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History of Bannock County 1893-1993
Container Listing

Series I - Printers Proof Sheets

Box 1

1Promotional material for Bannock County History Book (1992)
2Picture "The Watcher" by Lori Scoffield (copy)
3Maps - Bannock County, end sheets, Vol. II
4Material on Arimo
5Arimo Then and Now
6Arimo Public School
7Arimo Mayors and Old Time Ads
8Arimo-Frazier, James and Ida Jane Wool
10Arimo-Cutoff-Cattle Drive
11Arimo-Prohibition, Plagues and Epidemics
12Arimo- Armstrong, Howard Leroy
13Arimo-Burnett, David
14Arimo-Coffin, Nathan Samuel
15Arimo-Cohn, Max
16Arimo-Cohn, Meyers and Sarah Grumpert
17Arimo-Cole, Joseph Royal
18Arimo-Evans, Albert and Harriet Lucinda Curtis
19Arimo-Evans, Alexander Jenkins and Ione Olsen Evans
20Arimo-Evans, John Morgan
21Arimo-Hatch, Simmons Franklin
22Arimo-Henderson, James Thomas
24Arimo-Jensen, Jargen Swensen and Annie Kristine Jensen
25Arimo-Jemmett, Henry and Ruby
26Arimo-Johnson, Heber Francis and Edna Caroline Shepard
27Arimo-Kent, Sidney W. and Gloria Smith Kent
28Arimo-Kent, Sidney W. Sr. and Mabel Margaret Neilsen Kent
29Arimo-Lowry, Arland Brown and Bertha Ada Capell
30Arimo-LaVatta, Thomas Samuel
31Arimo-McAffee, Mac and Garnet-chicken ranch
32Arimo-McCormick, Charles and Sallie
33Arimo-Mair, Joseph Lorenzo and Annie
34Arimo-Morrison, Orem B. and Olive Kent Morrison
35Arimo-Nelson, Harry and Rebecca Henderson
36Arimo-Nelson, James C. and Mary Ann Larsen
37Arimo-Primm, James Arby and Belva Bird
38Arimo-Reisner, Henry O. and Ida Wiese
39Arimo-Smith, Clinton and Allie Hancock and Priscilla Davies
40Arimo-Smith, Joseph Owen and Elle Ellis
41Arimo-Tippets, Nelson and Merle Coffin
42Arimo-Tippets, James H. and Estella Dustin and Joseph and Josephine Henderson
43Bancroft-Christian and Annie E. Ruger Call
44Bancroft-The Adrian Roger Dugout
45Bancroft-Anna Henrietta Hogan
46Bancroft-Nels Jens Hogan
47Buckskin-School History
48Cambridge-Dewey, Eunice and William Alfred Dewey
49Cambridge-Hancock, Charles Brent and Samantha R. Rawson
50Cambridge-Hancock, Charles Brent and Louisa Almeda Shirtliff
51Cambridge-Hancock, George Arthur and Florance May Bennet
52Chesterfield-Rowe, Paul and Ilene
53Downey-Hancock, Charles Brott
54Gem/Mound/Gentile Valley-Ephriam and Matilda Bennett and Thomas and Ann Lacey Bennett
55Gem Valley-Ellen Victoria Clark Hale
56Gem Valley-Henry and Mary Perry
57Gem Valley-Crossing the Bear River
58Grace-Gibson, Harvey and Lucy
59Grace-Phyllis Johnson Family
60Grace-Rich, Landon Lorenzo
61Grace-Rich, Landon and Mary Florence
62Grace-Last Chance Canal
63Hawkins Basin
64Hawkins Basin-Gunter, Zeb Vance
65Hawkins Basin-Neilsen, Lauritz (Lars) and Olive M. Jensen
66Henry-Chester County Store
67Marsh Valley-William Thompson Family
68McCammon-Dell Brower Family
69Robbers Roost Canyon History
70Oxford-Ernest/Gilmore Families

