Eli M. Oboler Library

Dr. Richard Howard Collection

Scope and Content

This is a small collection consisting of 3 manuscript boxes. The collection was donated to Idaho State University by Dr. Richard Howard. No paperwork on the donation remains. As such, there is confusion concerning the donor. We are assuming the collection was donated by the grandson of Dr. Minnie Howard rather that her son of the same name.

The collections main focus is on Howard Family history. Material on either Richard Howard (specifically) is very sparse. There is one folder that involves childhood memories of Richard F. Howard but it is not dated. Other material found in the collect is focused Fort Hall and the Oregon Trail.

Inventory of Boxes

Series 1   Howard Family History
  Box 1      
      Folder 1 Mayflower descendents, 1984-1994
      Folder 2 Howard Family History, undated
      Folder 3 Recollection of Childhood and Parents by Dr. Richard F. Howard, undated
      Folder 4 Howard Family History, 1982-1996
      Folder 5 Howard Family Reunion, 1982-1985
      Folder 6 Project Hard Times (speech) by Richard Howard, 1984
      Folder 7 Oral History Project/Peake Family History, 1850-1967
      Folder 8 A Study of Minnie Howard by Mary Virginia Kennedy (3 copies), 1968
      Folder 9 A Medical Doctors Story by Richard Howard, 1987
      Folder 10 Hospital and charity work in Mexico, 1929-1950
      Folder 11 Handwritten notes, undated
      Folder 12 Outline of Oral History notes, undated


Series 2   Fort Hall/Oregon Trail
  Box 2      
      Folder 1 Material related to Fort Hall and Indians, 1956-1984
      Folder 2 Fort Hall Replica Commission, 1981
      Folder 3 Fort Hall Replica Commission, 1984-1985
      Folder 4 Minnie Howard's History of Bannock County, undated
      Folder 5 Idaho Chapter-Oregon/California Trails Association, 1985


Series 3   Memorabilia
      Folder 6 Bulletin #1-La terre da realism L'Esprit Americain Machinisme et Standardisation L'opinion publique Americaine, 1928
      Folder 7 Register of the Minnie F. Howard Collection
      Folder 8 Journal of Richard Howard, 1903-1913
      Folder 9 Address Book
      Folder 10 Item 1    Class Reunion Invitation, 1909-1952
Item 2    Republican National Convention Invitation, 1984
Item 3    Architect's rendering of Hotel Bannock, 1919


Series 4   Articles and News Clippings
  Box 3      
      Folder 1 Indian Schooling in New Mexico in the 1890's by Jo Ann Ruckman, undated
      Folder 2 Articles by Minnie Howard, undated
      Folder 3 Articles on Fort Hall Pioneers, 1934
      Folder 4 Pocatello Tribune (2 copies), August 5, 1934
      Folder 5 Enjoy magazine, November 10, 1972
      Folder 6 Enjoy magazine, February 9, 1973
      Folder 7 Enjoy magazine, December 22, 1978
      Folder 8 News clippings, 1979
      Folder 9 Idaho State Journal Centennial Edition, June 21, 1982
      Folder 10 Article from Pocatello Tribune, June 21, 1982
      Folder 11 News clippings, 1982-1984
      Folder 12 Sho-Ban News, 1984
      Folder 13 News clippings, 1986
      Folder 14 News clippings, undated
      Folder 15 Newspaper doctor cartoons, undated
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