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Joseph Siroky Collection


A check of the Social Security Death Index indicates that Joseph Siroky was born on October 6, 1880 and died in January of 1966.

A search of the Minidoka County newspaper did not show an obituary for January or February in 1966.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of 4½ manuscript boxes and covers the dates between 1910 and 1962. The collection is very poor condition; much of it is dirty and shows rodent or insect damage.

There is one box of personal material but it reveals very little of Joseph Siroky's private life. There are a few pieces of personal correspondence, tax notices, and bank statements, as well as invoices, a court summons and a labor contract.

He was a member of the Jerome Co-Operative Dairy from 1930 until 1957 and one box is devoted to this subject.

He had an interest in mining. Some assay reports and publications are also featured in the collection.

Series 1: Personal Material

Box 1

1Personal correspondence to Joseph Siroky, 1925-1952
2Miscellaneous correspondence re: Farm related, 1924-1953
3Miscellaneous correspondence from solicitors, 1923-1962
4Material from Goddard, Nelson, and Co. re: Stocks and Bond, undated
5Certificate of Stock for share in a percheron stallion, 1910
6Share-Labor Contract, 1912
7Mortgage paper, 1916
8Item 1 Title for 1926 Ford truck
Item 2 Registration for 1929 Model A
9Court Summons re: Property dispute, 1932
10Fire Insurance policy, 1933
11Sheriff's Case and Fee Record, 1934
12Property Deed, 1939
13Social Membership Certificate, 1905
14Stock Certificate - The Woodman Building and Operating Co., undated
15Bank statements, 1912-1964
16Checkbooks (4)
17Checkbooks (4)
18Tablets (2) containing handwritten notes and figures, undated
19Invoices, receipts, 1910-1967
20Advertizing from Montgomery Ward, undated
21Miscellaneous coupons and advertizing, undated
22Tax Collector Notices, 1914-1962

Series 2: Miscellaneous Business Related Material

Box 2

1Correspondence and related material re: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1912-1962
2Seed Analysis, 1929
3Correspondence and related material re: Minidoka Irrigation District, 1922-1965
4Rock and Mineral Analytical Reports 1931-1949
5State of California, Division of Mines Newsletter, 1947-1978
6Correspondence and related material re: The Amalgamated Sugar Co., 1933-1942

Series 3: Jerome Co-Operative Dairy

Box 3

1Patron list, undated
2Correspondence, 1933
3Statement, 1940
4Statement, 1941
5Statement, 1942
6Statement, 1944
7Statement, 1945
8Statement, 1946
9Statement, 1947
10Statement, 1948
11Statement, 1949-1950
12Statement, 1951
13Statement, 1952
14Statement, 1953
15Statement, 1954
16Statement, 1955
17Statement, 1956
18Statement, 1957

Series 4: Publications

Box 4

1Pamphlets (3) - Flathead Lake Country, Polson, Montana, undated
2Pamphlet - The Craters of the Moon National Monument, undated
3Thurston's Travel and Mileage Map - Los Angeles to San Diego, undated
4Pamphlets (4) - related to mining, undated
5The Constitution of the United States, undated
6Pamphlets (5) - related to milk cows/milk production, undated
7The Sewing Book, undated
8Item 1 Science of Investment, 1903
Item 2 Investing for Profit, 1923
9Pamphlets (6) - related to farming and agriculture, 1922-1928
10Bulletin - Lumber Cut of the United States 1870-1920, 1923
11Blue Book - Western Automobile Price Bulletin, 1924
12Pamphlets (6) - related to religion, 1924
13Everymans Almanac, 1927
14First Aid and Resuscitation, 1928
15Catalog - Wiley Books, 1930
16The Mining Review, 1931
17California Journal of Mines and Geology, 1934
18California Journal of Mines and Geology, 1944
19Oregon Driver's Manual, 1951-1952
20A Progress Report (10 copies) on the Compilation of Bio-Bibliographic Material, 1956
21Who's Who Among Pacific Northwest Authors, 1957

Series 5: Newspapers

Box 5

1Mineral Survey, 1930-1934
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