Eli M. Oboler Library

H. Leigh Gittins - Container Listing

Series 1: Correspondence (family and business)


Box 1

1Correspondence and material related to "A Television History of Idaho". 1988-1989
2Miscellaneous correspondence 1986-1989
3Correspondence and material related to Donning Publishing Company 1988-1990
4Correspondence to/from The National Register 1978-1979
5Correspondence to/from Gittins family members 1965-1986
6Correspondence and material related to the Idaho Historical Society 1985
7Correspondence and material related to the Idaho Historical Society 1989
8Correspondence and material related to the church memorial and endowment funds 1993
9Miscellaneous correspondence 1987-1991
10Correspondence and material related to the Fort Hall Replica 1986
11Correspondence and material related to book sales 1982-1994
12Correspondence and material related to Howard Mountain Dedication 1983
13Correspondence and material related to book sales at Winn-Dixie 1984


Box 2

1Personal correspondence (family) 1915-1956
2Personal correspondence (family) 1996
3Correspondence and material related to Idaho cattle grazing rights 1959-1960
4Material related to water rights for Marley and Lower Birch Creek 1900
5Title to Gittins land in Blackfoot 1900
6Correspondence and material related to cattle and agriculture1937-1995
7Correspondence and material related to farming and agriculture 1937-1939
8Handwritten notes and material related to land and farming 1964


Box 3

1Correspondence and material relating to BLM grazing rights 1945-1959
2Correspondence and material relating to Federal Bank loan on Gittins McCammon property 1950-1954
3Correspondence and material related to the sale of Gittins McCammon ranch 1934-1976
4Correspondence and material related to U.S. Forest Service and Grazing 1943-1961
5Correspondence and material related to the Pocatello Cattlemen's Association 1959-1961
6Correspondence and material related to the McCammon Ditch Company 1951-1952
7Correspondence and material related to livestock auctions 1941-1953
8Correspondence and material related to farm business 1895-1903
9Correspondence and material related to Department of Reclamation, irrigation and pumps 1950
10Correspondence and material related to Post Office preservation 1975
11Correspondence and material related to (family member) Henry Jensen Estate 1963-1964

Series 2: Education


Box 4

1Correspondence 1965-1969
2District Valuations and Mill Levies 1957
3Recommendations of Sub-Committee to the Committee of 35 (Buildings in Public School District No.21), undated
4Correspondence and material related to School Districts 21 and 24 1945-1954
5Correspondence and material related to the reorganization of School Districts in Idaho 1947-1955
6Newsletters (10) from McCammon School 1951-1923
7Correspondence and material related to teaching contracts 1941-1976
8News release re: staffing plan and reorganization analysis 1975


Box 5

1Correspondence and material related to the Delta Chi Fraternity 1969-1970
2Correspondence and material related to U of I 100th Commencement celebration 1995
3Miscellaneous publications (15) relating to education 1927-1985
4Notebook with handwritten music, undated
5News clips relating to education 1940-1977
6U of I catalogs, programs, songs 1923-1992
7Correspondence and material relating to University Press 1982-1983
8General information on Recreation and Public Purposes Act 1954
9Correspondence and material related to Alumni meetings 1969-1977
10Correspondence and material related to Agnes Just Reid Scholarship Fund 1971-1977
11Correspondence and material related to retirement 1967-1972
12Report cards (8) for George Gittins 1945-1952

Series 3: Community Involvement (Committees)


Box 6

1Correspondence and material related to the Bannock County Historical Society 1985-1987
2Correspondence and material related to the Bannock County Historical Society 1985-1989
3Correspondence and material related to the Bannock County Historical Society 1986-1989
4Correspondence and material related to the Bannock County Historical Society 1988-1989
5Correspondence and material related to the Portneuf Greenway Project 1997
6Correspondence and material related to the Idaho Research Foundation 1980
7Correspondence and material related to Brynmor Williams Producer/Director 1996
8Correspondence and material related to the Association for the Humanities in Idaho 1978


Box 7

1Correspondence and material related to Presbyterian Church meetings 1961
2Correspondence and material related to historical preservation projects 1977
3Correspondence and material related to the Pocatello Centennial Committee 1981-1982
4Correspondence and material related to the Fort Hall Replica Committee 1980-1987
5Correspondence and material related to the Fort Hall Replica Commission 1982-1986
6Correspondence and material related to the Idaho Hall of Fame Association 1995


