 1973-1976                     

Series 2 - Notes

  Box 3
Folder 1Notes re: Stanley dredges, Valley Creek Mine, Old Hailey Times, undated
Folder 2Notes re: Changing times, 1973
Folder 3Notes re: Eddy, Clarence E., undated
Folder 4Miscellaneous notes for articles, 1972-1973
Folder 5Notes re: Tales of yesterday, undated
Folder 6Notes re: Articles about women, 1969-1970
Folder 7Notes re: Idaho's Lake Channel, undated
Folder 8Notes re: Guide to Idaho Ghost Towns, undated
Folder 9Notes re: Writing ideas, phrases, descriptions, undated
Folder 10Notes re: Custer and Bonanza, undated
Folder 11Notes re: Borgham Gutzon and Crazy Horse Monument, 1965-1966
Folder 12Notes re: Call it Premonition, undated
Folder 13Notes re: Biography Guide to Ghost Towns, undated
Folder 14Notes re: Mountain Lakes, undated

  Box 4
Folder 1Notes re: One Women's Fortitude, undated
Folder 2Notes re: Cairo, Yankee Fork, Mining, undated
Folder 3Notes re: Idaho Territory, undated
Folder 4Notes re: Ghost towns, undated
Folder 5Notes re: Stanley Basin, undated
Folder 6Notes for trips, undated
Folder 7Notes from "Silver Messenger", undated                                    

Series 3 - Manuscripts/Writings

  Box 5
Folder 1The Benners by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 2Bleep and Bloop by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 3Camp Cat by Mary Lou Yarber, undated
Folder 4From Here to Timbuctoo by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 5Mountains of Memories by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 6People Extraordinary by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 7Rattlesnake Gulch by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 8Travels with Charley by Esther Yarber, 1966 (critique)
Folder 9River Dog by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 10Portrait of Custer by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 11There's a Forty Mile Trail A-Winding by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 12Ways of Early Day Prospectors and Miners, by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 13Where Grows the Garden by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 14Mountains of Memories (draft) by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 15Idaho and a Man Named Pierce by Esther Yarber, 1966
Folder 16Esther's last article, 1987
Folder 17Cowboy Jo by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 18Bowser's Nose by Esther Yarber, undated

  Box 6
Folder 1Echoes of Eight Decades by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 2Life in these United States by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 3Jim Hash, Old Time Packer by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 4Half Mountain Goat by 81 by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 5A Tribute to Thanksgiving by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 6George Grimes by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 7Nurses Aide by Bill Casey, undated
Folder 8Two Dixie Bells by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 9Idaho's Beaver Farming by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 10Material sent and rejected by magazines, 1958-1959                

  Box 7
Folder 1Outline for Stanley Sawtooth Country, undated
Folder 2Draft of Guide to Idaho Ghost Towns, undated
Folder 3Notes on interviews for Stanley Basin and Salmon River Country, 1973
Folder 4Hell's Canyon (short story), undated
Folder 5Robinson Bar by Esther Yarber, undated
Folder 6Recipes/cures, undated
Folder 7Material for Stanley Sawtooth Country (mostly mining), undated
Folder 8Introduction, list of illustrations, Table of Contents for Stanley Sawtooth Country, undated
Folder 9History of Teton Valley, undated
Folder 10History for Stanley Country, undated
Folder 11Historical notes on mining and wild horses, undated
Folder 12Miscellaneous poems/writings, undated

Series 4 - Miscellaneous Greeting Cards

  Box 8
Folder 11917
Folder 21920
Folder 31921
Folder 41924-1925
Folder 51926
Folder 61932-1935
Folder 71937
Folder 81939
Folder 91940
Folder 101941
Folder 111942
Folder 121943
Folder 131944
Folder 141946
Folder 151947
Folder 161948
Folder 171949
Folder 181950
Folder 191951
Folder 201952
Folder 211953
Folder 221954
Folder 231955
Folder 241956
Folder 251957
Folder 261958
Folder 271959
Folder 28undated
Folder 29undated
Folder 30undated
Folder 31undated

