Stedtfeld Family Collection

MC 123 - Collection Inventory

Scope and Content

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Box Inventory List

File Box 1: Fred and Pauline Stedtfeld

Folder   Description
1   Pauline Stedtfeld: Records and receipts from Hillcrest Haven Convalescent Home, 1968-1977.
2   Pauline Stedtfeld: Bannock Nursing Home receipts and records, 1980-1984.
3   Pauline Stedtfeld: Bannock Nursing Home receipts and records, 1977-1979.
4   Medicare receipts and information for Pauline Stedtfeld, 1966-1984.
5   Pauline Stedfelt: Department of Health and Welfare assessment records and correspondence, 1979-1983.
6   Sale of property on S. 9th Ave including “Earnest Money Agreement” and “Abstract of Title” (1909), also records of sale of personal items. Obituaries and Funeral arrangements, stock and assets lists, 1909-1984.
7   Pauline Stedtfeld accounts, 1966-1984.
8   Pauline Stedtfeld: obituaries and newspaper announcements with written thoughts from Norman Stedtfeld and a small amount of cards, 1984.

File Box 2: Fred and Pauline Stedtfeld

Folder   Description
1   Tax information including property taxes, income taxes, and tax collector receipts, 1909-1980.
2   Fred Stedtfeld Estate including death certificate for Fred Stedtfeld and the sale of house owned by Pauline and Fred, 1937-1967.
3   Various menus saved by Fred Stedtfeld including ones from The Merchant owned by Fred Stedtfeld. Note from granddaughter suggests he may have cooked for these places, 1893-1904.
4   Fred & Pauline Stedtfeld: Miscellaneous items including stock certificates, correspondence concerning stock investments, ISJ news article concerning Pauline Stedtfeld, 1909-1979.
5   Confidential File: Death Certificate of Pauline Stedtfeld, 1984.

File Box 3: Pocatello Chamber of Commerce

Folder   Description
1   Pocatello Chamber of Commerce: Membership rosters, 1948-1961.
2   Pocatello Chamber of Commerce: Minutes, members, dues, and correspondence, 1961-1965.
3   Pocatello Chamber of Commerce: Minutes, members, dues and correspondence, 1966-1967.
4   Pocatello Chamber of Commerce: Minutes, members, dues, and correspondence, 1968-1970.

Item Box 4: Pocatello Chamber of Commerce

Folder   Description
1   Pocatello Chamber of Commerce: News articles, Committee meeting minutes, and correspondence, 1948-1972.
2   Pocatello Chamber of Commerce: News articles, correspondence, invitations and programs for annual dinners, reports, Board of Directors meeting minutes, and election information, 1949-1969.
3   Pocatello Chamber of Commerce: News articles, correspondence and Board of Directors meeting minutes, 1954-1959.

Item Box 5: Pocatello Rotary Club

Folder   Description
1   Pocatello Rotary Club: Newsletters, newspaper articles, correspondence, meeting and convention notes, and organization pamphlets, 1947-1968 minus 1959 and 1960.
2   Pocatello Rotary Club: Correspondence, invitations, newsletters, newspaper articles, meeting and convention notes, 1959.
3   Pocatello Rotary Club: Correspondence, invitations, newsletters, newspaper articles, meeting and convention notes, 1960.
4   Pocatello Rotary Club: Correspondence, invitations, newsletter, and organization pamphlets, 1970-1990.

Item Box 6: Pocatello Rotary Club

Folder   Description
1   Pocatello Rotary Club: Newsletters, Sept. 1959-June 1963.
2   Pocatello Rotary Club: Newsletters, July 1979-Dec. 1982.
3   Rotary Club Supply Catalogue, Dec. 1959.
4   Pocatello Rotary Club: President’s Workbook, 1959-1960.
5   Pocatello Rotary Club: Directories and Rosters, 1948-1993.
6   Pocatello Rotary Club: International Directory, 1959-1960, attendance rules, facts about Rotary, President’s Program book 1959-60, “Adventures in Service” publication 1947, Rotary song books 1974, “History of Pocatello Rotary Club” publication with personal notes from NVS 1984, classification guide1975, international convention programs, 1959, 1962.

File Box 7: Norman V. Stedtfeld Personal Miscellaneous

Folder   Description
1   American Bar Association: The Advocate newsletters, Lawyer’s License and receipts for renewals, convention notes and correspondence pertaining to such, 1948-1975.
2   Pocatello Golf and Country Club: NVS served on the board and was a stockholder; Score cards 1952-1958, yearbooks 1951-1979, Expense accounts, correspondence concerning fees and board meetings, receipts for dues, and membership cards, 1951-1979.
3   Quebec Trip pamphlets, flyers, postcards and other correspondence, 1986.
4   Newspaper clippings pertaining to trucking industry, money market accounts, Rotary and Chamber activities, 1939-1980.
5   Correspondence concerning Thelma Hansen, Feb. 1970.
6   Automobile receipts and correspondence and articles, 1955-1983.
7   NVS personal correspondence, financial notes, stock certificates, and receipts, 1932-1980.

