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George Shoup (1836-1904) - Container Listing

Box 1 - Research Files

1Sanders, W. F.Letter to Col. G. L. Shoup. Salmon City, concerning the writer's decision to visit Gen. Grant in Washington.
2Hailey, JohnLetter to Colonel George L. Shoup concerning advertisement for furnishing Indian supplies   2. Letter to Hon. E. J. Beaty.
3Ives, F. E.Letter to George L. Shoup, mentioning the Indian situation at Salmon.
4Shoup, George L.Letter to J. J. Dudley, Esq. Ogden, Utah, concerning the writer's forthcoming journey and persons who would act in his place...
5Seebree, FerrisLetter to Col. G. L. Shoup, Salmon City, requesting information on the Birch Creek massacre & estimation of losses in captured material.
6Morse, C.Letter to G. L. Shoup, concerning a party leaving for Birch Cr. despite the report that Indians had killed some freighters...
7Anderson, John C.Letter to G. L. Shoup & Co., Salmon City, with obituary testimony of three freighters, Hayden, Green and Combs, killed...
8Taber, HarkerLetter to Col. G. L. Shoup & Co., Salmon City, ID, acknowledging receipt for a letter with news of the loss of two wagons of freight.
9Kiesel, Fred J.Two letters to Mess. George L. Shoup Salmon and Co., Salmon City, Idaho.
10Kiesel, Fred J.Two letters to Mess. George L. Shoup and Co., Salmon city: 1. Letter of 6/24/1878, requesting order whether or not arms.
11Lyon, Albert E.Letter to Mr. Geo. L. Shoup, asking him to sell the writer's guns, being sent by Fred J. Kiesel & to advance the 43.00...
12Various writersLetters to and from Col. George L. Shoup, Salmon City, concerning the Nez Perce War.
13Shoup, George L.Letter to James McTucker, Esq., Black Foot, Idaho, describing the search for the victims of the Birch Creek Massacre.
14Skelton, JosephLetter to Col. George Shoup, telling him of the surrounding of a Bannock Camp by the cavalry, the disarming of the Indians, whose horses...
15Skelton, JosephLetter to Col. George Shoup, advising him against meeting him on Birch Creek.
16 Bainbridge, Capt. Augustus H. Letter to Col. George Shoup, Salmon City, Idaho, concerning delivery of arms on order of the Governor of the Territory.
17Wilson, Lt. GeorgeLetter to Col. George L. Shoup and others, Salmon City, Idaho suggestions on preparing for protection against Indian...
18Yearian, JohnTwo letters to George L. Shoup:1. Request that a Salmon trap downstream be removed to the benefit of Tendoy's Indians...
19Fuller, James K.Two letters to Col. George Shoup, Salmon City:   1.concerning the innocence of the Lemhi Indians accused of killing cattle;   2...
20Boggs, JosephLetter to George L. Shoup & James Glendenning, concerning troubles with Indians and business transactions.
21Leatherman, HenryLetter to Col. George L. Shoup, concerning the killing of Skelton by Indians on Big Lost River.
22Turner, C. W.Letter to Col. Shoup, requesting a bill for supplies, bought by Agent A. J. Smith, to be distributed among destitute Lemhi Indians...
23Various writersBusiness letters to George L. Shoup and Co., Salmon City, Idaho.
24Shoup, George L.Prospectus from Union Pacific Railroad Company, General Freight Dept. Omaha, to George L. Shoup, Esq., Salmon City, Idaho.
25Kiesel, Fred J.Invoice of a shipment from F. J. Kiesel Company, forwarded by John Wheeler, Overland Freight Line, to George L. Shoup Company.
26Shoup, George L.Territorial and County License, No. 522 granted 4/5/1878, to Shoup & Co. to carry on business or occupation of merchandising in the...
27Shoup, George L.Tax receipts of G. L. Shoup, Salmon City:
28Shoup, J. M.Letter to J. Glendenning, concerning shipment of goods, arrival of freighters and Indian hostilities.
29Various writersLetters concerning pensions...chiefly Charles Weitle....1900.
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