Series 5 - Research Files/News Clippings

  Box 9 (A-C)
Folder 1Agriculture and wildfire, 1952-1972
Folder 2Article and western story possibilities, 1970
Folder 3Americana, 1966-1967
Folder 4American Falls, Pocatello areas, City of Rocks, 1956-1978
Folder 5Annual Progress Report re: Yankee Mines, Inc., 1949
Folder 6Artifacts, 1965-1969
Folder 7Assay reports, 1959-1973
Folder 8Alaska, 1985
Folder 9American history (general), 1966-1972
Folder 10Auburn melodrama, ice caves, Nancy Clark Reynolds, 1968-1979
Folder 11Barges, 1964-1967
Folder 12Bears Tales, 1959-1970
Folder 13Because I had no shoes, 1967
Folder 14Bannock County, Idaho, 1968-1970
Folder 15Beaver Dick, 1971
Folder 16Beavers, 1963-1967
Folder 17Buzz of the Burg, 1972
Folder 18Big Foot, 1969-1972
Folder 19Donna Brick, President, American Legion, 1988-1989
Folder 20Bear Lake County, Soda Springs, 1962-1979
Folder 21Boise Basin, Idaho City, etc., 1970-1972
Folder 22Blackfoot, history, etc., 1968-1973
Folder 23Buckskin Billy, 1966-1972
Folder 24Buckskin making, 1971
Folder 25Butch Cassidy, 1970-1972
Folder 26Cairo, Illinois, miscellaneous, 1968-1970
Folder 27Cairo and Civil War, 1959-1963
Folder 28Cairo, Illinois, 1966-1971
Folder 29Cairo and some interesting stories, 1959
Folder 30Cairo, 1938-1968
Folder 31Challis, Yankee Fork, 1963-1978
Folder 32Casey Jones, 1967
Folder 33Challis Messenger, 1976
Folder 34Christmas card catalogs, 1969
Folder 35Cowboys and Idaho, Pocatello areas, 1969-1971
Folder 36Chinese, 1972
Folder 37Central Idaho, 1972-1982
Folder 38Central Idaho, 1982
Folder 39Centennial Histories, History of Eight Mile Counties, areas, etc., 1963-1966
Folder 40Current Idaho History, 1966-1967
Folder 41Cowboy songs, depression data for WWII, 1978-1980
Folder 42Circus, P.T. Barnum, 1974
Folder 43Calendars (3), 1965, 1967, 1968
Folder 44Challis Messenger, 1982-1983
Folder 45Christmas greetings, 1978-1979
Folder 46Cars, Idaho Yesterdays, 1961-1962
Folder 47Caribou, Carriboo Mountains, etc., 1971
Folder 48Craters of the Moon, 1963

  Box 10 (C-E)
Folder 1Calendars, 1979-1983
Folder 2California, 1968-1969
Folder 3California maps, 1958-1967
Folder 4California maps, 1960-1968
Folder 5California history and ghost towns, 1968-1969
Folder 6California (miscellaneous), 1969
Folder 7California (miscellaneous), 1973-1974
Folder 8California (miscellaneous) 1972-1973
Folder 9California gold data, 1970-1971
Folder 10Changing times, 1974-1979
Folder 11Cairo, Illinois, Delta Queen, 1929-1972
Folder 12Camping, 1968-1971
Folder 13Canada (guide), 1967
Folder 14Catalogs, undated
Folder 15Centennial, 1963-1965
Folder 16Columns: The way it Is and Buzz of the Burg, 1973-1982
Folder 17Columnists: Dan Valentine, Hal Bagle, Richard Lake, 1965-1972    
Folder 18Conservation (wildlife), 1973-1974
Folder 19Custer, George Armstrong, 1967-1968
Folder 20Custer (general), 1966
Folder 21Decades, 1959-1968
Folder 22Dave Wood's column, 1981-1982
Folder 23Dear Abby's specials, 1956-1986
Folder 24Department of Education (memo), 1980
Folder 25Desert descriptions, jack rabbits, 1968-1978
Folder 26Devils Reggins area, 1969
Folder 27Diamond Field Jack, 1969-1971
Folder 28Divine, Robin (writings), 1981
Folder 29Drafts (research material), 1938-1957
Folder 30Do something with (ideas)
Folder 31Don Bressett's campfire tales, 1976-1978
Folder 32Eagle report data (Ferris Weddle), 1973-1974
Folder 33Earthquakes and Tornados, 1965-1979
Folder 34Eastern States maps, 1964-1970
Folder 35Emergency Fund Program, England as Foreign Relations, 1989
Folder 36English Grammar Language, 1969-1979
Folder 37English composition and Grammar for High School, undated
Folder 38Ernie's travel topics, 1968-1971
Folder 39Extra notes, 1970