Box 2

1Oxford-Hatch, Walter
2Garden Creek or Robin-School History
3Garden Creek or Robin-Armstrongs Brief History
4Garden Creek or Robin-Blanchard, Eli Davis
5Garden Creek or Robin-Blanchard, Hazel Wheeler
6Garden Creek or Robin-Blanchard, Howard Wheeler and Mary Dewey
7Garden Creek or Robin-Blanchard, Merlin and Julia
8Garden Creek or Robin-Blanchard, Madge Ballard, Lamar Wheeler, Arthur Wheeler, Lorna and Virginia
9Garden Creek or Robin-Burton, William Parrish
10Garden Creek or Robin-Burton, Barbra, A. Wheeler
11Garden Creek or Robin-Burton, Eleanor Sarah Cotterell
12Garden Creek or Robin-Burton, James William
13Garden Creek or Robin-Capell, Joseph Edward and Mary Ann Romriell
14Garden Creek or Robin-Christensen Homestead
15Garden Creek or Robin-Crump, Hyrum and Elizabeth Ann Taylor
16Garden Creek or Robin-Evans, Dean and Camilla
17Garden Creek or Robin-Humphrey, Francis Lee and Jake
18Garden Creek or Robin-Humphrey, Norma Lee
19Garden Creek or Robin-John Ching and Gwenllian Marley
20Garden Creek or Robin-John and Mary Emaline Hawkins
21Garden Creek or Robin-Marley, Eleanor Elizabeth Burton, Sterland Mortensen
22Garden Creek or Robin-Marley, Helen Mar Cutter
23Garden Creek or Robin-Preslar, Leslie Wilson and Zoa Curtis
24Garden Creek or Robin-Romriell, Charles, Abram and Mary Marley
25Garden Creek or Robin-Toler, Maurice and Helen Gunter
26Garden Creek or Robin-Wheeler, Josiah Stephen
27Garden Creek or Robin-Wolverton,T.E.
28Virginia-Bennett, Thomas and Maria Driggs
29Virginia-Denney, Edward and Julia Ann
30Virginia-Denney, Edward and Julia Ann England
31Pocatello-Aikele, Elaine Hyde Thomas
32Pocatello-Aldous, Robert Frederick and Madtilda
33Pocatello-Alley, Thomas R.
34Pocatello-Almond, Oscar and Tina
35Pocatello-The Anthes Family History
36Pocatello-Alvord, Jack and Laura
37Pocatello-Anthony, Leon and Joyce
38Pocatello-Armstrong, Dudley P. and Ada
39Pocatello-Jack Armstrong
40Pocatello-Armstrong, Roma Crump
