Eli M. Oboler Library

Dr. Glenn E. Tyler - Container Listing

Series 1 - Personal Correspondence

Box 1


Box 2

4Greeting cards, 1960

Box 3


Box 4


Box 5


Box 6


Box 7


Box 8

1Correspondence to Tyler during the war, 1944-1945
2Correspondence and material related to Tyler's house, 1956-1959
3Correspondence from Tyler to his family, 1941-1982
4Requests and thank you letters, 1964-1976


Series 2 - ISU and Other University Correspondence

Box 9

1History department, 1958-1959
2History department, 1960-1961
315th Annual Northwest History Conference, 1962
4History department, 1962
5History department, 1963
6History department, 1964
7History department, 1965
8History department, 1966
9History department, 1967
10History department, 1968
11History department, 1969
12History department, 1970
13History department, 1971
14History department, 1972
15History department, faculty turnover, 1961-1978
16History department, faculty, tenure, hiring, dismissal, 1969-1973

Box 10

1College and scholarship letters and letters to book clubs, 1958-1960
2Scholarship letters, 1952-1959
3Lecturer appointment for Gordon Morgan, 1966
4Appointment, recommendations for Bert Marley, 1969-1970
5Acceptance of resignation letter for Miklos Nagy, 1966
6Teaching position, 1968-1968
7Recommendations for Dr. McDonald, 1967
8Salary disputes, 1964-1966
9History department, 1959-1964
10Merrill Beal emeritus status and Beal donation, 1938-1966
11Retention of Dr. McKiernan, 1969-1971
12Approval and recommendations for Michael Shepard, 1970-1971
13Matters concerning Peter Harstad, 1963-1978
14Offers and recommendations for Leonard L. Engebretsen, 1966-1970
15Matters concerning Richard W. Etulain, 1970
16Acceptance of Robert M. Bigley, 1963-1965
17Recommendations for Dr. T.G. McDonald, 1966
18Retention of William Hood, 1969
19To/from Dean Willey, 1968-1969
20To Congressman George Hansen re: High school seniors, 1965
21Higher Education and National Affairs, 1961-1963
22General correspondence, 1957-1969
23General correspondence, 1970-1971
24General correspondence, 1972-1977

Box 11

1NAAUP letters, 1966-1974
2Correspondence re: Curriculum, 1961-1972
3Job applicants, 1962-1971
4History department requests, 1968-1970
5Prospective candidates for graduation, 1962-1970
6Correspondence re: ISU budget, 1969-1970
7Classroom evaluations, textbooks and lists, 1959-1960
8Enrollment, 1966-1967
9Correspondence to Tyler re: Employment, 1954-1955
10Travel, 1967
11Irregular salaries, 1970
12Financial Aid, 1967
13Communism and Democracy, 1965

Box 12

1Petitions for students' changes in classes, 1967-1968
2Faculty letters, 1957-1959
3Correspondence re: Publications, Grad School courses, 1967-1971
4Letters of recommendation, 1966-1967
5Course changes, changes in personnel, history department, 1962-1970
6Five-Year Advanced Plan, 1967
7Policy changes, 1961-1964
8Academic plan, history department positions, 1962-1965

Box 13 - Correspondence from ISU committees, organizations,
               clubs, programs

1AAUP, 1969-1970
2AAUP Library Committee, 1961-1962
3Academic and Advisory Council, 1961-1963
4Academic and Advisory Council, 1963-1975
5Academic and Advisory Council actions, 1961-1965
6Academic and Advisory Council communications, 1961
7American studies, 1963-1970
8BA programs, 1968-1971
9Pocatello Chess Club, 1967
10Committees communications, 1966-1971
11Curriculum Advising Program, 1964
12Elder's Retreat and Planning Conference, 1960
13Faculty Committees, 1959-1969
14Faculty meeting minutes, 1965
15Faculty Affairs Committee, 1974
16Faculty Interim Committee, 1965-1967
17Faculty communications, 1958-1965
18Faculty issues, undated
19Approved program for graduation, 1965-1967
20Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1964
21Operating procedures, proposed graduation program, graduate committee actions, 1961-1962
22Graduate Committee, 1958-1963
23Graduate Committee, 1964-1970
24Graduate Committee Actions, 1960-1972
25Graduate Committee exam schedules, 1962
26Graduate Council, 1966-1974
27Graduate Committee re: Education Administration Degree, 1969-1970
28History curriculum, 1964
29Honors Program, 1958-1969
30Honors Colloquium, undated
31Liberal Arts Faculty Committee, 1958-1960
32Philosophy Club, 1958-1959
33Research Committee, 1967-1970
34ROTC, 1969
35University Faculty, 1967 and 1970