  Box 11 (F-H)
Folder 1Fair field, 1970
Folder 2Farm wife, undated
Folder 3Folk medicine (herbs, wild), 1957-1971
Folder 4Folk medicine, folklore, 1968-1974
Folder 5Forest fires, 1970-1972
Folder 6Forest fire data, 1967-1968
Folder 7Forest service personnel, 1968-1970
Folder 8Forest service data, 1961-1967
Folder 9Fort Hall Mine, 1963
Folder 10Frank Church data, 1971-1978
Folder 11Friends, 1966
Folder 12Frontier Times, 1956, 1967, 1968
Folder 13Frontier Times, True West, 1965-1979
Folder 14Geology, Archaeology, Indian writings, 1969
Folder 15Georgetown, 1991
Folder 16Ghost towns, treasure, Deco Trefoil, placer-mining, 1941-1979     
Folder 17Go Home Tourists-Too many people, 1969-1973
Folder 18Gold Rush, 1966-1981
Folder 19Gold Trails, 1958-1962
Folder 20Good country descriptions, 1966
Folder 21Good old days, old songs and poems, 1974-1978
Folder 22Good ideas, undated
Folder 23Grammar and language, 1977-1979
Folder 24Guides, maps, 1957-1973
Folder 25Hailey Times (centennial days), 1965
Folder 26Hailey, Ketchum, Woodriver, 1970-1982
Folder 27Hall, Hathaway, Lucille, undated
Folder 28Health (alternative), 1981
Folder 29Heloise, 1990
Folder 30Heloise (specials), 1986-1987
Folder 31Hermits, 1970-1971
Folder 32High Country (magazine), 1979-1980
Folder 33High Country (magazine), 1978-1981
Folder 34High country, 1978-1981
Folder 35High state taxes, 1962-1965
Folder 36Hints and self helps, 1981
Folder 37History, Groveville, Clearwater, Teton Basin, 1963-1968
Folder 38Historical (miscellaneous), 1958-1971
Folder 39Hobbies, undated
Folder 40Hunting, fishing, 1964-1973
Folder 41Humor, 1964

  Box 12 (I)
Folder 1Idaho (miscellaneous), 1973-1983
Folder 2Idaho maps, guides, undated
Folder 3Idaho maps, data, 1975
Folder 4Idaho county history, 1968-1968
Folder 5County histories, 1962-1966
Folder 6Idaho (miscellaneous), 1961-1966
Folder 7Idaho County map, 1864-1919
Folder 8Idaho relation facts, Craters of the Moon, 1966-1968
Folder 9Idaho early history (Idaho Statesmen), 1954-1970
Folder 10Idaho facts, 1954-1970
Folder 11Idaho ghost towns, lost mines, 1963-1968
Folder 12Idaho historical facts, 60 years ago column, 1963-1965
Folder 13Idaho Historical Society, 1970-1971
Folder 14Idaho mining, 1955-1971
Folder 15Idaho mining, 1965-1968
Folder 16Idaho (miscellaneous), Idaho State Journal, 1960-1969
Folder 17Idaho (miscellaneous), Idaho State Journal, 1963-1965
Folder 18Idaho State Journal, editors and staff, 1973-1978
Folder 19Idaho State maps, 1956-1968
Folder 20Idaho County, 1965-1970
Folder 21Idaho story data, 1964-1973
Folder 22Idaho Yesterdays, 1970-1980
Folder 23Ideas to promote book, 1966-1967
Folder 24Idaho: Thunder Mountain, Stibnite, Yellow Pine, Riggins, 1970-1973
Folder 25Idaho in retrospect, 1963-1968
Folder 26Idaho wilderness, 1973-1976
Folder 27Idaho (miscellaneous), 1973-1974
Folder 28Incredible Idaho, 1964-1977
Folder 29Idaho State Journal, 1980-1982
Folder 30Intermountain Observer, President Kennedy death, 1963-1970
Folder 31Items for scrapbook, undated
Folder 32Idaho history, 1963-1971