File Box 8: Norman V. Stedtfeld Personal Miscellaneous

Folder   Description
1   NVS personal correspondence including biography and news articles concerning his resignation from Garrett Freightlines (1970), 1936-1970.
2   NVS Quit Claim Deeds for Ella Mae Stedtfeld, 1986.
3   NVS and EMS personal financial statements, 1971-1991.
4   NVS and EMS personal investment records, 1966-1991.
5   NVS and EMS Twin Falls Bank and Trust account and shareholder correspondence and records, 1972-1990.

File Box 9: Norman V. Stedtfeld personal miscellaneous

Folder   Description
1   NVS personal correspondence and calendars, 1968-1971.
2   NVS personal correspondence and calendar, includes 1984 Delta Chi Fraternity directory, 1963-1984.
3   NVS personal miscellaneous, 1963-1966.
4   NVS personal business correspondence including Farmers Insurance Group and cabinet committee information, 1938-1969.
5   Ricon plan notes, 1978.

File Box 10: State and National Trucking Agencies

Folder   Description
1   Montana Motor Transport: Correspondence, newsletters, and conventions, 1959-1969.
2   Utah Motor Transport: Correspondence, conventions, newsletters, and minutes, 1951-1969.
3   Washington Motor Transport Association: Newsletters, and correspondence, 1957-1963.
4   Nevada Motor Transport Association: Meeting notes and correspondence, 1963-1969.
5   California Trucking Association: Senate interim committee partial report, correspondence, meeting notes and convention programs, 1950-1969.
6   Oregon Trucking Association: Correspondence, 1960-1964.
7   Western Highway Institute: Newsletters, convention programs and notes, and correspondence, 1956-1969.
8   Idaho Motor Transport Association: Newsletters, convention programs and notes, correspondence, Idaho highway regulation manuals and reports, 1948-1969.
9   Various notes on the trucking industry of unknown origin or purpose, 1948-1969.

File Box 11: American Trucking Association

Folder   Description
1   ATA: Convention programs and notes, correspondence and reports, 1948-1959.
2   ATA: Convention programs and notes, correspondence and reports, 1960-1973.
3   ATA: “Financial and Operating Statistics,” 1968.

File Box 12: Norman V. Stedtfeld: Garrett Freightlines 1

Folder   Description
1   Garrett Freightlines: Correspondence, financial records, and receipts, 1936-1959.
2   Garrett Freightlines: Correspondence, financial records and receipts, 1960-1970.
3   GFL: Correspondence, financial records including accountant’s reports 1969, and receipts, 1956-1970.
4   GFL: Newspaper articles concerning Garrett Freightlines, Clarence A. Garrett, and stock market prices, 1937-1991.
5   GFL: Correspondence, Board of Directors meeting transcript and note, quarterly reports, motor vehicle weight standards, and Advertising and Public Relations Budget Recommendations 1966, 1947-1977.

File Box 13: Norman V. Stedtfeld: Garrett Freightlines 2

Folder   Description
1   GFL: Correspondence, accident reports, NVS new position from Secretary-Treasurer to Vice President–Secretary, seniority reports, and news articles, 1951-1969.
2   GFL: Correspondence, music and lyrics for “Boss of the Lazy 4,” and “Way Back When the Garretts Began,” articles and speeches written by NVS, manuscript for biography on Clarence Garrett, 1935-1991.
3   GFL: Correspondence, articles, litigation, and agreements concerning Navajo Trucking dispute, 1969-1979.
4   GFL: Articles, information and documents concerning company’s use of IBM computer system, 1968-1970.
5   GFL: Documents, notes, correspondence and news articles concerning Garrett dispute with Montana Railroad and Public Services Commission (MRC) and Public Utilities Commission in general, 1955-1973.

File Box 14: Norman V. Stedtfeld: Garrett Freightlines 3

Folder   Description
1   GFL: Directors Meeting minutes, account descriptions, financial reports, estimated income statements, 1966-1970.
2   GFL: List of Shareholders, Revised By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation, Voting Trust, Voting Trust By-Laws, correspondence concerning CAG’s stock upon his death, 1959-1970.
3   GFL: Stockholders list, December 13, 1968.
4   GFL: Postcards, pamphlets, correspondence and notes from Western Highway Institute Convention in Hawaii, 1960.
5   GFL: Common stock register, dividend report, correspondence from Carl Sahlberg including letter of resignation, correspondence and handwritten report for Garrett Topics concerning death of Clarence Garrett, funeral program for Sarah B. Garrett, 1944-1980.
6   GFL: Vehicle taxation revenue, 1947-1949.