Box 14 - Library Newsletters

4Newsletters and reports, 1961

Box 15 - Correspondence from other universities

1University of Minnesota code book, grade slips, class reports, 1923-1971
2University of Michigan, 1951-1952
3University of Michigan class cards, 1951-1952
4University of Minnesota year book, 1932
5University of Minnesota, 1942-1951
6University of Minnesota newsletters, policies and procedures, 1955-1964
7University of Minnesota history department, 1967-1972
8Cambridge University room call slips, undated
9University of Minnesota transcript for Tyler, 1950-1951
10University of Minnesota commencement, 1947-1948
11University of Minnesota commencement, 1951
12University of Chicago Statistics Award, 1952-1955
13To/from multiple universities, 1947-1975

Box 16

1Book order letters, 1960-1962
2Book order letters, 1963-1967
3Book orders (outstanding), 1963-1966
4Bibliographers letters, 1952-1985
5Bibliographers and reading lists, undated
6Faculty book requirements, 1967-1969
7Book catalogs and offers. 1962-1981
8Bibliography for A.C. Crombies Augustine to Galileo, undated
9Bibliographies and outlines, undated
10History of Science book list and catalogs, undated
11History of Science bibliography, undated


Series 3 - Financial Material

Box 17

1Insurance Policies, 1927-1959
2Insurance Policies, 1960-1980
3Contract for Deeds, 1955-1961
4Receipts/invoices, 1940-1949
5Receipts/invoices, 1950-1959
6Receipts/invoices, 1960-1969
7Receipts/invoices, 1970-1979
8Rent receipts, 1963-1964
9Loan papers, bank statements, invoices, 1982-1986
10Hotel receipts, 1977-1987
11Receipt books (4), 1955-1965
12Receipts/invoices (ISU), 1945-1984
13Receipts from Bullock Motor Company, 1966

Box 18 - Tax Papers


Box 19 - Tax Papers

161979 (Note: 1980 is missing)

Box 20 - Rental Properties

9Palisades summer home, 1958-1959
10Real estate contracts and deeds, 1954-1961
11Real estate tax statements, 1945-1952


Series 4 - Tyler's Writings

Box 21 - Thesis

1The Influence of Calvinism on the Development of Early Modern Science in England and America, 1951
2A Study of the Factors Involved in the Decline of European Science in the 14th and 15th Centuries, 1947
3A Study of the Factors Involved in the Decline of European Science in the 14th and 15th Centuries, 1947

Box 22

1Article: The Worm Ouroboros, 1938
2Paper: Attack on Pearl Harbor, 1941
3Paper: about Sumerian questions, untitled and undated
4Memoirs, undated
5Essay: The Inflation of Words, 1940
6Book Reviews (2), undated
7Outline: Benjamin Franklin and the Struggle for Imperial Unity in the 18th Century, undated
8Multiple untitled, undated stories
9Paper: The Development and Function of the Temple-Complex in Sumerian Culture, undated
10Research paper about the Middle Ages, undated
11Paper: Reins of Kings, undated
12Paper: Heaven by Storm, undated

Box 23

1The Dark Age of American Christianity, 1775-1800, undated
2Bound copy of published poems by Robert L. Tyler, 1949-1985
3Scientific Thought and Achievement in the 15th and 16th Centuries, undated
4Manuscript: The Medieval Crisis of Nature vs. Faith, undated