  Box 13 (J-M)
Folder 1Jackson Hole, 1970
Folder 2Jackson Hole, county history, 1962-1971
Folder 3Jackson Hole, Salt Lake, Yellowstone, 1967
Folder 4Jackson Hole, Grand Teton National Park, 1959-1970
Folder 5Johns/outhouses of yesterday, chick sales book, undated
Folder 6Ketchum, Idaho, 1967-1976
Folder 7Lassen, California, Volcanic Park, undated
Folder 8Lassen, California, National Forest, 1963-1968
Folder 9Leesburg, Gibbonsville, Yellow Jacket, Salmon, Shoup, Lemhi, 1968-1968
Folder 10Lizzie King, 1968
Folder 11Lost Mines, 1956-1979
Folder 12Lost River, Birch Creek site, 1962-1971
Folder 13Lumber and logging, 1969-1971
Folder 14True Treasure (magazine), 1966 and 1968
Folder 15Maps/topographies, 1966-1974
Folder 16Maps and trip guides, 1966-1974
Folder 17Maps/guides, 1963-1968
Folder 18Maps and travel information, undated
Folder 19Maps of Idaho areas, undated
Folder 20Writer's Digest (magazine), 1980
Folder 21Maps/guides, undated
Folder 22Maps, 1965-1971
Folder 23Marsh Valley, 1925-1939
Folder 24Massacre Rocks, 1970
Folder 25Market and newspaper addresses, undated
Folder 26Material for assay reports, 1966-1971
Folder 27Medicine, doctors, 1978
Folder 28Medicine, doctors, 1958-1968
Folder 29Memories, 1968-1981
Folder 30Memories of a farmer, 1978
Folder 31Memories of a farmer, 1976
Folder 32Men vs. women, 1958-1970
Folder 33Mining and prospects data, 1956-1963
Folder 34Mining and prospecting in general, 1944-1973
Folder 35Modoc/monuments, 1967
Folder 36Mohawk Motor Inns (promotional material), undated
Folder 37Money, credit, stocks and bonds data, 1967-1968
Folder 38Montana data, 1961-1967
Folder 39Motels, maps, 1966-1968
Folder 40Mountain transitions, 1988-1989
Folder 41The mule, 1971

  Box 14 - Miscellaneous
Folder 1Miscellaneous, 1951-1957
Folder 2Miscellaneous, 1956-1972
Folder 3Miscellaneous, 1958-1963
Folder 4Miscellaneous, 1960-1979
Folder 5Miscellaneous, 1963-1971
Folder 6Miscellaneous, 1965-1971
Folder 7Miscellaneous, 1967-1980
Folder 8Miscellaneous things to discuss, 1968-1971
Folder 9Miscellaneous, 1969-1980
Folder 10Miscellaneous, 1971-1972
Folder 11Miscellaneous, 1971-1974
Folder 12Miscellaneous, 1974
Folder 13Miscellaneous, 1975
Folder 14Miscellaneous, 1979
Folder 15Miscellaneous, 1979-1982
Folder 16Miscellaneous, 1980-1982
Folder 17Miscellaneous, 1981-1982
Folder 18Miscellaneous, 1986
Folder 19Miscellaneous museum, 1967-1970
Folder 20Miscellaneous material for history articles and books, undated           

  Box 15 (N-O)
Folder 1Names, 1971-1980
Folder 2Names and things, 1965-1968
Folder 3Names and things, 1979
Folder 4Names (unusual), 1974-1980
Folder 5National Forest guides (vacation and camping), undated
Folder 6Nature (weather, agriculture, books, etc.), 1974
Folder 7Negro data, undated
Folder 8Nevada, Washington, Utah travel guides, undated
Folder 9Newsletter: Mountain Light, 1973-1974
Folder 10New Orleans, undated
Folder 11Newspapers (authors, librarians, books), 1966-1973
Folder 12Newspapers (different), 1983
Folder 13Newspaper (Idaho State Journal) women's content, 1978
Folder 14Newspaper (High Country) central Idaho monthly, 1980-1981
Folder 15Newspaper (Power County Press) article by Esther Yarber, 1972-1977
Folder 16Newspaper (Sawtooth Mountain Star) articles by Esther Yarber, 1971-1974
Folder 17Newspapers (unclipped), 1963
Folder 18Notables for letters, undated
Folder 19Odds and ends, undated
Folder 20Odds and ends (miscellaneous), undated
Folder 21Old and the new, undated
Folder 22Old Hiwatha Motel data (Hailey, Idaho) 1968
Folder 23Old Timers, 1958-1979
Folder 24Old times, 1972
Folder 25Old Fort Hall trapper lore, 1952-1979
Folder 26Old West (museums, homesteading treasures), 1967-1979
Folder 27Old West (travel topics, Fort Hall, miscellaneous) 1968-1979
Folder 28Old West (miscellaneous), 1957-1959
Folder 29Old Bodie, California, Nevada City, Rough and Ready, 1969-1971
Folder 30Old Fish and Game maps, 1958-1969
Folder 31Outdoorsman, 1970-1985
Folder 32Oregon data, maps, 1964-1967
Folder 33Oregon Trail, Idaho history, Fort Hall, 1966-1972
Folder 34Oregon Trail data, 1959-1972
Folder 35Outlook (George Nevoll's) S.E. Idaho, 1971-1972
Folder 36Owyhee County stories, 1971