41Pocatello-Armstrong, William (Bill) and Phyllis
42Pocatello-Ashley, Arthur James and Inez Lenora
43Pocatello-Lafayette, Francis Ball
44Pocatello-Ball, Laura and Wilson
45Pocatello-Ballschweiler, Claude and Veneta
46Pocatello-Bailey, George Albert, Sr.
47Pocatello-Bill and Beth Barlow
48Pocatello-Lester and Ella Barratt
49Pocatello-Reese and Anna Barrett
50Pocatello-Judge O.R. Baum
51Pocatello-George and Eurene Boyes
52Pocatello-Bean, Dr. G. H.
53Pocatello-Bell, Charles Morris, Jr.
54Pocatello-Earl and Sarah Bell
55Pocatello-James H. and Sylvia Bell Davidson
56Pocatello-Keith and Eva Bell
57Pocatello-Laura B. Berg
58Pocatello-Bistline, Joseph B./Bistlines Idaho Lumber and Hardware Co.
59Pocatello-Thelda and Marcellus Bills
60Pocatello-Ann Wilson Bird
61Pocatello- Manwaring Eugene Bird
62Pocatello-Blackham, William Richard and Lorraine
63Pocatello-The Bowers/Rossiter Clan/Pocatello House Hotel
64Pocatello-Harris Johnson Bowman
65Pocatello-Brangham, George
66Pocatello-Joseph Andrus and Ellen Eliza
67Pocatello-Briscoe, Wilford and Elna
68Pocatello-Bistline, R.B. (Dube)
69Pocatello-Orson and Donna Broadbent
70Pocatello-Elbert Ariah Brower Family
71Pocatello-Edmond and Ella Brown and Jesse Duncan
72Pocatello-Calvin and Gayle Buhler
73Pocatello-The Butcher Family
74Pocatello-Cano, Paul and Diane
75Pocatello-Carlsen, Grace L. Robinson
76Pocatello-Carlson, John and Esther, John and Ruth Marie
77Pocatello-Chandler, Thomas and Mary
78Pocatello-Ferdinand and Elsie Christensen
79Pocatello-Marvin and Ruth Christensen
80Pocatello-Christensen, S. Rex and Shirley
81Pocatello-David and Sarah Clark
82Pocatello-Clark, Lavern and Cynthia Bigler
83Pocatello-Robert and Ethel Clark
84Pocatello-Coffin, Jesse Cooper
85Pocatello-Roy F. and Rita Cooper
86Pocatello-Donn and Linda Cooper
87Pocatello-The Nelson Cousins Family
88Pocatello-Crowley, Richard Elmer and Abdrea Leona
89Pocatello-William and Gertrude Crowshaw
90Pocatello-Lynn and Phyllis Croxall

