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The Songs of Idaho and Its Schools Collection

Scope and Content

The Songs of Idaho and Its Schools Collection is an artificial grouping of material from many sources.

This is a small collection consisting of 13 folders. Each folder contains at least one copy of a different song by one author, except for one, twelve, and thirteen which contain songs written by more than one person.

Box Inventory list

  Series 1 Songs
  Box 1  
  Folder 1 Alma Mater by Arthur R. Cullen, Barbara Kelly, Mildred Chandler, and R.C. Mayer, December 2, 1942
  Folder 2 Hail to Thee, Idaho by Clarence E. Eddy, music by John J. McClellan
  Folder 3 Old Glory Here We Come by H.W. Flack
  Folder 4 In the Hills of Idaho, 1942
  Folder 5 Oh Idaho you Sunny Fascination! By Jane Redfield Hoover, music by Jessie Merrill Tukey
  Folder 6 Song Book - Idaho Technical Institute compiled by T. R. Neilson
  Folder 7 Alma Mater (Idaho Mother of Mine) by David Nyvall Jr. (3 copies) September 21, 1925, (University of Idaho songs)
  Folder 8 Idaho by Gaylord Sanford, May 20, 1925
  Folder 9 Fight Song (Growl, Bengals, Growl) by R. Del Slaughter, March 1971
  Folder 10 Idaho by H.C. Thompson, 1918
  Folder 11 Item 1     We Sing of Idaho by Merrill D. Tonning, 1961
Item 2     Letter to Rudolph Goranson, October 28, 1961
  Folder 12 Celebrate-A Selection of Idaho Centennial Songs by Various Artists
  Folder 13 Idaho State College Victory Songs by Various Artists
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