  Box 16 (P-R)
Folder 1Pamphlets (prosperity, swallow, wildfire), 1972-1973
Folder 2Peg Leg Smith, 1969-1982
Folder 3Personal, 1970-1974
Folder 4Personal events related to family, work, etc., 1970
Folder 5Pictures for Sawtooth Country, undated
Folder 6Pictures (unidentified), undated
Folder 7Pictures (miscellaneous), undated
Folder 8Pioneer Village, 1963-1969
Folder 9Pocatello (miscellaneous), 1987-1988
Folder 10Pocatello city officials, 1965-1966
Folder 11Pocatello history, railroads, American Falls, 1963-1975
Folder 12Pocatello related data, Pebble Creek, 1971
Folder 13Politics, 1974
Folder 14Pollution, 1970-1971
Folder 15Post (Christmas topics), 1957-1980
Folder 16Press women data, 1979
Folder 17Prices, mining, Idaho County, 1959-1970
Folder 18Prospectors data, undated
Folder 19Publicity literature, good references for articles, undated
Folder 20Publicity literature, undated
Folder 21Rattlesnakes and snakes, 1965-1971
Folder 22Real West, True West, 1968-1969
Folder 23Reference: Sagebrush remedy article, 1972
Folder 24Research sources, 1968-1971
Folder 25Reference series, 1964-1968
Folder 26Recreation, 1965-1966
Folder 27The re-examination of Philosophies of Higher Education, 1959-1990
Folder 28Religion, 1972-1973
Folder 29Rivers, Mississippi and Ohio, Ozarks, Cairo, Illinois, Religion, 1966-1973
Folder 30Road Atlas, maps, guides, undated
Folder 31Road signs and other data, 1969-1971
Folder 32Rocks and minerals, rock data, 1967-1973
Folder 33Ruralite (publication), 1982
Folder 34Ruralite (publication), 1977-1984

  Box 17 (S)
Folder 1Sagebrush and jackrabbits, 1971-1973
Folder 2Sage books, promotional material, 1963
Folder 3Scenic Idaho, vacation maps, 1956-1976
Folder 4Sawtooth, 1972-1974
Folder 5Sawtooth Mountain region, undated
Folder 6Sawtooth Chapel article and picture, 1978
Folder 7Sawtooth Mountain Star (newspaper), 1970-1975
Folder 8Sawtooth Mountain Star (newspaper), 1972-1973
Folder 9Scheelite, Oregon, 1955
Folder 10Sheepherders, Basque, 1960-1977
Folder 11Shopping News (newspaper), 1972
Folder 12Shoshone-Bannock, 1972-1973
Folder 13Self-helps, undated
Folder 14Silver City, Idaho Centennial Celebration, 1963-1972
Folder 15Silver reports, Wallace, Kellogg, Burk City, 1964-1972
Folder 16Snake River, 1956-1976
Folder 17Snowshoe, mail, dog sled data, 1959-1969
Folder 18Sort of life style, old times, 1990
Folder 19Special people, 1972-1973
Folder 20Special items, 1983-1986
Folder 21St. Louis, Missouri and Mississippi River, 1966-1970
Folder 22Stagecoach drivers and coach, 1969
Folder 23Stanley, Boise, Salmon River, 1963-1971
Folder 24Stanley, Sawtooth schools, old and new data, 1975-1979
Folder 25Starlings, 1973-1979
Folder 26State Library data and Forest Service, Press Women Club, 1978   
Folder 27Steen, Charles, 1966-1970
Folder 28Steinbeck, John and E. Hemingway, 1966-1967
Folder 29Stites, Ernie, trip to Alaska, 1967-1968
Folder 30Stories from Western magazine, undated
Folder 31Stories, samples, 1965-1969
Folder 32Strike back at stroke (publication), 1958
Folder 33Styles, 1972
Folder 34Sun Valley, 1969-1972
Folder 35Super natural, 1969-1970

