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(Access note: Access to this collection must be approved by the donor. Please contact Special Collections for further information.)

The Norman V. Stedtfeld Collection was donated to Idaho State University Special Collections by his daughter Karen Offen. It contains 28 boxes filled with over 50 years of Pocatello, Idaho history. Mr. Stedtfeld served as Secretary-Treasurer of Garrett Freightlines beginning in 1935 after obtaining his law degree from University of Idaho in 1932. He was promoted to Vice President-Secretary in April of 1957. He was very involved in the trucking industry serving on the board of state trucking organizations and the American Trucking Association. Mr. Stedtfeld also served in the local area in organizations such as the Pocatello Chiefs, Pocatello Chamber of Commerce and Rotary. This collection has been reorganized in some aspects but much of it is in its original grouping.

The first part of the Stedtfeld collection is focused on Fred and Pauline Stedtfeld parents to Norman Stedtfeld. This part of the collection is made up of 2 file boxes and 3 item boxes containing items belonging to Fred such as World War II ration stamps, keys, and wallet items. Most of the documents for Fred Stedtfeld are from his death and the distribution of his estate including his last will and death certificate. Menus from various restaurants either owned or employed. Remaining items belong to Mrs. Stedtfeld. She had a long life and collected a great deal of greeting cards for various occasions. Documentation includes insurance, Last Will and Testament, the sale of the property owned by Mr. and Mrs. Stedtfeld, and the statements from the nursing homes in which she spent her last years.

Photographs and negatives are contained in our photograph section under PMC 123. This includes the personal family photos of Pauline Stedtfeld with many accompanying negatives. Also included is the photo collection of Norman Stedtfeld from trucking conventions and such followed by Garrett Freightlines photographs. These photos are of the terminals, trucks and employees.

The following two boxes are from Mr. Stedtfeld’s years in the Pocatello Chamber of Commerce in which he served as director four terms. The business of the Chamber from 1948-1972 is recorded in correspondence, meeting minute, membership rosters and reports. This collection also includes the documents and correspondence concerning the Pocatello Chiefs. News clippings regarding the Chamber of Commerce are contained in NVS’s personal files.

The next two boxes involve the Pocatello Rotary Club in which NVS was a member since 1947 and served as President from 1959-1960. By-laws, rules, facts and requirements are included in these files along with club directories and rosters from 1948-1993. Also contained in these files are 2 copies of the publication, “History of Pocatello Rotary Club” which was put into motion by NVS during his presidency. News clippings involving Rotary and its activities can be found in the news clipping folder of NVS’s personal files.

The personal files of Norman Stedtfeld are contained in the next three boxes. These include his American Bar Association receipts and newsletters of which he was a member since 1933. Also included are is also the account records and membership fees in the Pocatello Golf and Country Club. NVS was not only a member but a stockholder and a member of the board. Personal financial records and investments and correspondence and rosters of Delta Chi fraternity which NVS was a member is also contained here. Item boxes include plaques and certificates and ledger and expense books.

Mr. Stedtfeld served as director of Utah, Montana, and Idaho Transportation Associations and director and a member of the taxation committee of the Western Highway Institute. One file box contains these records in addition to California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada.

NVS was involved in the American Trucking Association (ATA) in various capacities. He served on the Taxation Committee, Credentials Committee, and the Executive Committee. His main responsibility was as Vice President-Idaho for the ATA. Included in this collection are speeches and reports written by NVS for conventions of Idaho Motor Transport Association (IMTA). Reports regarding the trucking industry in general are also included.

NVS worked for Garrett Freightlines from 1935-1970 as Secretary-Treasurer and then as Vice President-Secretary. He also sat on the Board of Directors. His position entitled him to the financial, personnel, and stock records for the company. He kept a great deal of these items. This part of the collections is seven boxes containing audit reports, minutes and transcripts from meetings such as stockholders and board of directors. Mr. Stedtfeld also kept the records of each of the trucks owned by the company, how much licensing fees were, and the costs involved in maintenance. A few accident reports and repair costs from these accidents are included along with correspondence with the insurance company.

Throughout the span of time, Garrett was involved in various lawsuits. Mr. Stedtfeld has the complaint and suit documents which are contained here. Around the time of his retirement in 1970, the company was involved in a large lawsuit involving Navajo Freightlines in Denver Colorado. Another lawsuit involved female employees claiming discrimination of women in management.

Employee records include payroll and promotions documents. There is a collection of seniority lists, and letters of resignations. Lists of stockholders, debentures, and proxy are among the minutes and documents and correspondence concerning the stock held by Clarence Garrett upon his death. Newspaper clippings containing the rise and fall of Garrett stock throughout the years.

Not only did he work side by side with Clarence Garrett but he was also involved in activities outside of the company with Mr. Garrett. You can find mention of Clarence Garrett in the Pocatello Chamber of Commerce, Pocatello Rotary, and Pocatello Golf and Country Club files. The photograph collection also contains many prints of Mr. Garrett and Mr. Stedtfeld together. Included in this collection is the manuscript of a biography about Mr. Garrett with contributions and proof read by NVS and two songs written about the Garrett brothers and Clarence himself.

Garrett publication, Garrett Topics, and other publications with stories about Garrett Freightlines are in the final Garrett file box.

A final item box contains larger magazines, an atlas, Garrett pens and notebooks, desk items for NVS, and ATA trademark gifts and items.

A legal sized file box contains the Last Will and Testament of Fred and Pauline Stedtfeld, an aunt of Ella Mae Stedtfeld various court documents regarding filed complaints in Navajo, Montana RR and some minor lawsuits.