Series 5 - Research Material

Box 24

1Poetry and literature, 1952-1959
2Item 1 Inflation of Words, undated
Item 2 Article on Viet Nam, undated
3Marcille Malpighi and the Evolution of Embryology, 1966
4Quotes for LBJ and Company, undated
5Holy Rule of Our Most Holy Father Benedict (2 copies), undated
6Xeroxed copies of book passages, undated
7Xeroxed copies (religious theme), undated
8Xeroxed copies of published papers, undated
9Xeroxed copies of book passages, undated
10Newspaper clippings on the war, 1941-1945
11Newspaper articles on religion, 1959-1971
12Religious publications, 1959-1971
13Xeroxed copies (religious theme), undated
14Science articles and catalog, undated
15Outline: Science in the 14th Century, undated
16Paper: Idaho and Social Sciences, undated
17Personality in Science History by Mark Grawbard, 1950
18Xeroxed papers (science theme), undated
19Articles on educational issues, 1957-1970
20Xeroxed book: The Reach of Science, 1958
21Outline: Development of Scientific Thought and Practice in the 15th and 16th Centuries, undated
22Notes, multiple subjects, undated
23Articles on Pearl Harbor, 1941-1942
24Newspaper clippings from ISU paper, undated
25Notes and articles from ISU Bengal, 1959-1969
26Newspaper clippings (multiple subjects), 1931-1970
27Cryptograms and mathematical equations, undated
28Magazines (4) religious theme, 1959-1961
29Lecture notes: Mathematical statistics, 1947
30Newspaper clippings, multiple subjects, undated
31Material on Democracy and war, undated
32History notes: The Nature of the Course, undated
33Pamphlets written in German and English, most undated, 1934 and 1938


Series 6 - Lecture Notes and Classroom Material

Box 25

1American History, undated
2Religion, undated
3Medieval, undated
4Russia, undated
5Russian Empire, undated
6Europe, undated
7Rise of Universities, undated
8Religious, undated
9Roman Empire, undated
10Reformation, Italian Princess of Art, undated
11Religion, undated
12American studies, undated
13Religion, undated
14Science and the 16th and 17th Centuries, undated
1516th and 17th Centuries, undated
16Scientific Thought and Achievement in the 15th and 16th Centuries, undated
17Revival of Science, undated
18Revival of Science, undated
19Science in the 14th, 15th and 16th Centuries, undated
20Egypt and China, undated
21The Renaissance as a Period of European History, undated
22The History of England and French War, undated
23Religion, Greeks, western civilization, undated
24The Development of Sumerian Art, undated
25Imperialism and the Experiment of Empire, undated
26(Thomasim) 12th century
27Religious wars, Western Europe, undated
28Psychology, war, undated
29American history, undated
30Medieval, undated
31Europe, undated
32Central and Western Europe, undated
33Portugal, France, Spain, undated
34Religion, undated
35Calvinism, undated
36Greeks, spiritualism, undated
37Europe, undated
38England, Roman Europe, undated
39England, colonies, Renaissance, undated

Box 26

1American history, undated
2Calvinism, undated
3Revival of Trade and Industry, undated
4Roman Empire, undated
5Roman Empire, undated
6European, undated
7Civil War, undated
8European, undated
9Medieval civilizations, undated
10U.S. and Russia, undated
11Colonial and 19th Century, undatedStudents are People 1957
12Roman Empire, undated
13Calvinism, undated
14Philosophy, Charlamayne, undated
15American, French, undated
16Civil War, Renaissance, bibliographies, undated
17Mathematics, undated
18Religious, undated
19WWI, undated
20Greek, religious, mathematics, undated
21Trojan War, undated
22Colonies, Sargonic Empire, undated
23Military and Egypt, undated
24Philosophy, undated
25Age of Transition, undated
26French and Far East, undated
27History of Science, undated
28Calvinism, undated
29Early Greek Philosophy, undated
30Human Evolution, undated
31Colonial, undated
32Medieval Latin, undated
3313th Century, undated