Box 3

1Pocatello-Vito Cuoio
2Pocatello-Cuoio, Fred/Fred's Photography
3Pocatello-Robert and Cora Curzon
4Pocatello-Cyrus David Combs and Margie B. Combs
5Pocatello-Dabling, George and Ada
6Pocatello-Daniels, Thomas and Sarah
7Pocatello-Eskil L. Davidson and Mary Newton Davidson
8Pocatello-Charles and Nelvina Davies
9Pocatello-Charles and Susan Davies
10Pocatello-Eddie and Ludene Davis
11Pocatello-George Jefferson Davis and Jesse
12Pocatello-John K. and Fay Davis
13Pocatello-Lavell Morrison Davis and Family
14Pocatello-Davis, Lavonne Reddish
15Pocatello-Downing, Jay Lionel
16Pocatello-Jay and Marie Downing
17Pocatello-Draper, James and Geneva
18Pocatello-Harold and Eleda Dressen
19Pocatello-Patsy Smith Benning and Family
20Pocatello-Dye, Robert Ernest and Mary Irene
21Pocatello-Dykes, Mr. and Mrs. Fred
22Pocatello-Fred and Peggy Dykes
23Pocatello-Larry EchoHawk
24Pocatello-Edgley, Farris and Geraldine
25Pocatello-Edgley, Howard and Shirley
26Pocatello-Leo Herbert Edgley
27Pocatello-Joseph and Mary Edgley
28Pocatello-Ora Edmo
29Pocatello-James and Zina Egan
30Pocatello-Ellis, Verla June Walker
31Pocatello-William Everett Ells and Laverna J. Ells
32Pocatello-Empey, Burton Alfred/Deputy Sheriff
33Pocatello-Charles Reese Evans and Sarah
34Pocatello-Jonah and Sarah Ella Evans
35Pocatello-Evans, John Paul Jr.
36Pocatello-Evans, Lorenzo and Anna
37Pocatello-George and Melba Facer
38Pocatello-Fairchild, Christi, Milton and Lorraine
39Pocatello-Farnes, Wallace and Hazel (The Kellogg Man)
40Pocatello-Ferguson, Linda Lee
41Pocatello-Fichter, Edson and Ardith
42Pocatello-Fowler, Thomas R. and Laree
43Pocatello-Dean and Lue Retta Frew
44Pocatello-Leo and Edna Frew
45Pocatello-Fullmer, Kenneth and Melva
46Pocatello-John Garvin
47Pocatello-Dorothy and Merrill Gee
48Pocatello-William and Mary Gee
49Pocatello-George Tilton Hyde
50Pocatello-Larry Ghan and Carol Dillon
51Pocatello-Cyril and Ellen Ghan
52Pocatello-Gianchetta, Caterina and Joseph
53Pocatello-William "Hoot" Gibson Family (Sign Painter)
54Pocatello-Goddard, Mickey and Pinky
55Pocatello-Gomez, John and Eyonne
56Pocatello-Conway and Phyllis Grant
57Pocatello-Gray, Andrew and Frances
58Pocatello-Gray, Clark Parker
59Pocatello-Gray, Francis Charity
60Pocatello-Gray, Gladys
61Pocatello-Gray, Leo Samuel
62Pocatello-Green, Jessie and Minnie
63Pocatello-Paul Lauritz Gregerson
64Pocatello-Gene and Genevive Gregg Family History
65Pocatello-Gerymon, J.M. Family
66Pocatello-Guyon, Robert and Kristen
67Pocatello-Betty and Delos Hale
68Pocatello-Hale, Mathol
69Pocatello-Robert Franklin Hale Family
70Pocatello-Victor Thomas Hale Family
71Pocatello-Hallstrom, La Dean
72Pocatello-Hanks, Clair and Joyce
73Pocatello-Hansen, Antone V. and Stella Butler
74Pocatello-Mulin Soren and Jovell Whiting Hansen
75Pocatello-Heber and Amy Hansen
76Pocatello-Terry and Mary Hansen
77Pocatello-Judge Hargroves
78Pocatello-George and Dorothy Hargraves
79Pocatello-Harper, Tom and Zina and Cecil
80Pocatello-Edwin and Ellen Harrison
81Pocatello-Harrison, Lew S. and Larraine
82Pocatello-Dr. Parry W. and Lenore
83Pocatello-Hauck, Beverly Merideth
84Pocatello-Havin, Elmer and Treva
85Pocatello-Hawkes, Amy Luella Johnson
86Pocatello-Hawkes, Joseph Charles
87Pocatello-Hawkes, Joseph William
88Pocatello-Ben and Jane Stott Hayden
89Pocatello-John Hayden and Dora
90Pocatello-Robert Hayes