Box 8

1Hospital Board meeting minutes July and August 1970
2Hospital Board meeting minutes September and October 1970
3Hospital Board meeting minutes November 1970
4Hospital Board meeting minutes December 1970
5Hospital Board meeting minutes January, February, and March 1971
6Hospital Board meeting minutes April and May 1971
7Hospital Board meeting minutes June and July 1971
8Hospital Board meeting minutes August and September 1971
9Hospital Board meeting minutes October and November 1971
10Hospital Board meeting minutes December 1971


Box 9

1Hospital Board meeting minutes January 1972
2Hospital Board meeting minutes February 1972
3Hospital Board meeting minutes April 1972
4Hospital Board meeting minutes May 1972
5Hospital Board meeting minutes July 1972
6Hospital Board meeting minutes August 1972
7Hospital Rules and Regulations, undated
8Hospital Board meeting minutes September 1972
9Hospital Board meeting minutes October and November 1972
10Hospital Board meeting minutes December 1972
11Hospital Board meeting minutes January 1973
12Hospital Board meeting minutes February 1973

Series 4: Gittins' Publications (drafts and background material)


Box 10

1Background on early history in Pocatello 1982
2Background on the Massacre of Almo Creek in Idaho 1949-1949
3News clips on attorney Ben Davis 1976
4Idaho Bibliography, undated
5"A Land Without Maps" hand and typewritten drafts with background material and annotations 1975-1977
6News clips on the Teton Dam break 1976
7Idaho bicentennial writings1974
8Bannock County history hand and typewritten drafts with background material 1848-1968
9Background material on the Mormon Church 1967-1979
10Background material on miscellaneous religions with handwritten short history of the First Presbyterian Church in Pocatello 1988-1979
11Printed background material on Presbyterian Church 1954-1960
12Handwritten notes on sources used for books, undated
13Miscellaneous news clips on people and places in Pocatello 1931-1988


Box 11

1 House Bill H.R. 5004 - "A Bill to accept and ratify the agreement submitted by the Shoshones, Bannocks and Sheepeaters of the Fort Hall and Lemhi reservations in Idaho 1888
2Bond licensing H.O. Harkness to trade with Bannock and Shoshone Indians 1878
3Background material on Idaho crops, undated
4Background on Cache County 1972 and 1975
5Background on the early history of Pocatello 1943
6Property and Indian agreement with H.O. Harkness 1900
7Harkness documents confirming he is a Master Mason and a delegate of the Territory of Idaho 1880 and 1885
8Background on mining, farming and lumbering 1883-1904
9Background on forest reserve 1907
10Background on Caribou County 1902-1968
11Background on local and state politics 1908
12Background on Gittins' family members 1865-1913
13Background on Utah Power and Light at McCammon 1909
14Background on Idaho Power and Pocatello 1892
15Background on the McCammon Mill 1911
16Background on Yellowstone Park 1953
17Background on Fort Hall Indian Reservation 1900
18Background on H.O. Harkness and family members 1898
19Background on Sheep and Dairy farming 1904
20Background on Pocatello flood 1911
21Background on McCammon robbery 1905
22Background on Pocatello Opera House 1899
23Background Harkness' travel 1894-1904
24Background on the growth of McCammon 1904-1912
25Background on railroads and McCammon 1913


Box 12

1Background on Fort Douglas, Utah 1864-1943
2Background on Ireland Bank 1892-1962
3Background on vigilantes, undated
4Background on Montana mineral production 1882-1911
5Background on Robber's Roost 1907
6Background on Oneida Toll Road 1864-1880
7Background on Murphy/Carter controversy (very poor condition), undated
8Background on Holliday and Murphy Fundraiser for Idaho Territory Legislature 1924-1926
9Background on the 45th Illinois Civil War Record 1969
10H.O. Harkness Civil War record 1864-1865
11Background on Civil War/Vicksburg 1863
12Background on Lemhi County 1969
13Background on Bozeman Trail 1922
14Background on Murphy's Toll Road 1873
15Background on stage coach costs 1864-1866
16Background on the freight business in Idaho 1821
17Background on Barrett Harkness 1877
18Background on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation 1869-1875
19Background on Montana mines 1862
20Background on stage stops in Idaho 1860
21Statutes at Large and Treaties of the United States of America 1845-1851
22Background on the road to Virginia City 1865
23Background on Fort Hall and Ross Creek, undated
24Background on treasury robbery 1811
25Background on hold-ups and round-ups 1864
26Background on Custer's defeat 1876
27Background on Cache Valley 1956
28Background on early railroads 1869-1879
29Background on early Idaho enterprise 1979
30Agreement with the Shoshone and Bannock Indians 1882
31Background on the Bassett Route (Arimo to Soda Springs) 1882