Box 27

1History of Science course description
2History 1f midterm, final, 1953-1954
3History 1w midterm, final, make up exam
4History 2 midterm, final
5History 2s midterm, final, 1950-1954
6History 2w midterm, final, 1953-1954
7History bibliographies
8History 2w and 54w midterm, 1950
9History 3 and3f midterms, finals, 1953-1955
10History 3 and 55s exam, 1950
11History 5 and 57 final, 1950
12History 6s final, 1950
13History 20f exam, midterm, final, 1948-1949
14History 20 and 59 midterm, final
15History 21 syllabus, exams, midterm, final, 1956
16History 22 exams, midterm, final, 1958
17History 33 final
18History 34 midterm, final
19History 41 exams, problem sheets, midterm, final, 1956
20History 42 exams, midterm, final, 1956-1958
21History 44 exam 1
22History 53 midterm, final, 1953
23History 54 midterm, final
24History 55 final, 1954
25History 65 exams, midterm, final
26History 66 exams, midterm, final/td>
27History 68 and 69 midterms, finals
28History 73 and 75 reading list
29History 81 quiz 3
30History 82 exams, midterm, final
31History 86-88 midterms, finals
32History 192 syllabus, outline
33History C90 final
34History 101 quiz 1
35History 101 quiz 2, 1963
36History 101 quiz 3, 1964
37History 101 quiz 4
38History 101 quiz 5 and 6
39History 101 midterm
40History 101 final
41History 101 question sheets, challenge exam, outline
42Western Civilization exam, 1973
43History 102 and 105 exams, assignment sheets
44History 109 and 110 outlines
45History 121 exams, midterm
46History 122 exams, midterm
47History 141 syllabus, exams, midterm, final
48History 142 syllabus, exams, midterm, final
49History 151 exams, final, 1956
50History 152 exams, midterm, final
51History 154 exams, final
52History 161 exams, midterm, final, 1961
53History 162 exams, midterm, final
54History 171-174 exams, outlines, reading lists, final
55History 190 syllabus
56History 191 syllabus, final

Box 28

1History Department take- home final, 1974
2History 101 and 102 special exam
3Social Science midterm
4History 341 quiz 4, bibliography
5History 241 quiz 1 key (Roman Empire), 1960
6Quiz 2 key (Roman Empire), 1960
7History 241 quiz 3 key (medieval), 1970
8History 241 quiz 4 key (Ottonian Dynasty), 1961
9History 241 midterm exam key
10History 241 final exam key, 1961
11History 241 assignment sheets
12History 241 problem sheets, 1960
13History 242 quiz 1 key (Medieval). 1961
14History 242 quiz 2
15History 242 quiz 3 (Medieval)
16History 242 quiz 4 key (English)
17History 242 quiz 3 (Medieval)
18History 242 midterm exam (Religious)
19History 242 final exam (Religious)
20History 242 assignment sheets (Medieval)
21History 242 problem sheets and book list, 1961
22History notes and exams
23History 261 quiz key (Religious)
24History 261 quiz 3 key (Athens)
25History 261 quiz 4 key
26History 261 midterm exam
27History 261 final exam
28History 261 assignment sheets
29History 262 quiz (Religion)
30History 261 question sheets
31History 262 quiz 2 key (Roman Empire), 1964
32History 262 final, 1964
33History 262 quiz 1 key
34History 262 quiz 4 key (Roman), 1964
35History 262 assignment sheets
36History 291 take-home final
37History 291 assignment sheets
38History 321 quiz 1 (Science/Greek)
39History 321 quiz 2
40History 321 quiz 3
41History 321 final
42History 321 assignment sheets
43History 322 quiz 3
44History 322 take-home final
45History 322 quiz 1 and 2 (Chemical Revolution)
46History 322 Chapter questions
47History 323 quiz 1-4 and midterm (Early American)
48History 341 quiz 1-5 and final (Reformation Europe)
49History 342 quiz 1-5 and final (Liberalism)
50History 344 quiz (Europe)
51History 355 quiz 5 (Japan)
52History 361 quiz 3 (Middle Ages)
53History 382 quiz 1-3 and final (Russia)
54History 417 quiz 1-5 and final (Religion)
55History 418 quiz 1 and 2 and final (Early American)
56History 420 syllabus (Evolution), 1967
57History 441 exam 1-5 and final (Renaissance)
58History 421 exam 1-4 (Europe)
59History 425 and 500 syllabus and reading list (Biomedical)
60History 442 exam 1-5 and final (Europe)
61History 482 quiz 3 and lecture notes (Russia)
62History 491 exam 1 and 2 and final (Philosophy)
63Miscellaneous history papers and notes
64History 491 lecture notes
65History 492 exam and final (Europe)
66Lecture notes (Europe)
67Lecture notes (U.S.)
68Lecture notes (Colonies)
69Lecture notes (Wars)
70Lecture notes (France)
71Lecture notes (Constitution/Church)
72Lecture notes (England/Church)
73Lecture notes (England/Colonies)
74Lecture notes (Russia/Women/Renaissance)
75Lecture notes (Philosophy/Church/Renaissance)
76Lecture notes (Renaissance/Music)
77Lecture notes (Babylon Empire)
78Lecture notes (Donation of Pepin)
79Lecture notes (Colonial)