Box 4

1Pocatello-Andrew Holland Family
2Pocatello-Hendricks, Milo Andrus
3Pocatello-Ramond and Elaine Henscheid
4Pocatello-Lester Higgins
5Pocatello-Bill Hill/Gem State Auto Co.
6Pocatello-Sandra Ingram Hill
7Pocatello-Bud and Ruth Hinckley
8Pocatello-Hobson, Bruce Wid and Pauline Hobson
9Pocatello-Dean and Nancy Hock
10Pocatello-William (Mel) Hodgson and Bessie Jackson Hodgson
11Pocatello-Ray Hough/Pocatello Mattress Factory
12Pocatello-Morris and Sara Howell
13Pocatello-James and Irene Hull
14Pocatello-Jay and Mona Hunter
15Pocatello-John Hunter
16Pocatello-Hyde, William A./Politician
17Pocatello-Don Ingersal
18Pocatello-Doris and Thomas Jacks
19Pocatello-Sam and Zola Jacobs
20Pocatello-Jenks, Mary Craig
21Pocatello-Jenks, Wallace and Anna
22Pocatello-Golden and Myrtle Jensen
23Pocatello-Jensen, Jay Golden and Mary Donna
24Pocatello-Melville and Ora Jensen
25Pocatello-Jensen, Peter H. and Alice
26Pocatello-Jensen, W.H. "Pete" and Nellie
27Pocatello-James and Ann Johnson
28Pocatello-Kim and Pamela Johnson
29Pocatello-Lavern Johnson
30Pocatello-Lewis M. Johnson Family
31Pocatello-Ruth Johnson
32Pocatello-Johnson, W. James and Karen
33Pocatello-Jones, Dale and Leah
34Pocatello-Jones, Evan E. and Lillie and Jay and Mary Donna Jensen
35Pocatello-Ralph H. Jones
36Pocatello-Thomas and Gertrude Jones
37Pocatello-Martell and Maxine Kofoed
38Pocatello-Ora Iver James Koger
39Pocatello-Krussman, Eric and Sagred
40Pocatello-John Richard and Pauline Kunkel
41Pocatello-Kutterer, Katherine Bug
42Pocatello-Lamb, Charles and Ella
43Pocatello-Laughridge, Lloyd D. and Verla Ricks
44Pocatello-Le Bailly, Thomas and Jeanne
45Pocatello-Ward and Katherine Little
46Pocatello-Royal Robert Littleford
47Pocatello-Lyon, Ben H.
48Pocatello-The Irvin Maag Family
49Pocatello-Manning, Leon/Funeral Home
50Pocatello-Dr. Rondo Manwaring
51Pocatello-Elmer and Margaret Martin, Merle Martin, Erik and Elizabeth Olson, Ella Olson Martin
52Pocatello-Martin, Harry A.
53Pocatello-Paul F. Massier
54McCammon-Agnes Bartschi
55Pocatello-McDaniel, William
56Pocatello-McDougalls in the West
57Pocatello-Dr. Daniel C. McDougall
58Pocatello-McFarland (sketch/Indian child)
59Pocatello-The McGees, Kraig and Karen
60Pocatello-McKnelly, Clara Minerva Richardson
61Pocatello-McMinn Family
62Pocatello-McNabb, Gerald James and Mildred Katherine
63Pocatello-McNabb, Samuel Alfred and Margaret
64Pocatello-McNabb, William Harrison and Nora Jane
65Pocatello-Joseph Allan and Cathrine McQuillan
66Pocatello-Marjorie McQuillan
67Pocatello-Burnise and Valora Mecham
68Pocatello-Verda Merkley
69Pocatello-Meiners, John Henry Jr. and Mary
70Pocatello-Meiners, John Henry Sr. and Emma
71Pocatello-Merrill, Vinton and Afton
72Pocatello-Merzlock (art)
73Pocatello-Miles, Ida May
74Pocatello-Gary W. and JoAnn Mair
75Pocatello-Moore, Ruth Elaine Damron
76Pocatello-Morrison, Tom
77Pocatello-Amos L. Mouser Family
78Pocatello-Murray, Francis D.
79Pocatello-Murri, Annie and William
80Pocatello-Thora Ethel Allsop Myler
81Pocatello-V. Lynn and Nancy T. Nalder
82Pocatello-Neider, Boyd and Donna
83Pocatello-Neider, Darryl Leroy and Anna Marie
84Pocatello-Neider, Herbert Lee and Leone Rounds
85Pocatello-Neider, John and Lillian Family
86Pocatello-Roy John and Helen Mayor Neider
87Pocatello-Neider, John and Lillian
88Pocatello-Neider, Kenneth Boyd and Margo Yates
89Pocatello-Neider, Mark Lee and Renee Lillian
90Pocatello-Neider, Michael Autone and Rosemary