File Box 15: Norman V. Stedtfeld: Garrett Freightlines 4

Folder   Description
1   GFL: Interim Tax Committee: Correspondence and reports regarding Bill 251 to raise taxes on transport, 1947-1949.
2   GFL: Governor’s Interim Committee: correspondence, reports, petition, concerning licensing fees in Idaho, 1940-1949.
3   GFL: Directors, Stockholders and proxy documents and minutes #1, 1943-1953.
4   GFL: Directors, Stockholders and proxy documents and meeting minutes #2, 1954-1956.
5   GFL: Miscellaneous receipts, correspondence, transfer journals, and Garrett stationery, 1960-1970.

File Box 16: Norman V. Stedtfeld: Garrett Freightlines 5

Folder   Description
1   GFL: Payroll, 1940-1956.
2   GFL: Salary and wage increases, 1936-1969.
3   GFL: Annual report of stockholders, December 31, 1948.
4   GFL: Debenture transactions, 1943-1959.
5   GFL: Common Stock, 1944-1959.

File Box 17: Norman V. Stedtfeld: Garrett Freightlines 6

Folder   Description
1   GFL: Assets and Balance sheets, 1921-1948.
2   GFL: ICC reports, 1968-1969.
3   GFL: Executive committee meeting minutes, reports and correspondence, 1957-1967.
4   GFL: Bulletins, 1939-1959.
5   GFL: Executive committee meeting minutes and notes, 1962-1969.
6   GFL: Miscellaneous accountant reports, stockholders, checks and bank statements, 1931-1971.

File Box 18: Norman V. Stedtfeld: Garrett Freightlines: Publications

Folder   Description
1   GFL: Garrett Topics, Oct. 1955-June 1970.
2   GFL: Indenture Reports, 1962.
3   GFL: Garrett Freightlines Annual Reports, 1952-1972.
4   GFL: Employee Benefit publications: Group Insurance, 1966, Aetna Life Insurance policy handbook 1966, Retirement plan 1962, 1965.
5   GFL: Garrett Newslines 1941 edition.
6   GFL: Navajo Freight lines annual report 1971, 1975.
7   Taft-Hartley Labor Law, 1947.
8   The Buda Outfielder 1950 containing article on Garrett Freightlines.
9   GFL: Publication announcing new headquarters in Pocatello 1951.
10   Farmers Insurance Group publication, The Hustler 1957 containing photographs of Garrett trucks.
11   Pacific Air and Truck Traffic, 1960 containing advertisement for Garrett Freightlines and photograph of 1913 REO on front cover.
12   GO: Transport Times of the West, 1962 containing advertisements and photographs of Garrett Freightlines.
13   The Communications Spectrum, 1963 containing article on Garrett Freightlines.
14   Carrier Reports 1969 financial reports on national carriers including Garrett Freightlines.
15   American Voter 1968. Published by Garrett Freightlines.

File Box 19: Stedtfeld Family: Legal sized documents

Folder   Description
1   Fred and Pauline Stedtfeld: Last Will and Testament for both Mr. and Mrs. Stedtfeld and other documents pertaining to aforementioned. Indenture Document, Lease, Bill of Sale, 1900-1967.
2   GFL: Documents and lawsuits, and correspondence concerning Navajo and Garrett, 1968-1971.
3   GFL: Voting trust, stockholders, Board of Directors meeting minutes and transcripts, 1967-1972.
4   GFL: Court transcript of Ruth Vogt testimony in Garrett discrimination lawsuit 1979, Lawsuit documents concerning claims against Public Utilities Commission members, 1955, Documents for lawsuit Consolidated Freightways v. Orange Transportation Company 1941, documents for lawsuit Garrett v. MRR and PSC 1973, Documents for Garrett Terminal Corp., 1968-1969, “Exhibit Showing ICC Authority over Garrett Freightlines…” 1966.
5   Public Documents concerning Trucking regulations: List of senate bills of the thirteenth legislature, 1949, Idaho Motor Vehicles Laws and Revenues, 1946, list of house bills passed 1949, Act providing for the supervision and regulation of the transportation of persons etc… 1948, List of Senators and Representatives elected to the 1949 Idaho Legislature, 1948, Senate concurrent resolution no. 10 by highway and military affairs committee, 1948.
6   “Minority Report of Norman V. Stedtfeld Representing the Trucking and Stage Lines Interests of the Interim Committee” 1949, Tables and charts concerning trucking industry costs 1948, Last Will and Testament of Mary L. Gamber, 1948.