Series 7 - Memorabilia

Box 29

1Application to purchase burial plot, warrantee deed, sympathy cards and obit for Tyler's Father, 1963
2Educational and professional data for Tyler, 1953
3Ludlow for Congress bumper sticker, undated
4Last Will and Testament of Albert I. Edlin, 1967
5I.D. cards and photographs of Tyler, most undated, 1952-1972
6Medical records, 1987
7Death certificate and medical records, 1987
8Newspaper article on Peter Harstaad Family, 1979
9Exams (4) Tylers, 3 undated, 1 dated 1947
10Student evaluations of teacher, undated
11Passport and birth certificate, 1975 and 1909
12Discharge and papers from the Army, 1945
13Student manual for commercial law, undated
14Pocket book: How to Play Chess, undated
151973 Honors Lecture: The Heroic Mind by Joan M. Todd
16Daily News from the Office of the Commander, September 8 and 10, 1944
17Military Training Certificate, 1930
18Military I.D. Dog Tags, war photos, undated
19Small book: Christmas Carols, undated
20Foreign money: 50 mark, 2 franc
21Post cards from Germany, 1905-1945
22Ration cards, 1944
231967 pocket diary

Box 30

1Certificate from The Virginia Junior College to Leona Elizabeth Tyler, 1923
2Certificate from Pi Lambda Theta to Leona E. Tyler, 1925
3Certificate from the State of Idaho to Glenn E. Tyler, 1975
4Diploma from Virginia High School to Glenn Tyler, 1925
5Diploma from The State High School (Virginia) to Leona Elizabeth Tyler, 1921
6Certificate from the Department of Education (Minnesota) to Maxon Tyler, 1933
7Certificate from Phi Alpha Theta for Glenn E. Tyler, 1948
8Certificate of Promotion to Leona Elizabeth Tyler, 1917
9Diploma from Chetek High School (Wisconsin), 1901
10Certificate for music course to Leona Tyler, 1929
11Bachelor of Science with distinction awarded to Glenn Edward Tyler, 1932
12Diploma from Eau Claire High School to Leon M. Tyler, 1900
13Student's Certificate from Palmer Method of Business Writing to Leona Tyler, 1917
14Master of Arts (Minnesota) awarded to Glenn Edward Tyler, 1947
15Doctor of Philosophy (Minnesota) awarded to Glenn Edward Tyler, 1951
16(4) group photographs, unlabeled, undated
17(1) group photograph, labeled on back 4A Sec. 2- A.S.T.U. #3700, undated
18Large framed photograph of a woman, undated
19Framed Bachelor of Science with distinction awarded to Leona Elizabeth Tyler, 1925


