Rotary Club of Pocatello

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This collection consists mostly of meeting minutes and publications from the Rotary Club of Pocatello. There are, however, a few folders of material from the International Rotary Club. There is also material on the history of the Rotary Club. The date range of the collection is from 1918-2001.

History of the Rotary Club


The members of the Pocatello Rotary Club met at the Yellowstone Hotel on Monday, February 11th, 1918 for the purpose of perfecting the organization of the club, District Governor George Relf of Salt Lake City was present with authorization to institute the Club. Walter H. Cleare was chosen temporary chairman and E.A. Krussman temporary secretary. The following officers were elected:

1st Vice President
2nd Vice President
3rd Vice President
(Term—February 11, 1918 to May 31, 1919)
  J.T. Young
Walter H. Cleare
Wm. McCarthy
J.H. Bistline
Finis Bentley
D.W. Church


1920-1921 Jesse R. Budge
1921-1922 Charles C. Bowerman
1922-1923 Walter Cleare
1923-1924 Dr. E.N. Roberts
1924-1925 Finis Bentley
1925-1926 W.H. Bolcheld was the newly elected President
1926-1927 A.L. Merrill
1927-1928 Jim Young
1929-1930 Joseph Clothier
1930-1931 F.E. MacKenzie
1931-1932 Nicholas Ifft
1932-1933 E. L. Anderson
1933-1934 Richard Wells
1934-1935 Claude Bistline
1935-1936 R.P. Stratford
1936-1937 Arthur Peterson
1937-1938 A.B. Arps
1938-1939 Ruel D. Merrill
1939-1940 Hugh MacCosham
1940-1941 A.L. Baker
  1941-1942 Don Brown
1942-1943 T.R. Neilson
1943-1944 Chester Wells
1944-1945 Fergus Briggs
1945-1946 William S. Cady
1946-1947 C.S. Billmeyer
1947-1948 L.C. Johnson
1948-1949 M.T. Deston
1949-1950 C.R. Peterson
1950-1951 W.S. Hill, Sr.
1951-1952 H.B. Yearsley
1952-1953 Henry Fletcher
1953-1954 W.C. Carnes
1954-1955 Carl McIntosh
1955-1956 E. Norman Vaughn
1956-1957 E.C. Collins
1957-1958 Ralph Comstock
1958-1959 Art Young
1959-1960 Norman Stedtfeld
1960-1961 Perry Nelson

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