Item Box 20: Fred and Pauline Stedtfeld: 1948-1984

Item   Description
1   Menus from the Turf Café, 1909.
2   Funeral registry book from funeral of FHS, 1948.
3   Funeral programs.
4   Statement and receipt and registry for Pauline Stedtfeld, 1984.
5   Large book with charge accounts from café.
6   Wooden box containing WWII ration stamps, file wallet, Elks membership cards 1913-1944, dice in class tray, glass case containing buttons, tie tacks and cuff links, pen given to Fred Stedtfeld as a Christmas present from Fred’s Café employees, 1942.
7   Ganbro cigar box containing old checks.
8   El Torosa cigar box.
9   Metal lock box containing: business cards, Fred Stedtfeld’s wallet, check book, two ledger books, keys, and address labels for Pauline Stedtfeld.
10   Funeral thank you cards - blank.
11   Notebook with expenses.
12   Memo book.
13   Address book.

Item Box 21: Fred and Pauline Stedtfeld

Item   Description
1   Various cards, letters and postcards ranging from 1952-1984.

Item Box 22: Fred and Pauline Stedtfeld

Item   Description
1   Various cards and letters ranging from 1948-1984.

Item Box 23: Norman V. Stedtfeld: Personal

Item   Description
1   Cards and letters, 1948-1994.

Item Box 24: Norman V. Stedtfeld: Personal

Item   Description
1   Car owner’s manuals, maintenance records, and notebooks tracking mileage and gas prices, 1962-1972.
2   Garrett Transfer and Storage Nail Files.
3   Certificate of Merit Plaque from Idaho State Bar, 1983.
4   Delta Chi Fraternity 50 year recognition framed.
5   Certificate for Delta Chi Fraternity membership, 1929.
6   Bound Message notebook.
7   Bound file notebook with Norman V. Stedtfeld embossed on front cover.
8   Rotary Club Banners.
9   1945 Datebook.
10   1957 Datebook.
11   Travel Expense log, 1937.
12   1958 Datebook.
13   1936 Travel Expense log.
14   Metro life insurance receipt book, 1956-1960.
15   Metro life insurance receipt book, 1960-1965.
16   Hotel notebook.
17   IB&T ledger book, 1936-1939.
18   1939 Datebook.
19   Account ledger books from various banks, 1936-1978.
20   3-ring notebook with 1927-1928 calendar.

Item Box 25: Norman V. Stedtfeld: Personal

Item   Description
1   Various comic books and Illustrated Classics not all are dated but published between 1940-1960.

Item Box 26: Norman V. Stedtfeld: Personal

Item   Description
1   One antique briefcase year unknown.

Item Box 27: Norman V. Stedtfeld: GFL and ATA

Item   Description
1   Magazine Business on Wheels featuring article on ATA president.
2   ATA publication Transport Topics, 1960.
3   Automotive News 1970 Almanac.
4   Good Year Publication Wheels 1963 featuring article on Clarence Garrett.
5   Garrett Freightlines bag.
6   Bound Briefs for Garrett Freightlines, 1972.
7   2-IMTA hot coasters.
8   ATA plate with national monuments in padded manila envelope.
9   Note pages with NVS name on head.
10   Pen holder with NVS name on it.
11   Red pencil case containing Garrett pens.
12   Brown box containing Garrett pens and pencil.
13   Leather folders containing Garrett name and comb and nail file.
14   Lincoln Continental model car.
15   ATA Executive Committee Directories, 1958-1982.
16   Various name tags from Conventions in the Trucking Industry, 1957-1969.
17   Garrett Shipping tags.
18   Garrett notepads.
19   Garrett Calendar cards, 1958-1965.
20   ATA medallion keychain.
21   Garrett Freightlines list of people of unknown purpose not only local Idaho but also other states Garrett Terminals exist, 1962-1963.

PMC 123 Photographs and negatives Stedtfeld

Folder   Description
1   photographs: Winter pictures
2   photographs: Miscellaneous or unknown
3   photographs: Individuals; women
4   photographs: Individuals; men
5   photographs: Groups; women
6   photographs: Groups; men
7   photographs: Groups/families
8   photographs: Children
9   negatives: Groups/families
10   negatives: Groups; women
11   negatives: Groups; men
12   negative: Children
13   negatives: Buildings
14   negatives: Individuals; men
15   negatives: Individuals; women
16   negatives: Outdoors and landscapes
17   negatives: Events
18   photographs: NVS photographs including ATA
19   photographs: NVS photographs for Garrett Freightlines
20   photographs: bound in folder of Garrett Trucks and business sights, 1955.