Series 8 - Binders, Notebooks, and Journals

Box 31

1Small leather binder, 1940
21967 year book (Journal)
3Personal telephone directory, undated
4Brown notebook, undated
51979 desk diary
6Blue journal, undated
7Small green binder, undated
8Small blue journal, undated
9Small black binder, undated
10Small black binder, undated
11Small black binder (appendix 1), undated
12Blue binder (The Traditions of the Early Sumerian Period), undated
13Black binder (The Age and Principle of Achievements of Sumerian Civilization, undated
14Brown notebook, 1965
15One year diary, 1984
16Blue journal, 1986
171978 pocket calendar
18Small brown leather pocket notebook, undated

Box 32

1Small brown binder (40 lectures), undated
2Item 1 Small black pocket notebook, undated
Item 2 Tan telephone/address book, undated
3Item 1 Small black pocket notebook, 1935
Item 2 Diary, 1936
4Brown spiral notebook (The Minoan Civilization), undated
5(4) pocket calendars, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1985
6Brown notebook of chess games, 1978
7Item 1 Small black binder (Inferno), undated
Item 2 1973 yearbook diary
8Brown spiral notebook (Kaus Kal 2 on cover), undated
9Brown spiral notebook (Probability), undated
10Brown spiral notebook (Kaus Kal 111 on cover), undated
11Brown spiral notebook (Savage on cover), undated
12Brown spiral notebook (Greek Fathers), undated
131970 and 1972 year books (diaries)
14Item 1 Black address book, undated
Item 2 1969 year book (diary)
151963 and 1964 yearbooks (diaries)
16Blue binder (It has been noted that. . .), undated
17Brown binder containing Tyler's International driver's license and travel, 1975
18Blue journal (The Idea of the "Middle Age"), undated
19Brown journal, 1945
20Green notebook (Medieval test questions) undated
21Item 1 Small black binder, undated
Item 2 Small black address book, undated
22Black record book, 1939
23Item 1 Tan and red journal, first entry 1977
Item 2 Poetry birthday book, undated

Box 33

1Large brown leather zippered binder, undated
2Green notebook (The Triumph of Confucianism), 1937
3Brown notebook (Miss L.M. Tyler on cover), 1945
41944 year book (journal)
51944 year book (journal)
61966 year book (journal)
7Small black binder (With all the differences. . .), 1937
8Brown notebook (Feller pp. 44-50), undated
9Brown notebook (G.E. Tyler on cover), undated
10Brown notebook (Walser on cover), undated
11Brown notebook, undated
12Green notebook, undated
13Memogenda telephone and reference index, undated
14Large black binder (The Analysis of Sample), undated
15Small green binder (Primitive Man, in Geological Times), undated
16Small black binder (5500 to 6000 B.C.), undated
17Small black binder (Egypt, Babylonia, Assyria. . .), undated
18Large brown binder (The Indus Civilization), undated

Box 34

1Black ledger, 1938
2Small brown leather binder, undated
31968 year book (journal)
4Small leather binder (Calvin as an Evolutionist), undated
5Standard daily journal, 1948
6Small black binder (Why were the Russians. . .), undated
7Small black binder (The name Anatolia. . .), undated
8Small black binder (New England Quarterly), undated
9Small blue journal, 1953
10Small blue journal (Science and Religion on cover), undated
11Small black binder (The Genesis of the Puritan Interest in Science), undated
12Brown leather binder (Arabic Science), undated
13Large black binder (U of Chicago Statistical Inference), 1949-1950
14Brown and red journal, 1968-1969
15Brown journal, 1941-1942
16Small brown notebook (Why did the earliest. . .), undated
17Small brown pocket notebook (The quantities which. . .), undated
18Small black pocket notebook (The philosophic Climate), undated

Box 35

1Large leather binder (The Hellenistic Age), undated
2Brown ledger, 1945-1966

Box 36

This box contains restricted material such as grades and social security numbers.

Boxes 37-45

These boxes contain various sizes of index cards with handwritten history notes, they are undated and in no specific order.
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