Box 13

1Background on Portneuf and Marsh Valley 1907-1909
2Request for information from the Bureau of Reclamation 1974
3Background material taken from U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey 1872 and 1877
4Background on early auto roads 1909
5Background on Bannack (first territorial capital of Montana territory) 1875
6Northwest and Idaho History bibliography, undated
7Background on 1st Congregational Church of Pocatello 1928
8Background on McCammon and Bannock County 1888-1889
9Background on the Idaho's bad roads 1909
10Background on H.O. Harkness' death and funeral 1911
11Article on men in Idaho, undated
12Background on miscellaneous subjects 1907-1913
13Background on Caribou County 1973-1950
14Background on Bonneville County 1963
15Background on Clark and Fremont Counties 1919
16Background on Oneida County 1918-1921
17Background on John and Juanita Price and the Oregon Trail 1963
18Background on freighting 1863
19Background on Mormon schools and churches, undated
20Background on Hugh Whitney 1911-1978
21Background on Murphy and Harkness 1865
22Background on pioneers of Bannock City 1908-1909


Box 14

1Background on Bassett Stage Lines 1915-1961
2Background on Hugh Whitney and Clifford H. Peake 1911-1975
3Handwritten notes on miscellaneous subjects, undated
4Town site map of McCammon 1952
5Background on Targhee National Forest 1963
6Record book with historical notes from miscellaneous sources 1864-1974
7H.O. Harkness' Civil War records 1861-1907
8Background on Gittins' family members 1913-1975
9Background on state parks, undated
10 Notes on the live of J.M. Bistline 1946-1982
11Background on Pocatello 1976


Box 15

1Item 1 Blackfoot Register 1880-1888
Item 2 Idaho Reporter and Register 1886-1890
2Background; unlabeled news clips 1897-1900
3Background; unlabeled news clips 1901-1906
4Background; unlabeled news clips 1907-1910
5Background; unlabeled news clips 1911-1912
6Background; unlabeled news clips 1913
7Background; unlabeled news clips 1914
8Background; unlabeled news clips 1915-1939
9Background; unlabeled news clips 1949-1956


Box 16

1Background; unlabeled news clips 1906-1923
2Background; unlabeled news clips 1915-1919
3Background; unlabeled news clips 1920-1927
4Background; unlabeled news clips 1920-1930
5Background; unlabeled news clips 1923-1957


Box 17

1Background and handwritten notes on Mormon religion 1979
2Background on Pocatello 1886-1983
3Background; unlabeled news clips 1907-1914
4Background; unlabeled news clips 1878-1879
5Background on Mormon Apostate, undated
6Background on Shoshone/Bannock Indians 1885-1985


Box 18

1Background for Pocatello Portrait 1885-1915
2Background for Pocatello Portrait 1878-1977
3Draft of Pocatello Portrait/Chapters 1-3
4Draft of Pocatello Portrait/Chapters 4-13
5Draft of Pocatello Portrait/Chapters 14-22
6Draft of Pocatello Portrait/Chapters 23-30
7Draft of Pocatello Portrait/Chapters 31-34 (includes handwritten annotations)


Box 19

1Background of Boxcar Pocatello 1878-1992
2Draft of Boxcar Pocatello/Chapters 1-4
3Draft of Boxcar Pocatello/Chapters 5-9
4Draft of Boxcar Pocatello/Chapters 10-14
5Draft of Boxcar Pocatello/Chapters 15-19
6Draft of Boxcar Pocatello/Chapters 20-25
7Draft of Boxcar Pocatello/Chapters 26-30


Box 20

1Background and expenses for Idaho's Gold Road 1976
2Draft of Idaho's Gold Road
3Draft of Idaho's Gold Road
4Draft of Idaho's Gold Road


Box 21

1Handwritten notes, undated
2Background unlabeled news clips, undated
3Background unlabeled news clips, undated
4Background unlabeled news clips, undated
5Draft of Gittins' Family History on carbon paper