  Box 18 (T-V)
Folder 1Tales of the west, 1957-1958
Folder 2Travel article, 1957-1958
Folder 3Travel, 1963-1973
Folder 4Travel brochures, 1963-1974
Folder 5Treasure of hunting and metal detection, 1968-1972
Folder 6Trips and interesting places to go, 1971
Folder 7Tombstone, epitaphs, 1969-1978
Folder 8Tour books, maps, guides, different places, 1968-1982
Folder 9True west, frontier times, old west, undated
Folder 10True West, Real West (magazines), 1960-1970
Folder 11"20, 45. 60 years ago", 1959-1967
Folder 12"20, 45. 60 years ago", 1963-1974
Folder 13Uranium, 1959
Folder 14U.S. ghost town data, 1968-1970
Folder 15USA travel guides, 1963-1966
Folder 16Useful data for books, 1964-1973
Folder 17Utah and Salt Lake City, 1976
Folder 18Vardis Fisher, 1963-1972
Folder 19Viet Nam data since 1966

  Box 19 (W-Y)
Folder 1Washing old ways, 1978
Folder 2Water, water witching, 1928-1978
Folder 3Weather, 1967-1968
Folder 4Weather a time, 1972-1973
Folder 5West (magazine), 1965-1969
Folder 6West (general), 1971-1974
Folder 7West, frontier, statesmen, 1964-1977
Folder 8Western hospitality, 1952-1976
Folder 9The western saga, 1971-1974
Folder 10Western stories (old west), 1967-1970
Folder 11West ways, 1977-1978
Folder 12White Clouds, 1969-1970
Folder 13White Knob mine, 1971-1978
Folder 14Wild horse data, 1968-1977
Folder 15Wild life, hunting and fishing, 1958-1965
Folder 16Wild life, hunting and animal facts, 1965-1974
Folder 17Wilderness pictures and articles, 1968-1973
Folder 18Wilderness areas, 1963-1978
Folder 19Wilderness Society (Idaho), 1964-1968
Folder 20Witty quotes, 1968-1971
Folder 21Women Veterans reports, 1989-1993
Folder 22Writer's Digest (magazine), 1978-1980
Folder 23Writer's Digest (magazine), 1974-1980
Folder 24Writer's Digest (magazine articles) how to do, undated
Folder 25Wyoming travel guides, undated
Folder 26Yankee Fork material, undated
Folder 27Yankee Fork Gold Dredge Association Certificate, 1994
Folder 28Yankee Fork Inc. shift reports, 1950-1954                                  

  Box 20
  This box contains miscellaneous loose newspaper/magazines in a very degraded condition 1958-1972

  Box 21
  This box contains miscellaneous loose newspaper/magazines in a very degraded condition 1963-1977

Series 6 - Scrapbooks/Diaries

  Box 22
Item 1Green Scrapbook, 1993-1991
Item 2Red Scrapbook labeled L' Historic Bingham Salon # 155 8/40, 1930-1949
Item 3Green Binder (Diary) labeled Day Logg, 1965-1990

Series 7 - Financial Records

  Box 23
Folder 1Pages of a ledger labeled Yankee Fork, undated
Folder 2Sales slips, 1976-1977
Folder 3Checks, invoices for books, 1977-1979
Folder 4Promotional material for books, undated
Folder 5Publishers press, paid bills, 1975-1978
Folder 6Bills and files on Stanley Sawtooth County, 1970-1971
Folder 7Orders and data on Stanley Sawtooth County, 1975-1977
Folder 8Invoices and related material for Land of the Yankee Fork, 1970-1975
Folder 9Invoices/purchase order, 1977-1990
Folder 10Purchase orders/vendors, 1967-1980
Folder 11Book orders, 1984-1991
Folder 12Book sales, 1972-1976
Folder 13Book sales, 1990-1991
Folder 14Black and white receipt book and related material, 1924-1939
Folder 15Green ledger for Land of Yankee Fork, undated
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