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Idaho Federation of Women's Clubs, Rexburg (ID)
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Historical Sketch

The First District of Federation of Women's Clubs was organized in 1901. The first annual meeting was held in Pocatello on September 19, 1901. Its objective was to unite all women's clubs in the area for mutual federation. United they could accomplish more for their individual communities.

Reports show that the culture clubs encouraged art and music in the public schools and worked to have them included in school programs.

Civic clubs report having litter cleaned from streets, planting trees on city streets, school grounds, parks and cemeteries.

In Idaho Falls they established a pound where stray animals were taken.

In 1902, they established a Historical Society. Every club appointed an Historical Chairman and many early relics, documents, letters, and pictures were collected and turned over to the State Historical Society.

The establishment of libraries was one of the most important accomplishments of the Federation of Women's Clubs. They donated and collected books and acted as librarians.

They were instrumental in efforts made to obtain passage of a Child Labor Law.

Conservation of natural resources, protection of our forest, wild flowers, birds has always had a place in the Federation's work.

List of Clubs that make up the Idaho Federation

  • Utility Club - Ashton
  • Women's Study - Ashton
  • Grace Literary Club - Grace
  • Cultural Arts - Arimo
  • Home Culture - Buhl
  • Study Circle - Rigby
  • Study Club - Ririe
  • Emanon - Twin Falls
  • Unity Club - Twin Falls
  • Latawah - Hansen
  • Country Women's Club - Twin Falls
  • Women's Curio Club - Buhl
  • Round Table - Idaho Falls
  • Study and Culture - Shelley
  • Domestic Science - Springfield
  • 20th Century - Twin Falls
  • Ladies Pioneer - Kimberly
  • Women's Club - Rupert
  • Ladies Literary - Bancroft
  • Good Will Club - Twin Falls
  • Women's Club - St. Anthony
  • Study League - Pocatello
  • Woman's Club - Filer
  • Civic Improvement - Rexburg
  • Every Woman's - Castleford
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