Box 22

1History of Sophia Larsen Anderson 1935
2Background on Presbyterian Church 1993
3Background on miscellaneous Gittins family members 1969-1994
4Background on Annie Lish 1991
5Handwritten portions of Gittins Family History
6Draft of Gittins Family History/Chapter 1
7Draft of Gittins Family History
8Draft of Gittins Family History
9Draft of Gittins Family History
10Draft of Gittins Family History
11Draft of Gittins Family History/incomplete

Series 5: Journals and Scrapbooks


Box 23

1Diary of H. Leigh Gittins 1922
2 Diary of H. Leigh Gittins 1923
3Diary of H. Leigh Gittins 1924
4Diary of H. Leigh Gittins 1925
5Diary of H. Leigh Gittins 1926-27
6Diary of H. Leigh Gittins 1928
7Diary of H. Leigh Gittins 1930
8Diary of H. Leigh Gittins 1931


Box 24

1Journal/appointment book of Leigh Gittins 1929
2Journal/address book of Leigh Gittins, undated
3Journal of George Gittins, undated
4Journal of Don Ringe, undated
5Receipt book, unidentified owner, 1887
6Notebook of Leigh Gittins, undated
7Diary of Virginia Cornell 1922
8Notebook of Leigh Gittins, undated


Box 25

1Red Scrapbook labeled Pocatello 1887-1980
2White Scrapbook labeled Clifford Peake 1892-1963


Box 26

1Scrapbook/Record book 1920-1927
2Scrapbook/Record book 1927-1929


Box 27

1Post Card Scrapbook 1905-1983


Box 28

1Scrapbook (large) poor condition 1920-1940

Series 6: Ephemera


Box 29

1U of I Regents Club Award (unknown recipient) 1972-1974
2U of I Presidents Club Award to Leigh and Virginia Gittins, undated
3McCammon 8th Grade Award to Mr. Gittins 1960-61
4Keys from old McCammon School from Velma Green 1975
5Professional Achievement Award to Leigh Gittins 1985
6Services Rendered Award to Leigh Gittins 1967-1974


Box 30

1Item 1 Master of Arts degree for George Gittins 1929
Item 2 Public School Diploma for George Gittins 1949
2Item 1 Life Diploma for George Gittins 1933
Item 2 Life Diploma for Harriet Ramey Gittins 1933
3U of I President's Club Award to Mr. and Mrs. Gittins 1971-1972, 1974-1977, 1977-1978, 1978-1979
4Item 1 Miscellaneous certificates (8) to Leigh Gittins 1981-1990
Item 2 Miscellaneous certificates (9) to George Gittins 1946-1952
5Miscellaneous award ribbons (9) to George Gittins 1945-1950


Box 31

1Speeches and talks, undated
2Birth certificates, marriage license, passports of George and Virginia Gittins
3Typed and handwritten jokes
4Last Wills and Testaments of Leigh and Virginia Gittins 1930 and 1964
5Report cards of Leigh and Virginia Gittins 1909-1929
6Item 1 Graduating Class mailing list 1925
Item 2Graduating Class mailing list 1926
Item 3 Southeast Idaho High School Basketball program, undated
Item 4 Transcript of George Gittins 1953
71997 calendar with handwritten annotations
8U of I Alumni Awards book 1995
9Item 1 The Ronald Reagan Trust Certificate to Leigh Gittins, undated
Item 2 Newspaper "The Idahonian" 1984
10Miscellaneous music programs, miscellaneous dates
11Miscellaneous music programs, miscellaneous dates
12Songs from Pocatello Centennial 1982
13Welsh newspaper "Y DRYCH" 1996


Box 32

1Miscellaneous ID cards for George Gittins 1942-1957
2Pocatello High School "POWWOW" 1917 and 1918
3U of I Baccalaureate 1957
4Children's books (6) undated
5Handwritten papers on Thanksgiving by George Gittins
6English workbook of George Gittins 1946
7English workbook of George Gittins, undated
8Art book, undated
9Preparatory Book to accompany "Friendly Stories" 1980
10Workbook in geography, undated
11Miscellaneous greeting cards, undated
12Miscellaneous religious literature, undated
13Miscellaneous funeral, birth, and wedding announcements, miscellaneous dates