Box 5

1Pocatello-Newton, Dr. A. M.
2Pocatello-Nielson, Alvira Pearl Bodell
3Pocatello-George Henry North
4Pocatello-Gail Winn Ockey
5Pocatello-Oliver, Arthur P.
6Pocatello-Tom and Mary O'Rourke
7Pocatello-Ortega, Joseph M.
8Pocatello-Pabawenna, Ben B.
9Pocatello-Joseph and Lillian Palmer
10Pocatello-Panter, Theodore and Janette
11Pocatello-Parker, Kevin, Stanley, and Nancy
12Pocatello-Parker, Henry Foy
13Pocatello-Chris and Deborah Pine
14Pocatello-Peterson, Arthur
15Missing, labeling error
16Pocatello-"How I Remember it (Pocatello)" by Arthur Peterson
17Pocatello-Hjalmar and Anna Peterson
18Pocatello-Ruth Peterson
19Pocatello-Ruth Emelie Peterson
20Pocatello-William G. and Ethel Phoenix
21Pocatello-Pickett, James Edward and Lavinna Hayes
22Pocatello-Poog, Clarence and Marlene
23Pocatello-Freeman (Dick) and Eva Preece
24Pocatello-George Primbs and Son, Printers
25Pocatello-David Thadis Quigley
26Pocatello-Rache, Marina Munn
27Pocatello-Ranstrom, Thomas and Caroline
28Pocatello-Rawson, Wilber Francis
29Pocatello-Henry Edwin Reddish and Lillie May Edmonds Reddish
30Pocatello-John and Sherrill Redel
31Pocatello-Rees, Martha and William
32Pocatello-Rich, Verda Eliza
33Pocatello-Alvin H. Ricken, Idaho State Journal Publisher
34Pocatello-William Hill Ritzma, St. Joseph Catholic School
35Pocatello-Roberts, John H. and Laura
36Pocatello-Ezra Robertson Family
37Pocatello-Romish, John (Jack) and Emily
38Pocatello-Romney, Miles W.
39Pocatello-Earl and Elizabeth Romriell
40Pocatello-Rosquist, August and Tillie
41Pocatello-Rowland, Edward Nelson (100th Anniversary of Dairy)
42Pocatello-Ruggles, Muriel "Ma"
43Pocatello-Mildred D. Evans Rutten
44Pocatello-Sahlberg Family
45Pocatello-(Pioneers of Gem Valley) Emma Egbert Sappington
46Pocatello-Arthur Percival and Fanny Say
47Pocatello-Schenk, Charles
48Pocatello-Selders, Jack Brent and Julie G. Neider
49Pocatello-Shurtliff, Alfred and Bernice
50Pocatello-The Slingerland Family
51Pocatello-Thayne and Ellen Smedley
52Pocatello-J. Ralph Smith
53Pocatello-John and Mary Smith and Henry and Mary Smith McNally
54Pocatello-Sorenson, Charles Marcus Sr.
55Pocatello-Spraker, Irvin J. and Flora
56Pocatello-The Standrod Family
57Pocatello-Steed, James and Glorein
58Pocatello-Steele, Gordon and Pancela
59Pocatello-Clarence Stephenson
60Pocatello-Larry and Annette Stoddard
61Pocatello-Stones, Florence Nellie
62Pocatello-Evelyn Annette Welch Stuart and Joe
63Pocatello-Sullivan, Allfred Edgar
64Pocatello-Henry J. Swanson
65Pocatello-"Remembering the Thirties" by Jensen, Carol Taysom
66Pocatello-The Martin Adams Thomas Farm
67Pocatello-Tolman, Cyrus and Elizabeth Ann Riley
68 Pocatello-Thomas, Wallace Milton
69Pocatello-Thomas, Edward and Annie
70Pocatello-Thompson, Birdie
71Pocatello-Ethel (Todda) Thompson
72Pocatello-Wanda F. Thompson
73Pocatello-Tolman, Eliza Ann Riley and Cyrus
74Pocatello-Alexander and Marion Tubbs
75Pocatello-William Turner
76Pocatello-Ruth and Frederick Tydeman
77Pocatello-Valentine, Carol and Alvira
78Pocatello-Nora Dover Verley
79Pocatello-Vernon, Ida Leora
80Pocatello-Walker, Tom and Leora
81Pocatello-James E. Walton
82Pocatello-James Walton Jr. and Ellen
83Pocatello-Aarus Elmer Warren
84Pocatello-Warren, Harmel and Charlotte
85Pocatello-Warren, Leo and Minnie
86Pocatello-Willard, James and Elizabeth
87Pocatello-Arthur and Etta West
88Pocatello-Arthur and Alfred and Mary Ann
89Pocatello-West, Henry J. and Helen C.
90Pocatello-West, Henry Jr. and Paula
91Pocatello-Joseph Alphonzo Wheelock

Box 6

1Pocatello-Steven Whitehead
2Pocatello-"As I Remember Living in Bannock County" by Eva Whiting
3Pocatello-Alvin Lee and Joan Ines Whiting
4Pocatello-Joseph A. Willis, Jr.
5Pocatello-Wilson, Lester and Patricia
6Pocatello-Winward, Robert H. and Joyce
7Pocatello-William Jackson Wynn Family
8Pocatello-The Wrenstead Family
9Pocatello-Wright, Clifford Mary
10Pocatello-Wright, Walter and Nellie
11Pocatello-Academy of Idaho
13Negative for men's clothing ad
14Pocatello-"Pocatello, about 1900, as I Remember" by Bill Mullen
15Pocatello-The Barn and the Choo Choo Square Dance Club
16Pocatello-The Birth of the Grange
17Pocatello-Boy Scout Hall of Fame
18Pocatello-Buzz of the Berg, 1911-1913
19Pocatello-Buzz of the Berg, November 1956
20Pocatello-Chamber of Commerce and Pocatello Today
21Pocatello-Pocatello Chiefs
22Pocatello-Chinese in Bannock County
23Pocatello-Pocatello Community Concert Association by Chilton Phoenix
24Pocatello-Cottonwood Cove
25Pocatello-Dale's Auto
26Pocatello-Pocatello in the Great Depression
27Pocatello-Farmers Insurance Group
28Pocatello-Pocatello in the Fifties
29Pocatello-Pocatello Fires
30Pocatello-Bannock Company 1906
31Pocatello-Floods and Pocatello Snow Storm
32Pocatello-Flood Waters Soak Pocatello
33Pocatello-The Flu Epidemic by Audry W. Chase
35Pocatello-KC Sunshine Kids
37Pocatello-Law Firm of Gee and Hargraves
38Pocatello-Gem State Mutual Life Insurance Company
39Pocatello-Greek Community
40Pocatello-The Greek Community by Mary Katsilometes
41Pocatello-The Early Growth of Pocatello
42Pocatello-A Half-Million Buggy Ride by Dorothy Clapp Robinson
43Pocatello-Harrison Jewelers (Jew Harrison)
44Pocatello-Historic Downtown
45Pocatello-Regional Medical Center/Cottonwood Cove
46Pocatello-Pocatello Regional Medical Center
47Pocatello-Hotel Bannock followed by Honor Roll
48Pocatello-Idaho State University
49Pocatello-July 4th Celebration
50Pocatello-Pocatello Land Rush
51Lava-Lava Motor Company
52Pocatello-Memorial Building
53Pocatello-Narrow Gauge Railroad
54Pocatello-Old News Releases
55Pocatello-Odd Fellows Lodge
56Pocatello-Pioneer Women
57Pocatello-Portneuf Grange and Brady Chapel
58Pocatello-Pocatello Post Office
59Pocatello-100 Years ago, Railroad by Chilton Phoenix
60Pocatello-Railroads by Arthur Peterson
61Pocatello-History of Gate City Baptist Church
62Pocatello-First Church of Christ/Scientist
63Pocatello-First Congregational Church
64Pocatello-Grace Lutheran, History of Church and School
65Pocatello-Holy Trinity Church
66Pocatello-James H. Brady Memorial Chapel
67Pocatello-LDS Churches
68Pocatello-LDS Stake Centers
69Pocatello-Methodist Church
70Pocatello-Presbyterian Movement in Portneuf Valley 1887-1992
71Pocatello-St. Anthony Church
72Pocatello-Memories of Pocatello St. Anthony Church by Mary Lacy
73Pocatello-St. Joseph Church 1978-1999
74Pocatello-Roundup by Bill Mullen
75Pocatello-Pocatello Frontier Rodeo
76Pocatello-Pocatello School District History by Barbara Croshaw
77Pocatello-Bannock County Sheriff's Posse
78Pocatello-1893 Snow Storm
79Pocatello-Standrod House
80Acknowledgement and Dedication
81Pocatello-Pocatello Trap Shooting
82Pocatello-Excerpts from the Pocatello Tribune
83Pocatello-The Twenties
84Pocatello-Vogt's Heating and Air
85Pocatello-When Grandmother was Ready for Winter (poem) and a poem in the 1892 Pocatello Tribune, Two ideas of Happiness and A Little Bear Story
86Pocatello-Horse Art
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