Box 33

1 Last Will and Testament of Henry and Anne Gittins 1966
2Guest Book from Leigh Gittins book signing 1977
3Calendar 1996
4U of I Diploma for Leigh Gittins 1962
5Photo copies of Harkness Hotel guest list, undated
6Tax papers for George Gittins 1957
7Autobiography of Leigh Gittins, undated
8Item 1 Map of Caribou National Forest 1949
Item 2 Map of Bannock County 1996
9Legal papers related to Trust Funds and sale of property 1965-1967
10Articles of Incorporation from Bannock County Historical Society 1983
11Item 1 The Post Register 1980 (2 copies)
Item 2 The IRMA, undated
12Book of condolences for George Gittins 1958


Box 34

1Miscellaneous road maps and guides (65) to miscellaneous states and National Parks, undated


Box 35

1Miscellaneous notices, deeds, legal papers tied with black string 1865-1873


Box 36

1Concert posters (4), undated
2Photographs (5) musicians, sports, groups, undated
3Diplomas, certificates (6) 1918-1972
4Mr. Leigh Gittins Principal name plate
5Graduation tassels (2)
6School banner with Idaho Homecoming pin 1928
7Rusted piece of barbed wire
8Hand painted rock labeled Krazy Horse


Box 37

1Enjoy magazines (20) from Idaho State Journal 1965-1989

Series 7: Publications


Box 38

11863: How Idaho became a Territory, undated
2Who's Who of Idaho Women of the Past 1981
3Idaho the Gem State 1962
4The History of Development and Current Status of the Carey Act in Idaho 1970
5Incredible Idaho (4) issues 1969-1978
6Historic Idaho 1993
7History of Lemhi County 1969
8Item 1 Encounter with the Northwestern Shoshoni at Bear River in 1883: Battle or Massacre? 1983
Item 2 Idaho Voices 1989
9Tour Book (3) 1978
10Item 1 Pocatello Memories 1983
Item 2 Pocatello Memories Vol. II 1995
11Item 1 Know your town Pocatello, Idaho, undated
Item 2 Let's Consider Pocatello and Neighbors 1982
Item 3 Jane A. Gould her Journals 1984
12This side of the Mountains 1975
13Item 1 Portraits of Mount St. Helens 1980
Item 2 The Utah Copper Story 1955
Item 3 Cannery Row 1972
14Pocatello Portrait 1983
15Pocatello Portrait 1983
16The Mountain: Carriboo and Other Gold Camps in Idaho 1990
17Grant-Kohrs Ranch Commemorates the Frontier Ranching Era, undated
18Memories of Market Lake Vol. IV 1990
19The Sage 1913
20Reminiscences of Oscar Sonnenkalb, Idaho Surveyor and Pioneer 1972
21Pocatellian 1921
22Oratorio Songs for Bass, undated
23Twilight Clear 1952
24Final Decree: Utah Power and Light and Last Chance Canal Co. undated
25Thesis by George Gittins 1930
26State of Idaho School Laws 1941
27New Mexico Historical Review
28U of I promotional material, undated
29Lost River Wilderness 1972
30Mississippi Melody 1951
31The Palimpsest 1974
32Promotional material for Oregon-California Trails Assn. 1996

Four boxes of photographs were moved to PMC 107


Box 1

1Groups and clubs (most undated and unidentified) 1937 and 1991
2Family members (portraits undated and unidentified)
3Family members (snapshots undated and unidentified)
4Historical (undated and unidentified)
5Railroad (undated)
6Buildings, scenes (undated and unidentified)
7LDS Temple in Hawaii (undated)
8Blackfoot (undated)


Box 2

1Metal box containing index cards and photographs (undated)
2Wooden box containing negatives and photographs of Fort Hall and Harkness Ranch in McCammon (undated)


Box 3

1George Gittins (some undated) 1981 and 1982
2H.O. Harkness and Mitch Harkness (undated)
3Annie Jensen Gittins 1810-1936
4Howard Gittins 1901-1985
5Virginia Harriet Cornell (undated)
6Leigh Gittins 1918-1990
7Pocatello 1905-1955
8McCammon 1905-1908
9McCammon 1982-1990
10Fort Hall 1902-1916
11Groups/family members (undated)
12Mrs. Catherine Scott Murphy Harkness 1874


Box 4

Unidentified/undated slides

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